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Metal Clay Events

This section includes information about past metal clay events as well as what's coming up. If you're running a metal clay event, let us know so we can make sure you have an entry. The major events by the metal clay Guilds are listed in the menu on the left. The past PMC Guild events have all been removed as the PMC Guild website no longer includes them.

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Bead and Button Show, Milwaukee, USA

What: Show and classes

When: 27th May - 8th June 2015

Where: Wisconsin Centre, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Workshop and class booking now open!

About the Workshops and Camp Sessions

Camp sessions with Liisa Turunen (beading) and Kim St. Jean (metalwork) commence on Wednesday, May 27 and run through Saturday, May 30. These innovative classes entail six hours of project time and three hours of open studio time in the evenings. 

This year from Sunday, May 31, through Friday, June 5 they are offering Master Classes (with instruction from Nancy Cain, Ronda Coryell, Linda Darty, Celie Fago, Adrienne Gaskell (two sessions), Leah Fairbanks/Andrea Guarino-Slemmons, and Charles Lewton-Brain), Fundamentals in Techniques sessions, and a variety of Workshops for beginner to advanced jewelry makers. Master Classes, Fundamentals, and workshops vary in number of days, so please check the individual sessions. 

They’ve scheduled all of their workshops with longer hours than their general classes to give teachers more time to cover a variety of techniques or to focus on an advanced or complex technique. Workshops typically have fewer students in each session than their regular classes giving teachers more time to spend with each student.

General Education Classes

From Wednesday, June 3, to Monday, June 8, students can choose from a variety of general education classes. These classes run from three to six hours, allowing students to sample an assortment of subjects and still have time to shop. Longer classes include a break for shopping and lunch. Check the start and end times of your classes; they vary by the day of the week – and don’t forget the Encore performances Monday, June 8.

Encore Classes – Monday, June 8

Two encore classes will be featured in 2015: an Encore in beading with Sue Jackson and Wendy Hubrick and a metal Encore with Robyn Cornelius.


Midsummer's Dream Metal Clay Retreat 2015

When: 23rd - 28th June 2015

Where: Craftworx, Bishop Burton, Yorkshire

2 days master classes by Tracey Spurgin
2 days master classes by Holly Gage
Welcome reception, gourmet lunches on all class days
2 evening meals

Bookings now closed


Hexactly Locket in East Yorkshire, UK

LocketWhen: 4th - 5th July 2015

Where: Craftworx Jewellery Workshops, Bishop Burton, East Yorkshire, UK

Lockets are a thing of interest to hide or hold a treasure or picture. This piece is a further development from other lockets, based on the construction of a hexagonal pyramid. The locket also has an internal fastening to keep your treasure safe; punctuated on the top with a gleaming gemstone. Elevate your skills in this two day workshop. 25g of clay will be supplied and the steps will be demonstrated in the project task. As an advanced course, you may choose to make a larger locket in which case you would need to purchase additional clay. Cost - £265


Artisan Craft Expo..A Mixed Media Conference

When: 9th - 11th July 2015

Where: South Point Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Registration for classes is now open!

Las Vegas Management would like to invite you to join us in launching the Artisan Craft Expo. We are hoping that this conference will become an annual event and grow as the medium does. The conference will be educational as well as technical with classes in Art Clay, PMC, Polymer Clay, Metal working, Wire working, Enameling and so much more. The show floor will have some of your favorite vendors with the newest products and services to make sure that you have everything you need and of course, everything you may want!

Metal clay artists teaching are: Janet Alexander, Lorrene Baum-Davis, Katie Baum, Pam East, Patrik Kusek, Donna Lewis, Laura Moore, Arlene Mornick, Lyle Rayfield, Louise Shadonix, Carrie Story and Gail Stouffer. There are metalsmithing, polymer clay, enameling and chain making workshops. Don't miss the inaugural year!


Terry Kovalcik Master Classes in Cornwall, UK

Paste painting and sculpting with Terry KovalcikWhat: Painting and Sculpting with Paste - FULL

When: 13th-15th July 2015

Where: Cornwall School of Art, Craft and Jewellery Bodmin, Cornwall, UK

Learn the true versatility of metal clay paste by painting and sculpting with this fluid form of silver metal clay with internationally recognized artist, Terry Kovalcik. In this three day workshop, explore Terry’s Viscosity Painting process. You'll learn a variety of techniques using silver clay paste as the painting medium to create decorative surface treatments and elaborate sculptural forms. The cost of this workshop includes 10g of silver clay paste.


Carved cuff bracelet by Terry KovalcikWhat: Carving, Hinges and Clasps - FULL

When: 17th-20th July 2015

Where: Cornwall School of Art, Craft and Jewellery Bodmin, Cornwall, UK

Push your work to a new level by advancing your carving skills on metal clay in this four-day workshop taught by internationally recognized artist, Terry Kovalcik. Terry returns to the UK for the second year running by popular demand. Working with beautiful Coppr® clay, learn how to create this stunning carved cuff bracelet with a hinge and clasp using your own personal design and style.


Art Clay Level 1 and 2 Diploma Intensive in Cornwall, UK

Art Clay Level 2 ProjectsWhat: Art Clay Level 1 and 2 Diploma Intensive

When: 25th - 30th July 2015

Where: Cornwall School of Art, Craft and Jewellery Bodmin, Cornwall, UK

Art Clay World approved senior instructor Julia Rai teaches this six day intermediate skills Art Clay Diploma Level 1 and 2 Intensive.

