Metal Clay Events

This section includes information about past metal clay events as well as what's coming up. If you're running a metal clay event, let us know so we can make sure you have an entry. The major events by the metal clay Guilds are listed in the menu on the left. The past PMC Guild events have all been removed as the PMC Guild website no longer includes them.

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Online Distance Learning Course

Mooring Earrings by Tracey Spurgin

What: Bezel Set Cabochon Stone Setting

When: January - 31st October 2018

Where: Online at Craftworx

This course will focus in on four options for setting flat back cabochon stones into bezel settings. The two projects by no means, exhaust all the options on stone setting but will help the beginner to intermediate enthusiast on their journey to exploring stone setting. There are options to work using both soldering and non-soldering techniques.

Online Distance Learning Course

Claw set rings by Tracey SpurginWhat: Claw Set Ring

When: 1st March - 31st December 2018

Where: Online at Craftworx

This project is suitable for the experienced and confident intermediate or advanced level metal clay enthusiast who is ready for a new challenge. The course is one complete project. Due to the complexity of the project, the pre-recorded video tutorials have been split into three videos that last more than 1¾ hours in total.


Dragon's Eyes Pendant

Pendant by Tracey SpurginWhat: Dragons Eyes Pendant Masterclass

Where: Craftworx, Beverley, Yorkshire

When: 6th - 8th July 2018

The project will begin with your design to create a armature for the main head to create a 3 dimensional skull, which you will begin to hand sculpt using some very basic and surprisingly simple tecniques. There will be lots of hints and tips to creating the finer details of features in the dragon's face, eyes, lips, scales and tendrils.


Metal Clay Artists Symposium

MCAS 2018When: 23rd - 26th August 2018

Where: Sawtooth School for Visual Art, Winston-Salem NC, USA


Registration now open!







List of Workshops by Instructor
Featured Instructor Cindy Pope
Friday, Aug 24 9:00-5:00 - Intro to Using the Silhouette - Silver Beads
Saturday, Aug 25 9:00-5:00 - Intro to Using the Silhouette - Leather Cuffs

Lis-el Crowley
Friday, Aug 24 9:00-5:00 - Hinged Earrings
Saturday, Aug 25 9:00-5:00 - Cathedral Window Necklace

Ann Davis
Saturday, Aug 25 9:00-5:00 - Sculpting Water, Creating Enameled Lagoons and Tidal Pools in Metal Clay

Pam East
Friday & Saturday, Aug 24 & 25 9:00-5:00 - Champleve Enameling on Silver Clay

Lora Hart
Friday, Aug 24 9:00-5:00 - Secret Lover Swing Pendant
Saturday, Aug 25 9:00-5:00 - Textured Padlock Pendant

Trish Jeffers-Zeh
Friday, Aug 24 9:00-5:00 - Fine Silver & Metal Clay Embellishment Mixed Media Ceramic Bisque Beads

Laura Moore
Friday & Saturday, Aug 24 & 25 9:00-5:00 - Bronze Ginko Bracelet

Donna Penoyer
Friday, Aug 24 9:00-5:00 - Metal Clay Whistle Pendant
Saturday, Aug 25 9:00-5:00 - Flex Clay Celtic Knots

Barbara Becker Simon
Friday, Aug 24 9:00-5:00 - Put it in Writing, Glass Pendant
Saturday, Aug 25 9:00-5:00 - Petit Carved Charm Necklace

Carrie Story
Friday, Aug 24 9:00-5:00 - Bronze Floral Brooch
Saturday, Aug 25 9:00-5:00 - Firing Mixed Metals; Mirror Image Pendant

Jackie Truty
Friday & Saturday, Aug 24 & 25 9:00-5:00 - Mokume Gane with Metal Clay

FREE Technique Discovery Workshops
Sunday Aug 26 10:00-12:00
Cindy Pope - Meet the Silhouette
Lis-el Crowley - Stone Setting in Metal Clay
Pam East - Discover Enamel
Lora Hart - Simple Soldering for Metal Clay
Laura Moore - Botanic Molds
Carrie Story - Working with White Bronze Clay


Wanaree Tanner in the UK

What: Wanaree's only UK classes

Where: Metal Clay Ltd, Wareham, Dorset

When: 6th-7th and 13th-14th October 2018

No details yet but save the dates!

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