Metal Clay Business Resources

If you want to make metal clay your business, there are a number of resources to help you. There are also some specific training classes for metal clay artists and jewellers who want to turn their hobby into a business. These are listed in the training section.

On the craft insurance page you'll find out about business insurance, particularly important if you intend to train metal clay.

The financial stuff page has ways of taking credit cards when you are selling your jewelry or metal clay items on the road or on your website.

On the general resources page you'll find sites offering startup information and basic business information.

On the Hallmarking work page you'll find information and resources about hallmarking, stamping and marking your work.

The marketing and branding page has information about promoting yourself, selling your metal clay work and getting your name known in all the right places.

The photography page contains links to on-line tutorials for taking good photos of your metal clay work. You can also hire a good photographer on the Photographers page.

If you want to get your metal clay work into print or on-line promotions and publications, the print/on-line promos page lists opportunities for this.

We've also added a page specifically for jewellery sellers which includes sites on the internet where you can sell your work.

The shows and exhibitions page has some resources if you want to start selling your metal clay work in person.

The teaching page has resources for metal clay teachers which will help you develop your metal clay training skills, classes, courses and business.

The useful links page lists some directories and other websites that you can set up link from and/or to. Getting good incoming links to your website is essential to raise your search engine ranking and drive traffic to your site.

On the websites page, there are a number of ways of creating a presence on the internet. If you're confident enough to build your own metal clay website, you'll find some useful links to website building resources.

If you'd like to enter jewelry, silverwork or metal clay competitions, here's a page listing the current ones.

Please let us know if there's anything you'd like to see in this section through our contact page.