Web Based Silver 950 and 960 Tutorials and Information

On this page you'll find information about the hybrid clay mixes which includes 960 and 950 blends.

PMC Sterling Clay was launched in 2011. Many people are using the so-called 960 blend of half PMC Sterling, half fine silver metal clay (PMC3 or Art Clay Silver) to make a strong clay that can be fired on an open shelf in the kiln. In June 2016, Bill Struve introduced his own blend of clay called EZ960 through Cool Tools. Metal Clay Ltd in the UK also announced that there will be an Art Clay Sterling clay available from September 2016 called Art Clay Silver 950. The PMC Studio in the UK announced the launch of PMC One Fire Sterling, available from September 2016.

Update from Celie Fago and Bill Struve on Firing 960

In April 2016, Celie Fago posted this update on Facebook.

"Early last fall I began to raise the firing temperature for 960. Since the late fall I have fired all my PMC 960 at 1650F for at least an hour, believing that the metal is harder, stronger, and more fully sintered at that temperature. After seven months, I am confident that raising the temperature is a good idea.

In late winter I had a conversation with Bill Struve, who had also started doing tests on 960, believing that 1500F was not hot enough. His testing was more scientific than mine but we both came to the same conclusion; hotter is better. Bill’s research also suggests that a lower temperature (not lower than 1500) will sinter the 960 if the time is extended to two hours.

Kilns vary, so if you’re interested in raising the firing temperature on 960, do so in increments, or by using test strips until you’re sure of your kiln.


960 Variety Mixture

The amazing Celie Fago, with many thanks to Tim McCreight for the push in the right direction, has developed a brilliant silver clay concept with these unique characteristics.

  • Stronger than PMC3 and PMC+
  • Can be fired WITHOUT carbon
  • Maintains great workability
  • Fires full ramp to 1500ºF with 1 hour hold and no special cool down

It is possible by simply mixing equal parts of PMC Sterling with PMC+! Click on the link above for Celie's informative information plus some testing done by Lora Hart. Streamline your way to creating stronger art today! 960 Silver™ is here!

Celie Fago - Experiments with 960 Mix of Clay

Celie Fago shares her findings from mixing PMC Sterling with PMC3 to create a strong clay which can be open shelf fired. This results in a silver object which is 960 parts per thousand of silver.

Experiments using EZ960 and Art Clay Silver 950

Metal clay artist and teacher Julia Rai tested EZ960 and Art Clay Silver 950 in August 2016. Here are her findings in a downloadable PDF document.

EZ960 Review by Lis-el Crowley

This new Sterling silver clay has been developed by Bill Struve and will be on sale from July 2016. This review of the clay includes its working properties, firing and finishing.

One Fire PMC Sterling Information

PMC OneFire Sterling is a complimentary product to PMC Flex created using the same unique binder which allows a much longer working time compared to any other type of metal clay. Once fired in a kiln, the silver feels very much like traditional wrought or cast sterling silver. It consists of pure silver, binder, water and 4% copper. This means it easily meets minimum UK hallmarking standards for sterling silver (.925) once fired.

One Fire Sterling PMC

Website dedicated to this clay.

One Fire Sterling PMC Review

Interesting article from Creative Fire.

Pangolin RingPangolin Ring by Gordon K Uyehara

In Gordon’s project, he shows how to make a Pangolin ring using EZ960. It is an awesome piece of jewellery modeled after a very interesting animal. His project is quite timely too as countries have started to come together to sign a trade ban on Pangolins.



Testing Art Clay 950 Silver Part 1 and Part 2- Joy Funnell

Check out the experiments on Art Clay 950 Silver by Joy Funnell.