Firing Metal Clay Video Tutorials

On this page you'll find links to videos that'll help you learn about firing metal clay. There are also links to kiln firing videos. You may need to download flash to view these videos. If so, click here to download it free. All links open in a new window. Content checked April 2018.

Aussie Metal Clay Gold Bronze Burn Off Firing Part 1

Aussie Metal Clay Gold Bronze Burn Off Firing Part 2


Aussie Metal Clay Gold Bronze Burn Off Firing Part 3


Beading Classroom

This UK based site features video tutorials on a large variety of jewellery related topics including metal clay, beading, chain maille, lampwork, mixed media, stringing, knotting and wirework. Subscription is £29.99 for a year.

Butane Torch Troubleshooting - from Cool Tools


Firing Bronze Clay - Sabine Alienor

Firing Prometheus Bronze Clay - Carrie Story

Video tutorial of conventional kiln firing for Prometheus Bronze Clay. 
This clay can be fired with no carbon and just a small butane torch!



How to Make a Metal Clay Firing Box from No Flake Foil - Cool Tools


Metal Clay Artist Magazine - How to Replace a Kiln Relay

Vicky Hallmark shows you how to change the relay in a Paragon SC2 kiln.

Micro Torch Basics - Craftsy

This is a free tutorial. Butane micro torches are a compact and efficient heat source for soldering, firing precious metal clay, finishing enamelwork and other projects. They're inexpensive, safe and easy to use. In this five-lesson class, best-selling author and teacher Kate Richbourg shows you how to fill, light and adjust your torch and use it to shape, secure and finish metal jewelry. You'll learn how to size rings perfectly and how to choose the right materials. Then Kate shows you her signature stack ring set and a perfect band ring made from half-round silver wire.

Noble Clay Silver Torch Firing and Bending Experiments

This six minute video shows the whole torch firing of a piece of silver from Noble Clay which is a little boring but once the piece is fired, it shows some experiments with bending the piece. This illustrates that the firing process makes the piece strong enough to bend, straighten, bend again etc. The piece fired is quite thin and the lighting of the video doesn't really show the piece glowing during firing which beginners might find misleading. For the long standing brands of silver clay, torch firing requires the piece to glow a salmon pink colour for the firing time. A useful video if you want to experiment with Noble Silver Clay.


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Paragon Caldera Kiln

Useful video from Paragon about the manual and digital Caldera Kilns.


Paragon Kiln Tutorials

This page contains audio and video tutorials on care and maintenance of your Paragon kiln. It includes video tutorials on programming the kilns and a fascinating factory tour showing how the kilns are made.

Programming your Evenheat Kiln Set Pro Controller

Demonstration of the Evenheat Set-Pro control being programmed for Custom Metal Clay Firing. For Set-Pro equipped kilns built after April 10, 2011.


Programming your Evenheat Kiln Set Pro Controller - pre April 10, 2011

Demonstration of the Evenheat Set-Pro control for metal clay being programmed using USER Mode Programs. For Set-Pro equipped kilns built before April 11, 2011.


Programming the Paragon SC2 Kiln - from Cool Tools

Prometheus® Copper Clay Firing in Activated Carbon

This is a video tutorial for firing Prometheus Copper in activated carbon in a kiln. This clay can be fired without carbon and with a small butane torch.


Rio Grande YouTube Channel

Have a browse through the video tutorials from Rio Grande. They cover metal clay, bronze clay, copper clay, jewelry making, how to use tools videos, resin, forging metal, stone setting, patination and lots of other things. Well worth a browse.

Torch Firing Metal Clay with a Butane Torch - Art Jewellery Magazine


Torch Firing Prometheus Bronze Clay - Carrie Story


Torch Firing Prometheus Copper Clay - Prometheus


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