Web Based Bronzclay™ and Bronze Metal Clay Tutorials and Guides

Bronzclay™ was launched at the PMC Conference in July 2008. In July 2010, Fast Fire Bronzclay™ was launched, download a flyer about it here.

Hadar Jacobson sells her own brand of bronze and copper clay in powder form which you mix yourself. You'll also find information about this form of clay here. She has also developed White Bronze Clay and Rose Bronze Clay, see below.

Prometheus™ bronze clay is also available. Developed in Turkey, this bronze clay has a shorter, lower temperature firing schedule without the need for activated carbon. Available as lump clay and in syringe form. You'll find information about Prometheus™ bronze clay here.

In December 2010, Meteor bronze clay was launched by a French developer and then Meteor copper clay was released in January 2011. Meteor white bronze clay was launched in July 2011. They also have gold bronze classic, pink bronze classic, white bronze classic, light bronze classic, gold bronze ultrafine, pink bronze ultrafine, white bronze ultrafine, light bronze ultrafine and copper ultrafine.

The PMC Studio in the UK launched Creative Bronze clay on 7th October 2011. This is made in Turkey by the same manufacturer as Prometheus Bronze clay and works the same way, essentially, it's the same product repackaged.

Goldie Bronze Clay™ was developed in Poland by Waldo Ilowiecki. The Goldie Bronze Clay is due for launch around September 2012. 

Hadar Jacobson launched Brilliant Bronze (golden colored bronze) in September 2012 and Smart Bronze (24k gold colored bronze) in April 2013.

In January 2014, Hadar Jacobson launched Champagne Bronze.

Zab's Bronze was developed in France.

Aussie Metal Clay launched in 2014 and became available worldwide in 2015. It is available in a wide range of bronze colours, copper, 960 silver and 999 silver.

Bonschelle Metal Clay powder is a UK brand which comes in bronze only at the moment.

Want to make your own? Have a look here at our DIY metal clay page!

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All About Hadar Jacobson's One Fire Clays

This page gives you all you need to know about Hadar's new one fire clays.

All Things Metal Clay - Round up of all Information on Bronzclay

Great summary of all the current information about Bronzclay, put together by Elaine Luther.

Bronzclay™ Getting Started Information from Cool Tools

This comprehensive tutorial tells you all you need to know about working with Bronzclay™.

Bronzclay™ Squidoo Lens - Margaret Schindel

Another fabulous HubPages article from Margaret Schindel. Great attention to detail, fab pictures and lots of very useful information. If you're looking for everything there is to know about this new medium, this is the place. It includes some history, work by some of the leaders in the field and all you need to know to help you work with bronze clay.

Bronzclay™ Tools Squidoo Lens - Margaret Schindel

Comprehensive tools and suppliers list from Margaret Schindel. Together with her definitive Bronzclay™ article (above), this is everything you need to understand and start to work with the new base metal clays.

Bronzclay™ Troubleshooting Guide from Cool Tools

Fantastically thorough article about what can go wrong and how to tell if your clay is over or under fired. Great pictures.

Hadar Jacobson earringsBulls Eye Earrings - Hadar Jacobson

These earrings combine Hadar's bronze, copper and steel clays.


Champagne High Fire Bronze - Hadar Jacobson

In January 2014 Hadar released a new clay called High-Fire Champagne Bronze. It is a champagne-colored metal which fires at high-fire schedule.

Hadar says, "Do we really need yet another metal clay? I say yes, and here is the reason: those of us who like colorful mixed metal jewelry have been limited so far to combining two metals only: copper and steel (at high-fire schedule) or copper and bronze (at mid-fire schedule). Steel could be added to a copper/bronze combination at mid-fire schedule only in tiny amounts (to create mokume-gane patterns), or it would not sinter. On the other hand, bronze could not be added to copper and steel at all at high-fire schedule, because it would over-fire."

"Champagne Bronze is meant to rectify this situation. Since it is high-fire, it can be added to copper and steel without limiting the amount of steel and with no need to lower the firing temperature."

Hadar Jacobson projectColor-patterned Hair Band - Hadar Jacobson

Another tutorial from Hadar using the ClayMill Extruder. The ClayMill Extruder comes with 5 dies. What is the serrated (zigzag) slot for? One technique in traditional Damascus steel and mokume-gane is to emboss the layered sheets of metals (the billet) to about a third of their thickness and then file off the raised parts to reveal the pattern. The die with the serrated slot mimics this technique.

Drying Bronzclay™ - from Cool Tools

Drying the clay using heat can lead to cracking. In this article, alternative ways of drying the clay are discussed and some surprising conclusions result!

Fast Fire Bronzclay™ Tips and Hints - Metal Clay Guru

Useful information on working with Fast Fire Bronzclay™, launched in July 2010.

Firing Bronzclay™ - from Cool Tools

Very comprehensive article about firing Bronzclay™.

Goldie Bronze Clay™ - Anna Mazon

This page has a wealth of information from Polish metal clay artist Anna Mazon. She has tested Goldie Bronze Clay and here are the results of those tests.