The curriculum is set by Aida Chemicals, the manufacturer of Art Clay, in association with the European Art Clay distributors and the qualification is recognised across Europe. Holders of the Art Clay Diploma at Level 1 are permitted to run introductory Art Clay classes and get a 15% discount on Art Clay products from the authorised distributors. Holders of the Art Clay Diploma at Level 2 are permitted to run introductory Art Clay classes and get a 20% discount on Art Clay products from the authorised distributors.

The £900 class cost includes all materials and the Art Clay World Level 1 and 2 Diploma fees. By booking the Intensive, you will save £60 on the price of booking each course separately. Ideal for those traveling from a distance.


Summer School in East Yorkshire, UK

Art Clay 1 and 2What: Art Clay Level 1 and 2 Diploma Intensive

When: 27th July - 1 August 2015

Where: Craftworx Jewellery Workshops, Bishop Burton, East Yorkshire, UK

The diploma courses are taught by our Art Clay World approved senior instructor, Tracey Spurgin and are based on the curriculum developed in Japan by Aida Chemicals. These are world-wide recognised courses supported by Art Clay World UK. The programme requires that you have previous experience working with metal clay so you have the foundation skills and understand the processes involved. Our tutor will give hands on demonstrations of each project task, with step by step instructions to support you throughout the course.

The 2015 Summer School will be a week long, back to back, Level 1 and Level 2 ACWUK Diploma Course. You can opt to do either of the levels or take advantage of a £65 discount by enrolling for both levels during the entire week.

  • Mon 27 - Wed 29 July: Level One Diploma - £465
  • Thu 30 Jul - Sat 1 Aug: Level Two Diploma - £495
  • Book both levels for the reduced price of £895

Included in the course fees are the materials to complete each project task and your certification fee.

After you have received your certificate, you will be entitled to claim a discount on your Art Clay products from any of the official suppliers (15% after Level 1 and 20% after Level 2) and you will also be able to teach introductory classes.


Metal Clay Mojo Retreat 2015

When: 18th - 19th August 2015 (pre-conference workshops), 20th - 23rd August 2015 (Conference), 24th - 25th August 2015 (post-conference workshops)

Where: Guest House Retreat Center, CT, USA

Booking is now open for this conference. Presenters include Anna Mazon, Barbara Becker Simon, Terry Kovalcik, Donna Penoyer, Noortje Mejeirink, Kim Paige, Michelle Loon, Suzanne McNenly and Robert Dancik.

Conference fees include the following: ​     

Overnight accommodations for 3 nights     
All meals, from lunch on Thursday to lunch on Sunday     
All presentations, open studios and evening activities (materials fees may apply in open studios)     
Mojo Lounge beer, wine and cheese nightly​     
Door prizes and other goodies we have in the works​

Pre and post-conference workshop registration is open. Book your workshops here.


Pam East in Germany

Pam East EnamelWhat: Enameling on Art Clay Silver

When: 4th-6th September 2015

Where: Susan D Design, Ellerbek, near Hamburg, Germany

Join Art Clay World USA Master Instructor, Pam East, for a three day workshop on Enameling on Art Clay Silver. This course will cover a wide variety of Both clay and metal enameling topics.  

The first day of class will be devoted to silver clay. Topics will include designing for enamel, construction techniques, firing schedules and preparing the metal for enamels. 

The second and third days will cover enameling and finishing. Topics will include preparing enamels for use, firing, color shading, working with reactive colors, use of foils in enameling and finishing techniques. For one of the pieces, students will learn the full champlevé finish, Which Creates a smooth continuous surface between the enamel and the metal.

Over the course of the three days, each student will be able to make two complete pieces, from beginning to end, using two different techniques.   


Lora Hart in Cornwall, UK

Lora Hart BraceletWhat: Sculptural Hollow Forms

When: 3rd-4th October 2015

Where: Cornwall School of Art, Craft and Jewellery Bodmin, Cornwall, UK

Come and learn to use 960 Sterling Flex metal clay to make a unique piece of jewellery with American metal clay artist Lora Hart on her first visit to the UK to teach. In this two day workshop, Lora will cover a range of techniques which has lots of freedom for the more experienced metal clay artist while covering the basics of working with metal clay to create hollow sculptural jewellery. Beginners with a good level of skill and intermediate to advanced level students will all enjoy this two day workshop.

£100 deposit and easy payment plan available.


Donna Penoyer Master Class in Yorkshire, UK

Donna PenoyerWhat: It's Not Just About Making Whistles

When: 3rd-4th October 2015

Where: Craftworx, Bishop Burton, Yorkshire

During the two-day master class, you will gain a good foundation in whistle design and basic hollow form construction, plus more advanced concepts to help your whistle-making and metal clay work in general. Multiple types of whistles will be covered, with step-by-step emphasis on tubes and lentils and the particular rules for making each sing. That knowledge will then help answer the question, “How do I turn other hollow forms into whistles?” Donna will provide her unique insights into the use of removable cores, along with eye-opening ways to make gorgeous whistles without the use of armatures and other innovative ideas to spark the imagination. The course fee includes 25g of clay.

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