Web Page Tutorials and Guides for Firing Metal Clay

On this page you'll find tutorials and guides for firing metal clay. All links open in a new window.

All Things Metal Clay - review of the Ultra Lite Beehive Kiln

Short review of the Ultra Lite kiln. This is a cheap option for beginners and many experienced metal clay artists use the Ultra Lite for firing small articles. It is also great for Keum Boo.

Best Ceramic Kilns for Home Use

If you’re interested in starting a home studio, deciding on which kiln to invest in is likely a top priority. There are many aspects to consider as you begin your search for the best ceramic kiln, so to make the process less overwhelming this guide addresses the most important things you’ll want to take into account.

Big Ceramic Company - Buying a Kiln Tutorial

This website has a great page to help you select and buy a kiln. Here you'll find all the permutations, and sound advice on what you might need.

Compendium of Metal Clay Firing Schedules

Really useful Excel workbook with all the brands of metal clay and their firing schedules.

Cool Tools - Choosing the right kiln

Comprehensive information to help you buy the right kiln. Lots of tips and a maintenance guide.

Fire Mountain Gems - firing using a gas stove

Tutorial about how to fire metal clay using the gas stove top or hob. This is a useful little tutorial for anyone who's just starting with metal clay and doesn't want to buy a butane torch or kiln.

Ganoksin, and Tim McCreight - General Kiln Questions

Useful Q&A about kilns.

Kilns: Fiber or Firebrick?

There has been much discussion regarding the differences between brick and fiber kilns in light of the introduction of bronze and copper clays into the marketplace. This article explains the differences in these two insulating materials for kilns in relation to the firing requirements of the different metal clays.

Med'a Creations - Evenheat PMC Kilns

Useful tutorial on the different types of kilns with their specifications and some personal comments on them to help a buyer make a decision.

Med'a Creations - Operating a Sierra Evenheat Kiln

Useful tutorial for this kiln.

Med'a Creations - Paragon and Evenheat Kiln Comparison

Useful guide to the two types of PMC kiln. Would help to inform the buying decision.

Med'a Creations - Torch Firing Process

Comprehensive tutorial on how to fire metal clay.

Metal Clay Firing Guide - Cool Tools

Comprehensive guide to firing metal clay.

Pam East - Care and feeding of your Paragon Kiln

This useful article addresses frequently asked questions about kiln care and maintenance. If you own a Paragon kiln, it's well worth reading.

Silver Clay - firing in a kiln, stove top and using a butane torch

Useful page showing how to fire metal clay using a variety of techniques. Some of the information on this page was written by Tim McCreight.

Sintering Metal Clay in a Kiln

Useful tips and hints from Janet Alexander at PMCC.

Ultra Lite Kiln - Information and user guide

This site is from the manufacturer of the Ultra Lite Beehive Kiln. It contains lots of useful information about using the kiln and will answer most questions you have about what you can fire in the kiln and how to do it.

Ultra Lite Kiln - Product Review by Margaret Schindel

Unbiased review of the Ultralite Beehive Kiln. This small, inexpensive kiln not only fires metal clay but is also ideal for Keum Boo with the brass inserts invented by Celie Fago.

Whole Lotta Whimsy - Kiln Comparison

Excellent information about the different types of kiln available and their relative merits. Lots of tips on buying the right kiln for your needs and how to get the best from your kiln.

Whole Lotta Whimsy - Kiln Pros and Cons

Useful article about the type of kilns available and their pros and cons.