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Web Based Tutorials for using Stones with Metal Clay

This page has links to websites that have valuable information, tutorials and projects about using stones with metal clay.

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Basic Stone Information

Beading Forum - Birthstones, Starstones and Daystones

Useful list of birthstones, starstones and daystones so you can choose a stone for the perfect gift.

Beading Forum - Gemstone Profiles

Find out the colours and properties of gemstones with this simple information page.

Delphi - stone setting basics

A short but useful tutorial on setting stones in metal clay.

Fire Mountain Gems

US based supplier of Art Clay and stones. This is a short information page covering laboratory grown, synthetic and natural stones and also cubic zirconium (CZ).

Holly Gage - Tube Bezel Tutorial

This fabulous tutorial shows you how to make tube bezels for setting stones. The bezels are very clean and accurate. Another winner from Holly!

Metal Clay UK - Gemstone firing guide

Useful firing information for gemstones in place.

Mohs Scale of Hardness

As a jewelry maker, knowing the hardness of the gemstones you're working with will help you to design and create more successful jewelry pieces. This useful resource from Art Jewelry Magazine also has a pdf download link for the scale chart.

Teeda - Guide to Gemology

Great resource for information about gems. Includes cutting and polishing gems, gemstone characteristics and caring for your gemstones.

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PendantDelphi - Birth Stone Pendant

Using CZ's to make a pendant.



Prong settingHolly Gage - making prong settings for things that can't be fired in place

Fantastically detailed tutorial with great pictures. Holly shows how to set a piece of her wonderful titanium using a prong setting. The finished piece is beautiful on both sides, showing the importance of good finishing on the back and front of a design.


Holly Gage - tube bezels

Easy to follow tutorial showing how to make simple bezels using metal clay tube.

Margaret Schindel - Squidoo Lens on setting gemstones in metal clay

A very comprehensive information page about setting stones. Contains lots of tips and hints.

Bronze pendant with prong setting

Sabine Alienor - Bronze Clay Tutorial in French and English

This tutorial shows how to make a prong setting for a stone in Bronze Clay. The technique is equally suitable for use with silver clay.

Tab bezelTab Set Bezels - Jewelry Making Daily

Great overview of using ready made bezels - or make your own - and converting them to tab settings really easily. Links to a book with more detail but the article will give you some good ideas on how to adapt this for your work - and oh, so simple in metal clay!


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