PMC Conference 2010

The PMC Conference was held at Purdue, West Lafayette in July 2010.

The Keynote speaker was Linda Darty and the three days were packed with great talks, demos and events.

The conference website can be accessed here.

All the handouts and technical resources are now available, see links below.

The materials and images in these links are the property of the makers. They are offered here for educational purposes and should not be copied without permission.

Bench Tricks for PMC
Elizabeth R. Agte

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Using Brass Wire and Mesh as an Armature for Bronze, Copper, and Silver Clay
Carmen Alvarez-Keefer

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Dynamic Sales & Customer Service
Bruce Baker

Pdf (156K .pdf)

Mixed Materials
Tonya Davidson

Pdf (975K .pdf)     .doc (930K .doc)

The Art of Positioning and Pricing your Product
Susan Dilger

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Make Perfect Endcaps
RobinBeth Faulkner

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In the Midst of a Revolution comes Innovation and Opportunity -- Are "You" Seizing the Moment?
Holly Gage

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Green Texture Plates for Metal Clay
Sherri Haab

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Textures & Handmade Stencils on BRONZclay™
Janet Harriman

Pdf (373K .pdf)     .pps (1.5MB .pps)     .key (1.8MB .key)     .mov (446K .mov)

Glass Clay
Barry Kaiser

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Putting Beauty in the Details
Terry Kovalcik

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Brainstorming Techniques
Patrik Kusek

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Experimental Enameling on Copperclay
Yolanda Nieuwboer

Pdf (1.5MB .pdf)

Technical Textures
Louise Shadonix

Pdf (3.6MB .pdf)

Enamel Illusions
Cindy Silas

Pdf (5MB .pdf)

Incorporating Dichroic Glass
Sherrie Styx

Pdf (3.4MB .pdf)     .mov (754K .mov)

Using Photoshop Elements to Create Repousse Designs on PMC Sheet
Marian Ward

Pdf (90K .pdf)     .doc (33K .doc)

Working with BRONZclay™ and COPPRclay™
Judi Weers

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