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This page has links to websites that have projects about metal clay for beginners.

If you're a complete beginner, have a look at our metal clay for beginners page.

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Calla Lily pendant by Julia RaiCalla Lily

Easy project for beginners from Julia Rai. This was published in Making Jewellery Magazine.


Cascading EarringsCascading Leaves

Easy project for beginners from Lesley Messam. This was published in Making Jewellery Magazine.






Charm necklaceCharm Necklace

A family friend requested a necklace featuring her children’s names. Use this simple idea to create charms, from simple to the most intricate, for a gift the recipient will cherish. From PMC Connection.

Custom Cookie Cutters to use with Metal Clay

Great blog post by Catherine Witherall showing how to make your own custom designed cookie cutters.

beginners projectFire Mountain Gems - beginners project

Simple text and picture walkthrough of the process of producing something in Art Clay. Has a printer friendly version of the page. Fire Mountain sell Art Clay, tools, beads etc.

Charm braceletFire Mountain Gems - Bracelet with Art Clay Charms

Simple project showing how to make a charm bracelet.



ankle braceletHattie Sanderson - Ankle Bracelet

Great beginners project from Hattie and Metal Clay Guru. This ankle bracelet is adjustable.


braceletHattie Sanderson - Regal Bracelet

This project from Metal Clay Guru shows how to use HattieS™ Texture Mat Jewelry Shapes to make a fabulous bracelet.


Class image from Janet AlexanderJanet Alexander - Free Online Classes in Metal Clay

Check out these great free classes from Janet Alexander.






Lava BeadLesley Messam - Lava Beads

This useful tutorial from Metal Clay Guru shows the steps to making lava beads with silver accents. It uses metal clay paste.



PotLorena Angulo - Make a Pot or Vessel

This is one of those things that make you think, "why didn't I think of that?"! A very simple way to make a vessel or pot using metal clay. Because of the size of it, it's going to be cheaper to use bronze or copper clay than silver clay, just as Lorena has. Great tutorial from Metal Clay Guru.

Make Your Own Cutters Tutorial

Great tutorial about making your own shape cutters.

weavingMargaret Schindel - Weaving Sheet/Paper Clay

Paper or sheet metal clay is perfect for weaving. The woven sheet can then be used for a variety of great projects. This HubPages Lens from Margaret Schindel explains very clearly how to weave sheet clay. Great pictures and diagrams make it very easy to follow.


EarringsMaggie Bergman - Filigree Earrings

Well illustrated tutorial to make these lovely earrings.


RingSabine Alienor - Simple ring without a mandrel

This tutorial in French is easy to understand even if you don't read French because it has very good pictures. Learn how to make a silver metal clay ring without having a mandrel to form it on. It's made in one piece so there is no join. A good tutorial for beginners.

Filigree PendantSabine Alienor - Filigree Pendant Tutorial in French

Nice beginners project using kitchen paper as a core for a syringe pendant. This makes a pretty and delicate filigree effect.


Shell necklaceSeashell Necklace

This beautiful necklace is surprisingly simple to construct. Use a pre-made mold or create your own for a striking piece. From PMC Connection.



PMC ringsSignature Element Metal Clay Project

In the words of designer, jeweler and PMC® master Tim McCreight, "Every material has its special properties and one of the tasks inherent to each of us as artists is to figure out how to make the best use of those properties." Some paintings lend themselves to watercolors, others call for oils. Some sculptures are carved in marble, others are forged from metal. This project challenges you to see Precious Metal Clay as a signature element no matter what the preferred medium may be.

Dangle earringsSimple Dangle Earrings

These simple earrings can be mixed with simple bead combinations for tremendous variety.


Sky and Beyond

Metal clay tutorials to buy and watch online.


Syringe latticeSyringe Lattice Pendant

This eye catching pendant is decorated with syringe clay.



textured earringsTextured Earring Tutorial - A Cape Cod Artist

This great beginners tutorial explains the process to make a simple pair of textured earrings.


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