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This section includes information about past metal clay events as well as what's coming up. If you're running a metal clay event, let us know so we can make sure you have an entry. The major events by the metal clay Guilds are listed in the menu on the left. The past PMC Guild events have all been removed as the PMC Guild website no longer includes them.

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Anna Mazon in Belgium

Mushroom dreaams with Anna MazonWhat: Mushroom Dreams

When: 14th-16th May 2016

Where: Temse, Belgium

This 3-days workshop is packed with lots of different techniques, featuring a branch (empty inside, so it's perfect for a bead-strung necklace), various 3-dimensional mushrooms and a small bezel-set stone. You will learn wonderful textures, interesting shapes and lots of tricks for creating secure openwork constructions in metal clay.

You will use silver clay to create a few types of hollow contructions (organic looking branch, mushroom caps and you'll make an openwork construction out of them). You will learn a few tricks about making really small bezel setting for non-fireable stones and setting stones in it.

Price: 270,00 euro, VAT excluded
Included: lunches, snacks & drinks

Registration: please contact Inge Verbruggen


Teddy bear with Anna MazonWhat: Miniature Teddy Bear

When: 17th May 2016

Where: Temse, Belgium

This 1-day class is for those who love tiny, cute creatures. Creating a tiny teddy bear, which is mainly empty inside (to save on clay) is not as difficult as it might seem. It's just about following certain steps and using your imagination. Your teddy bear can hold a tiny heart or have a miniature tie or maybe a necklace... This class is about playing with miniature shapes and having a lot of fun! You will learn working in a small scale, building tiny, hollow elements and creating details in both wet and dry clay.

Price: 130,00 euro, VAT excluded
Included: lunch, snacks & drinks... and... BIRTHDAY CAKE for Anna's Birthday! :)

Registration: please contact Inge Verbruggen


Anna Mazon in Austria

Mushroom dreams pendantWhat: Mushroom Dreams Pendant

When: 27th-29th May 2016

Where: Vienna Expressions Studio, Vienna, Austria

In this three-day workshop you will make a beautiful, noble pendant in fine silver. Greatly influenced by the nature of the pendant is a small forest scene: on a hollow tree branch grow mushrooms, moss and other small details - each tag is unique. A sparkling semi-precious stone is used after firing: choose from a selection of stones and solder the socket for it.

As with all workshops of Anna, you will learn many new techniques that you then home can incorporate into your own work. Price for three days: € 350.00 including 35 g Art Clay Silver, semi-precious stones, silver wire. Snacks, drinks and lunch on all days of the course.


Twig rings by Anna MazonWhat: Twig Ring

When: 4th June 2016

Where: Vienna Expressions Studio, Vienna, Austria

The Twig ring Anna Mazons most popular workshop, because this feminine, detailed ring is not as complicated to makeas it first appears.

In this one-day workshop you will create a beautiful, romantic ring of Goldie Bronze Clay, decorated with natural elements such as flowers, berries and leaves. You also learn a method to take sparkling zircon and incorporate into your design. The skills learned can be easily combined with your own style and your favorite techniques.

Price: € 150.00 including stones, 10 g Goldie Bronze Clay; Snacks, drinks and lunch.


Miniature teddy Anna MazonWhat: Miniature Teddy

When: 5th June 2016

Where: Vienna Expressions Studio, Vienna, Austria

This cute Teddy Workshop is brand new! You will learn how to make a small Teddy from Art Clay: My Teddy may have something in his hand, wearing a hat or a tie, whatever you like!

You how to carve details in Metal Clay learn how to build hollow forms to save Clay and more. Anyone who wants to can our Vintaj patinas use to impart his teddy exquisite touch of color.

Price: € 175.00 including 10 g Art Clay Silver; Snacks, drinks and lunch.