Goldie Bronze Clay™ - Sabine Alienor

This is a test done by Sabine Alienor on this new bronze clay showing a comparison with Prometheus bronze.

Goldie Bronze Mixing Guide - Linea Lina

Great tutorial showing how to mix Goldie Bronze from powder into clay in both English and German.

Hadar Jacobson - Bronze and Copper Clay powder

On this page you can buy bronze and copper clay powder. You can also find mixing, handling and firing instructions here.

Hadar Jacobson - Copper and Bronze Clay Blog

This blog has tips and hints about using Hadar's Copper and Bronze clay powder. Well written and illustrated.

Hadar Jacobson - Even Better, Mini Kilns

Hadar continues to push the envelope and develop new ways of ensuring bronze and copper clays sinter every time. She's now come up with this mini kilns idea using a soft fire brick to construct individual boxes to go into the kiln creating mini kilns for your bronze and copper clay pieces. Allows you to fire many items at the same time, like the little boxes in the above post - but these are more durable and will last longer after the initial work to construct them. Genius!

Hadar Jacobson - Firing in Layers

Great blog post showing Hadar's experiments in firing base metal clays in layers. Lots of tips and hints here.

Hadar Jacobson - How to Make Rose Gold Color Metal Clay

This blog post by Hadar shows you how to combine copper clay and white bronze clay to create a rose gold coloured clay.

Hadar Jacobson - Little Boxes

In her ongoing effort to improve the success of firing and sintering of the base metal clays, Hadar has come up with a way of firing mixed loads of large, small and hollow forms by using fiber paper boxes inside the carbon box. Have a look at this blog entry and give it a try!

Hadar Jacobson - Working with White Bronze

White Bronze combines beautifully with other metal clays. Because of its low firing temperature Hadar used to think that in order to do this, you had to fire the other metal first, then add White Bronze using a mechanical connection, and re-fire at the lower temperature. Then she fired pieces of bronze and copper first and just placed a layer of unfired White Bronze on top of each, with no mechanical connection. She always thought that there wasn’t enough pressure to make these two layers fuse. She was proven wrong! Check out her latest experiments and findings here.

Meteor Bronze Clay

A new bronze clay has been launched. Called Meteor, it's available on eBay here. There's not much information about it but if you speak French, you can learn more here.

Prometheus™ Bronze Clay Firing Instructions and Schedule

Prometheus™ Bronze Clay is a claylike material which turns into pure, solid bronze when fired in a kiln. It is a mixture of micron sized bronze powder, water and organic binder. It can be formed by hand, rolled into a sheet or a rope. It can be molded, textured, even turned on a potter's wheel. Prometheus™ Bronze Clay can be fired with most lab-created gemstones (cubic zirconias), pre-tested natural stones, glass beads, ceramic and porcelain.

Prometheus™ Bronze Clay - Alternative Firing Instructions, Sabine Alienor

Sabine combines a couple of firing methods for this foolproof firing schedule for Prometheus™ Bronze Clay.

What Clay to Use - Hadar Jacobson

Hadar says, " I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what clays to use. I admit it’s getting confusing with so many types of clay, but there is an answer to that. I will try to make it as simple as possible." This blog post will help you to decide which clay to use for what application.

White Bronze Clay

Read about Hadar Jacobson's White Bronze Clay and see some great pictures on her blog. To download a firing schedule and working instructions for White Bronze Clay visit our bronze clay download tutorials page.

Zab's Bronze User Guides

Metal Clay Zab's Bronzes™ are available in three colors,  Luna Bronze™ a white bronze, Sol Bronze™ a golden bronze and Rojo Bronze™ a red bronze. Download user guides here.


Adjustable rings from Hadar JacobsonAdjustable Rings - Hadar Jacobson

Hadar says, "I’ve been often asked if the metal is somewhat workable after firing, and wanting to be better safe than sorry, I’ve always said “No, do all fabrication before firing!” I still do all my fabrication before firing, but I also want to have the fired pieces be a little adjustable. What if a ring, for example, doesn’t come out the size I intended it to be? As you may have noticed, many factors can affect the shrinkage of a ring, including size, thickness, firing schedule, and firing environment (what else is in the kiln). So I experimented with a few open rings...."


bronz and coppr necklaceFire Mountain Gems - Double Stranded Necklace with Bronzclay™ and Copprclay™

Learn how to make tube beads in bronze metal clay and copper metal clay with this great tutorial. Good pictures.


Golden thread earringsGolden Threads - Hadar Jacobson

Here is an easy and fun project for very light earrings from Hadar's Brilliant Bronze clay.



Hadar Jacobson Cuff BraceletHadar Jacobson - Medallion Cuff Bracelet in Dark Champagne Bronze

Dark Champagne Bronze is a one-fire clay with the color of Quick-fire Bronze. You will need: a leather band and a circular mold to make the medallion. The project focuses on the back part of the medallions. The medallions Hadar used are two of her mokume-gane molds

Bronze Ring by Hadar JacobsonHadar Jacobson - Smart Bronze Ring

Instructions for making a solid ring using Hadar's Smart Bronze Clay.





