Download Copper Clay Tutorials

The inventor of Copprclay™ is Bill Streuve which is available from several suppliers. Hadar Jacobson sells bronze and copper clay in powder form which you mix yourself. Hadar has also developed a copper clay with a short firing schedule which doesn't require an oxygen free environment - download the firing schedule here. The makers of Art Clay, Aida Chemicals have launched their own copper clay. This has a much simpler firing schedule than the other copper clays available. Find out more about Art Clay Copper here.

Prometheus Copper Clay is also now available. This has a short firing schedule and requires no special firing pan. And it comes as syringe clay as well as lump clay.

In December 2010, Meteor bronze clay was launched by a French developer and then Meteor copper clay was released in January 2011. Meteor white bronze clay was launched in July 2011. They also have gold bronze classic, pink bronze classic, white bronze classic, light bronze classic, gold bronze ultrafine, pink bronze ultrafine, white bronze ultrafine, light bronze ultrafine and copper ultrafine.

The PMC Studio in the UK launched Creative Copper clay on 7th October 2011. This is made in Turkey by the same manufacturer as Prometheus Copper clay and works the same way, essentially, it's the same product repackaged.

In January 2014, Hadar Jacobson launched Friendly Copper. This new copper clay fires in one step only (no second phase required), at the same firing schedule as Champagne Bronze and Low-shrinkage Steel XT. All three clays, on their own and in combination with each other, fire in carbon for two hours at 1750°F (brick kiln)/1830°F (muffle kiln).

In March 2014, Metal Adventures launched White Copprclay. NOTE: WHITE COPPRclay is composed of copper and nickel. Customers within the European Union, please be aware that this item contains nickel and may not be in compliance with EU regulation EN1811-2011.

Aussie Metal Clay launched in 2014 and became available worldwide in 2015. It is available in a wide range of bronze colours, copper, 960 silver and 999 silver.

July 2015 - Hadar Jacobson has simplified her product range. Download a map of her clay products here. You can also check out her new clay names here.

Art Clay Copper Booklet

PDF guide to working with Art Clay Copper Clay from Art Clay World.

Bulls eye earringsBulls Eye Earrings - Hadar Jacobson

Tutorial combining Hadar's bronze, copper and steel clays and using the ClayMill Metal Clay Extruder, an extruder with a 2″ barrel, which is available from PMC Connection.



Bronze and Copper Clay Downloadable Tutorials - Creative Metal Clay

Lots of downloadable pdf tutorials using Creative brand bronze and copper clay.

Bronze and Copper Clay Necklace/Bracelet Project Part 1 - Hadar Jacobson

Download this free project from Hadar showing how to make a bronze and copper clay combined piece of jewelry.

Bronze and Copper Clay Necklace/Bracelet Project Part 2 - Hadar Jacobson

This second part of the project tutorial shows finishing techniques.

Hadar Jacobson Cat's Eye LadderCat’s Eye Ladder (A Project for the ClayMill Extruder) - Hadar Jacobson

Another project from Hadar which uses the large sized ClayMill Extruder. Using Hadar's brand of Bronze, Copper and Steel metal clay's, you can make a mokume gane type pattern and form into beautiful jewelry.


Copper Feathers Project - Metal Clay Ltd

This simple project is suitable for all levels.

Finishing Fired Metal Clay - Hadar Jacobson

Hadar says, " Even if you are familiar with the finishing process, I suggest that you read it through to refresh your memory. I have been teaching it ever since I started teaching silver clay in the year 2000, but sometimes we get to the finishing part at the end of the workshop, when people are tired and ready to go home. I also recommend it for anyone who intends to take a workshop with me in the future. It will give you a better idea of what to expect."

Firing Schedule for Bronze and Copper Clay using Evenheat or Sierra Kilns - PMC Connection

This short and easy to understand guide gives specific instructions for firing bronze and copper clay using the Evenheat and Sierra kilns. From PMC Connection.

Goldie Bronze and Copper Clay Instruction Sheet

Updated in May 2013, this instruction pdf has everything you need to work with all the Goldie Bronze varieties and Goldie Copper clay.

Instruction Manual for Hadar's One-Fire Clays - Hadar Jacobson

This downloadable PDF was added in January 2017.

Mixing Instructions for Copper and Bronze Clay Powder - Hadar Jacobson

This pdf tells you how to mix copper clay powder. There is also a video of this here.


Mokume Gane with Bronze Clay, Copper Clay and Paper Clay - Cindy Silas

Download this great tutorial about making mokume gane with the base metal clays.


Mokume gane Mokume Gane without an Extruder - Hadar Jacobson

The three clays which create the pattern of colors are Friendly Bronze, Friendly Copper, and Pearl Grey SteelXT. Most of the mokume-gane techniques in metal clay are done with an extruder. Here is a beginners’ project for mokume-gane which does not require an extruder. It is a downloadable PDF called “Twist and Slice.”


Tricks for Sealing Your Metal Work - Wanaree Tanner

Great article showing how to seal patina or preserve the surface color of metal without losing the qualities of the color.

Understanding Metal Clay - Hadar Jacobson

Very useful and informative article by Hadar. It explains the sintering process that all metal clays go through during firing. Hadar demystifies the alchemy of metal clay firing and talks about all types of metal clay.