Summer School 2016 - Art Clay Level 1 and 2 Diploma Intensive

AC DiplomaWhat: Summer School 2016 - Art Clay Level 1 and 2 Diploma Intensive

When: 25th-30th July 2016

Where: Craftworx Jewellery Workshops, Bishop Burton, Yorkshire

The diploma courses are taught by our Art Clay World approved senior instructor, Tracey Spurgin and are based on the curriculum developed in Japan by Aida Chemicals. These are world-wide recognised courses supported by Art Clay World UK. The programme requires that you have previous experience working with metal clay so you have the foundation skills and understand the processes involved. Our tutor will give hands on demonstrations of each project task, with step by step instructions to support you throughout the course.

The 2016 Summer School will be a week long, back to back, Level 1 and Level 2 ACWUK Diploma Course. You can opt to do either of the levels or take advantage of a £65 discount by enrolling for both levels during the entire week.

  • Mon 25 - Wed 27 July: Level One Diploma - £465
  • Thu 28 Jul - Sat 30 Jul: Level Two Diploma - £495
  • Book both levels for the reduced price of £895

Included in the course fees are the materials to complete each project task and your certification fee. After you have received your certificate, you will be entitled to claim a discount on your Art Clay products from any of the official suppliers (15% after Level 1 and 20% after Level 2) and you will also be able to teach introductory classes.


Metal Clay Artists Symposium

What: Variety of artists teaching classes

When: 15th - 18th September 2016

Where: Sawtooth School for Visual Arts, Winston-Salem, NC, USA

This exciting 4-day event features the most innovative workshop leaders in a creative environment, sharing inspiration, techniques, and cutting-edge technology with the metal clay community through hands-on workshops, Q&A sessions, Meet and Greet opportunities, a vendor shopping day, a month-long metal clay exhibit and more!


Artisan Materials Expo 2016

metal clay jewelleryWhat: Artisan Materials Expo 2016Creative Ascension

When: 29th September-2nd October 2016

Where: Buffalo Thunder Resort, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Welcome to the seventh biennial Artisan Materials Expo 2016: Creative Ascension, an event for every level of artist, featuring a fabulous selection of world-class art materials at discount prices, as well as opportunities to take classes. The Expo also welcomes the International Encaustic Artists / Encaustic Art Institute Symposium.

Includes a silver metal clay jewellery making class with Iliana Carrillo.


The Process of Jewellery Design Retreat with Michael David Sturlin

Michael David Sturlin jewellery design retreat 2016What: Jewellery Design Retreat with Michael David Sturlin

When: 14th - 18th October 2016

Where: Cornwall School of Art, Craft and Jewellery, Bodmin, Cornwall

Bring forth your personal jewellery identity in a five day retreat with Michael David Sturlin.

This retreat is an opportunity to work closely with a true jewellery design master. Class numbers are small so you will get lots of personal attention from Michael and the chance to take your design skills to a whole new level. This retreat is an investment in your personal growth as a jewellery designer/maker and a rare opportunity to focus on your design skills with a master goldsmith at your elbow.

Level: All levels of experience will benefit from this retreat, from beginners to advanced level students.

INSTALMENT PAYMENTS - If you would like to spread the cost of this course, you can secure your place by paying a non-refundable deposit of £100 and then making monthly payments, ensuring the full price is paid by 14th September 2016. Contact CSACJ if you would like to pay by this method.


Anna Mazon in Belgium

Heart Deco with Anna MazonWhat: Heart Deco

When: 28th-29th January 2017

Where: Temse, Belgium

More info to come

Registration: please contact Inge Verbruggen




Twig rings with Anna MazonWhat: Twig Rings

When: 30th January 2017

Where: Temse, Belgium

In this 1-day class you learn how to make a ring that looks like a twig. You will learn how to set cubic zirconia, how to make twigs and to add texture to your design. You will also learn how to make tiny petals and flowers.

Price: 130,00 euro, VAT excluded
Included: bronze clay, cubic zirconia, lunch, snacks & drinks

Registration: please contact Inge Verbruggen


Metal Clay Mojo 2017

When: 15th - 20th August 2017

Where: Guest House Retreat Center, Chester, CT USA

Lis-el Crowley has just announced the dates for the Metal Clay Mojo in 2017 and is calling for proposals from people wanting to present. Email Lis-el here. 15th-16th will be workshops, 17th-20th conference.

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