Hadar Jacobson watch bandHadar Jacobson - Watch Band in Mokume Gane

Another take on the combination of Hadar's bronze, copper and steel clays in a watch band.




Lentil earringsMulti Coloured Lentil Earrings - Hadar Jacobson

The project is made from Quick-fire copper, Quick-fire Bronze XT, and low-shrinkage Steel XT.



Lentil pendantMulti Coloured Lentil Pendant - Hadar Jacobson

This is also made with copper, Bronze XT, and low-shrinkage steel XT. They seem to work pretty well together. You will also need a doming mold and a trillion-shaped cutter or template.




Bronze earringsSabine Alienor - Bronze Clay Tutorial in French and English

Great tutorial in French showing how to make a pair of bronze clay earrings. This tutorial goes into handling and molding the clay and the firing schedule.



Sabine Alienor Bracelet Sabine Alienor - Bronze Clay Tutorial in French and English

Another great tutorial in French and English by Sabine. This project shows very well how to make larger pieces with Bronzclay™. Sabine covers how to deal with cracking during drying as well as firing large pieces.

Bronze and copper clay pendantSabine Alienor - Bronze and Copper Clay Pendant in French

This is a great tutorial for learning how to combine bronze and copper clay. It's in French but with very good pictures you'll be able to follow it even if you don't read French.

Bronze pendant with prong setting

Sabine Alienor - Bronze Clay Tutorial in French and English

This tutorial shows how to make a prong setting for a stone in Bronze Clay. The technique is equally suitable for use with silver clay.

Stone set bronze clay pendantSabine Alienor - Bronze Clay Tutorial with a Fire in Place Stone in French

Lovely tutorial showing how to set a stone in place.


Textured Bronze pendantsSabine Alienor - Textured Bronze Clay Tutorial in French

Easy tutorial showing how to make small textured pendants. Very good pictures.

Hadar's Quick Fire Bronze claySabine Alienor - Hadar's Quick Fire Bronze Clay Tutorial in French

Great tutorial with lots of very good pictures. Even if you don't read French, you'll learn from Sabine's tutorials.

Meteor Bronze PendantSabine Alienor - Meteor Bronze Clay Tutorial

Tutorial showing how to work with Meteor brand bronze clay.



Syringe projectSabine Alienor - Prometheus Bronze Clay Syringe Tutorial in French and English

Prometheus have developed a syringe bronze clay and this tutorial from Sabine shows you how to use it to make a lovely bead.

Prometheus Bronze Clay ProjectSabine Alienor - Prometheus Bronze Clay Tutorial in French

Nice tutorial showing step by step instructions to make a pair of earrings using Prometheus Bronze Clay. Although it's in French, the pictures are so good you can easily follow along as Sabine shows you how to use this low fire bronze clay. This includes how to fire the piece using a torch.

Prometheus Bronze Clay ProjectSabine Alienor - Prometheus Bronze Clay Tutorial in French

Another great tutorial from Sabine using the new Prometheus Bronze Clay. This one shows how to make a pendant.


Sabine Alienor - Prometheus Bronze Clay Tutorial in French and English

Sabine shows step by step how to make this bronze ring. As always, there are wonderful pictures.



Xuella Arnold - Bronze Clay Exploration

Xuella has written up some of her experiences with Bronzclay™ especially for the Metal Clay Academy....

"I've been busy working with the bronze clay, I've just finished running some workshops in schools with the Henley on Thames Youth Festival, which is on over April.

I went into primary schools and worked with children around the age of 9-10 and they made flying birds which had the starting title of freedom, it was great to see how they got on with the bronze clay, they definitely found moulding it the hardest ,as they Bronze clay birdfound it cracked a lot with a lot of use. When I fired the moulded heart shapes it was interesting because on some of them, the inside was hollow and a lot of black dust came out, which was obviously unsintered clay it didn't affect the outside shape , I'm not sure if it was because the clay hadn't fully dried out, but it could be used  to an advantage, to create hollow shapes.

I also noticed that the pieces that were fired further down in the container had a more golden colour with the coal based carbon. Here is a picture of one of the birds that one of the children made.

I've also been having a nightmare making a bronze pagoda, which is becoming a neverpagoda ending project! I've been fabricating the pieces with templates and then joining and assembling it with slip, but there are a lot of problems with the shrinkage rate, which distorts the shape ,which in some cases has been used to an advantage, but other times the piece just gets pulled apart on the joins. I have managed to rebuild some of the pieces and to rejoin unfired clay to fired clay using slip and extra clay, but it's very slow going. I hope to have it finished for the Henley show which is on May 15th. If anyone else is making anything of this sort of size any advice would be great. The finished piece is going to be about 20cm high. Heres a photo of work in progress!

It's looking quite a mess at the moment.  Also if anyone knows where you can get a larger stainless steel container and lid that will fit inside a pmc evenheat kiln, as the ones you can buy are very small."

Bronze and Silver Compass

Bronze and Silver Compass