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This section is all about good design. Some sources of information on this page came from a design bibliography compiled by Barbara Becker Simon and Chris Darway for the PMC Conference in 2008.

Art Beads Jewelry Designs

Whether you want to learn how to create a specific idea or just want to see something beautiful to help spark your creativity, Art Beads' wide selection of jewelry ideas will give you what you need. These design ideas include pieces that have step-by-step instructions as well as inspirational designs that just show off how their products can be used in a simple way — no instructions needed! 

Art, Design and Visual Thinking

An Interactive Textbook by Charlotte Jirousek. This website is an online textbook designed for a Cornell University course, FSAD 125 Art Design and Visual Thinking. It was created in 1995 by the instructor, Prof. Charlotte Jirousek. It has some great information about design theory and includes really good illustrations.

Colour Theory

A complete range of color effects is found in jewelry pieces from dazzling to subdued. With a little knowledge of classic color theory, creations can be naturally pleasing, bringing rave reviews for their harmony. 

Design Bibliography - Barbara Becker Simon and Chris Darway

This list of resources includes books and websites with useful information about design. Compiled for the PMC Conference in 2008.

Designing Jewelry Using Design Principles - Janet Alexander

This blog entry on the Cornerstone website gives a good introduction to the elements and principles of jewelry design.

A Design Process, Let Nature do the Work for you - Del Feast

Interesting article about using nature as a design resource.

Evolution of Metal Clay Design by Suzanne Wade

Interesting article from the Ganoksin website.

Gallery of Designs from Fire Mountain Gems

Useful resource for inspiration.

Japanese Design - Tonya Davidson

Useful article from Tonya about the Japanese design philosophy.

Jim Saw

This site contains the information for studying Design and Composition as taught by Jim Saw at Palomar College before he retired. It's a design course on-line. Full of great design projects for you to explore and experiment with.

Just Creative Design

Very simple and accessible blog by designer Jacob Cass. Learn the basics of design from an article written by Lauren Marie.

Nina Designs - Design Ideas

This website has hundreds of design ideas for jewelry makers. Each idea has a parts list so you can order the parts from the website. Great for inspiration.

Provocative Design - Tim McCreight

This PDF summarises a presentation given by Tim McCreight at the 2008 PMC Conference. Includes great pictures to illustrate his points.

Some thoughts on design

Thought provoking article from Jewelry Lessons.

Technology Student

This UK site is aimed at teenagers studying for technology subjects at school. It's packed with resources about resistant materials (plastic, metal, wood), mechanisms, joints and fittings, electronics, tools. The sections about design, although aimed towards product design, equally apply to jewelry design. Working through the design process outlined here is a useful exercise for jewelry designers. Well worth a poke around.