Web based Tutorials involving Wirework and Beading

The tutorials on this page involve some element of wirework. They show how to work with wire to make your own findings or link elements together. These are essential skills for metal clay artists who want to create truly unique pieces. All links open in a new window.

Art Beads

Free web page tutorials for projects with tips and hints on beading. Worth a look if you want to learn how to add beaded chains to your metal clay creations.

Aunties Beads

Great free beading tutorials. Lots of web page tutorials with good instructions and links to the materials. This is a great site to browse.

Basic BraidingBasic Braiding

This five-strand spiral braid is made using one of the many textile techniques that Professor Arline Fisch demonstrated at the "Textile Techniques in Metals" workshop at the Bead&Button Show in June 2006. The simplicity of this technique offers quick and beautiful results even for a beginner metalsmith. To make the braid wearable, you will learn how to fabricate end caps and how to forge an S-hook clasp.

Basic wire weavingBasic Wire Weaving

Discover three simple weaves to use with two, three and four wire frames. By Sue Mason-Burns.



Beaded CuffBeaded Cuff

Step by step instructions to make this lovely cuff.



Beading Forum - how to make earrings

Useful tutorial on making earrings showing all the tools and techniques. Clear and easy to follow with great pictures.

Beading Forum - how to make perfectly uniform loops

So simple, so brilliant! I wish I'd had this great tip when I first started making loops.

The Bead Shop - project tutorials

Lots of good tutorials with step by step instructions and kit lists.

Chain Mail projectChevron Chain - Bead Man

This chain maille project has been created using 20ga 2.0mm ID and 20ga 3.0mm ID.  But other sizes can be used, like 20ga 2.5 / 20ga 3.5 or 18ga 2.5/18ga 3.5


Connie Fox - basic wire jewelry skills

Very thorough and easy to follow instructions of basic wireworking skills with good pictures. Includes how to make single eye pins, double eye pins, wrapped eye pins, jump rings, spirals, clasps and coils.

Crochet pendantCrochet Pendant

Great tutorial showing how to crochet wire and make this lovely pendant.




Daffodil necklaceDaffodil Necklace

Create this verdant tribute to the classic daffodil in gold wire and delicate spring hues. By Sue Mason-Burns for Making Jewellery Magazine.


Ear wire setEarwire Sets in Minutes

Great tutorial showing how to make perfectly matched earwire sets.




Eni Oken - list of wire wrapping tutorials

This page has a huge list of links to wire wrapping tutorials. Everything for the beginner to more advanced projects.

Chain maille braceletFieldstone Chain - The Beadman

In this example we are using 16ga 5.0mm I.D. jump rings for the main chain. 16ga 3.0mm ID jump rings are used on each end of the chain to add a closure. In this configuration the chain uses 12 rings per inch.


Forged vineForging a Wired Vine

Forging a Wired Vine is a wonderful way to incorporate an intricate metal piece that was inspired by nature. Use this jewelry making technique for necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings!


How to Make Beaded Jewellery

Useful site with lots of jewellery making projects. Clear tutorials with pictures.

Jewelry Lessons

Huge range of tutorials, some free, some you have to pay for. Lots of techniques and variety from chainmaille and silverwork to wirework and weaving.

Star charmNorthern Star Jump Ring Charm - Beadman

Lovely chain maille charm which could be made in a variety of metals for different looks.





Pat Greer - coiling wire the easy way

Useful little article giving a tip for coiling wire without the pain.

Pearl RingPearl Bling Ring

Easy ring which looks great.


Sea Glass PendantSea Glass Pendant

With a few basic wire wrapping tools, some wire of your choice and a piece of sea glass that you have found, create a simple piece of jewelry that will certainly garner attention from your friends.


Spoilt Rotten Beads- Beading Projects

A number of projects including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and a couple of wedding jewellery projects, a tiara and hairpins.


Here’s a nice mix of jewelry making tutorials using wire, beads, seaglass and gemstones. A little bit of everything in this bunch.

Tree ornamentTree of Life Pendant

This tutorial will show you, in detail, how to create the wire-wrapped Tree of Life Ornament.




Twisted Wire

Use a handy pair of pliers to make perfect wire twists every time. 



Wig Jig

Large selection of tutorials on making wirework and bead jewelry.

Wire crochetWire Crochet

Jennifer Bacon shows how wire crochet can give your work a whole new look and can be manipulated with your fingers to sit exactly as you like. These instructions can be used just as easily with thread or cord but if you are new to crochet, you may find it easier to crochet with wire because of its rigidity. 

Wire Working Tools

Really useful resource which includes a wire size gauge, different types of pliers and when to use each type, cutters and a variety of other tools which are useful when working with wire.

Wirework beadWirework Heart

Inspired by the fresh vibrant colours of summer, this necklace will go with your favourite sundress by day and then the sparkling Swarovski will take you through into the night. Make the design your own with a versatile wire weave to enhance the natural shape of the glass heart focal.

Wire wrapped pendantWire Wrapped Faceted Pendant

How to wirewrap a faceted pendant. Mount a stone in a pendant without using claws. Step-by-step instructions to introduce you to one of the things wire wrapping can do.



Wire Wrapped PendantWire Wrapped Pendant

This is the first of a 2-part tutorial, you’ll find the second here.


Wire wrapped cabochonWire Wrapping a Cabochon

Easy to follow tutorial.




Working With Wire - Kernowcraft

Metal wire is a huge part of jewellery making and where many jewellers start their journey. This useful tutorial focuses on the fundamentals of working with wire and explores a few key areas. These include what metal wire to use and when, what tools to use for wire jewellery making and the different wire jewellery making techniques.