Magazines and Periodicals for Jewelry and Metal Clay Artists

This page has links to magazines and periodicals you might find interesting.

Artisan Jewelry Times

Artisan Jewelry Times is a digital magazine for artisan jewelry makers and artisan jewelry lovers worldwide published monthly and delivered instantly everywhere.

Bead and Button

Interesting articles, projects and tips and hints. Gallery of artists work.

Bead and Jewellery Magazine

UK magazine available as a print magazine and also as a digital download.

The Enamelists Magazine - Glass on Metal

Online resource for enamelists.

Handmade Business

Useful magazine for all types of crafts people. Especially recommended for those selling their work.

Learn Fired Arts

This magazine ceased publication in January 2016 but continues to post lesson plans and information on the website.

Making Jewellery Magazine

This UK based publication features more metal clay projects any other UK publication. A number of UK based metal clay teachers write for this magazine and their project tutorials regularly feature. The magazine combines jewellery making with fashion quite successfully. Available on subscription from the website or in UK magazine outlets.

Metal Clay Artist Magazine

This magazine was launched in October 2009. It ceased publications of the magazine in 2014 but is now an online blog called Creative Fire.

Metal Clay Today

This online magazine used to be free but from January 2012, they began charging for each full edition or you can sign up for a 12 month subscription. The magazine originally launched on18th September 2009. It features interesting projects, the latest products and the newest techniques.  It offers information on competitions, awards, societies, guilds, shows, fairs and trade shows. In each issue it will spotlight an established artist, a new “Rising Star” and many articles on working with our favorite medium, Metal Clay. 

Metalsmith - Society of North American Goldsmiths

  • Inspirational, innovative, and thought-provoking  
  • Fascinating articles, intriguing artists
  • Engrossing guest columns
  • Captivating exhibition and book reviews
  • Illustrated throughout with gorgeous images of stunning work
  • Stimulating intellectual and visual interest

Now in its third decade, award winning magazine Metalsmith is the document of record for jewelry and metalsmithing in North America.

Ornament Magazine

Magazine celebrating the art and craft of personal adornment.

Professional Jeweler Magazine

Professional Jeweler's mission is to provide short, well-written, information-rich articles in an organized layout sequence. The magazine's format helps subscribers quickly learn the latest about selling their key products, creating an image in their communities, managing their stores and educating their employees. They serve their subscribers best by always screening stories for their usefulness.


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