Copper Metal Clay Suppliers

There are a number of varieties of copper metal clay; Copprclay™ is made by Metal Adventures, the same manufacture as Bronzclay™. This comes in the original formula which requires a long firing schedule and a fast fire formula. Copper clay powder is made by Hadar Jacobson. This comes in the original variety which requires an oxygen free environment and long firing schedule, and a Quick Fire variety which can be fired with a torch or in a kiln. Prometheus™ copper clay is also available. Developed in Europe, this copper clay has a shorter, lower temperature firing schedule without the need for activated carbon. Available as lump clay and in syringe form. The makers of Art Clay, Aida Chemicals have launched their own copper clay. This has a much simpler firing schedule than most of the other copper clays available - except Hadar's Quick Fire Copper clay. In December 2010, Meteor bronze clay was launched by a French developer and then Meteor copper clay was released in January 2011. Metal Clay Mania have developed bronze, copper and brass clays that come in powder form. The PMC Studio in the UK launched Creative Copper clay on 7th October 2011. This is made in Turkey by the same manufacturer as Prometheus Bronze clay and works the same way, essentially, it's the same product repackaged. Cinter™ Copper Clay was developed by and is available from Cindy Morris in the USA. Aussie Metal Clay launched in 2014 and became available worldwide in 2015. It is available in a wide range of bronze colours, copper, 960 silver and 999 silver. Five Star Bronze and Copper Clay was launched by Clay Revolution in 2016 and is available in a wide range of colours.

Akisa - Germany

Supplier of Art Clay Silver, Gold and Copper clay, Prometheus Bronze clay, Bronzclay and tools.

Art Clay Silver South Africa - South Africa

Art Clay supplier, also supply Bronzclay and Copprclay, tools and kilns.

Art Clay World - US

Copprclay™ and the other equipment required to fire it are available from Art Clay World like the firing pan and carbon firing media. Art Clay Copper is also available from Art Clay World. Click here to download a booklet about Art Clay Copper.

Aussie Metal Clay - Australia

Aussie Metal ClayNow available for worldwide shipping. Comes in fine silver, 960 silver and bronze and copper varieties.




Cinter - US

Cinter™ metal clay powder in both bronze and copper varieties was developed by Cindy Morris and is on sale through her website and Etsy shop.

Clay Revolution - US

Supplier of PMC, Art Clay and Prometheus clays, along with metal clay tools and supplies. Also have their own bronze and copper clay called Five Star Metal Clay.

Cookson Gold - UK

UK supplier with a full range of Art Clay, PMC, copper clay, bronze clay, kits, tool and moulds. Also sell wire and sheet metal, a huge selection of beads, findings and packaging.

Cool Tools - US

Comprehensive site providing lots of tools, Art Clay and PMC, Bronzclay, Copprclay.

Crystals and Ice Bead Shop - Cardiff, UK

UK supplier of Art Clay, Art Clay Copper Clay, glass beads, Miyuki beads, Pandora style beads, Swarovski crystals, metal beads, freshwater pearls, plastic and acrylic beads, rubber beads, semi-precious beads, shell and coral beads, findings, tools, stringing materials, brass and Vintaj. They also have a retail store in Cardiff.

Delphi Glass - US

Supplier of Art Clay, PMC, Bronze Clay, Copper Clay, tools, glass, wire, findings, kilns.

The Eclectic Studio - Australia

Copper Clay is currently available in 100gm packs. Also supply PMC, Bronzclay, tools, Faux Bone, glass, findings, kilns, wire and all kinds of other useful supplies for metal clay artists and jewellery makers.

FDJ Ontime - Orlando, FL

US supplier of bronze and copper clay, tools, findings, stones, metal and wire. Online sales and retail showroom.

FiberPot - US

1/2" thick high density rigidized ceramic fiber board pots suitable for temperatures to 2600 F. 5" x 5" square x 3" deep (inside dimensions) and weighs 1 pound. Ideal for firing bronze and copper clay.

Five Star Metal Clay - US

From Clay Revolution. Bronze, copper and silver clay is available. The bronze comes in a wide range of colours.

Glass Forum - Norway

PMC supplier, also supplies bronze clay and copper clay.

Goldie Clay Canada - Canada

Official distributor of Goldie brand clays in Canada. These are the metals available at the moment: Goldie Hard™. Goldie Soft™, Goldie Roman Bronze™, Goldie de la Rosa Bronze™, Goldie Snow Bronze™, Goldie Copper™.

Hadar Jacobson - US

Buy Bronze and Copper clay powder from Hadar's online shop. You can also download information about how to use these powders, firing instructions etc from this site. You can also buy Hadar's cold inlay powders.

Jewelry Artist Supply - US

US supplier of Art Clay, PMC, bronze clay, copper clay, tools and other supplies.

La Branche de Nenuphar - France

French supplier of Art Clay, PMC, Bronzclay, Copprclay, Hadar's Bronze, Copper, Steel and White Bronze, kilns and kits.

Metal Clay - Australia

Supplier of Art Clay, PMC, Bronze and Copper clays, tools, findings, kilns, chains, enamelling supplies, molds and cutters.

Metal Clay - Greece

Supplier of PMC, Bronzclay, Copprclay and tools.

Metal Clay - US

US supplier of Art Clay, PMC, Bronze and Copper clay, tools and supplies.

Metal Clay Alchemist - Canada

Suppliers of Art Clay, PMC, bronze clay, copper clay, metal clay tools, templates, gems, kilns, books etc. They also offer classes.

Metal Clay Cyprus - Cyprus

Supplier of Art Clay Silver and Art Clay Copper. They also offer classes.

Metal Clay Ltd - UK

Suppliers of Art Clay, Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, tools, kilns, stones and findings.

Metal Clays 4 You - UK

UK suppliers of Art Clay, Noble Clays, Goldie Clays, Prometheus clays, wire and findings.

Metal Clays - US

US supplier of Art Clay, PMC, Bronze and Copper clay, cutters, textures, tools, ring making molds and supplies.

Metal Clay Studios - Germany and Europe

Metal Clay Artist Ingrid Wild - Supplier of PMC, BRONZclay, COPPRclay, Hadar's Clay, metal clay related tools and supplies, specialist in textures, kiln firing service for all clays, monthly studio sessions  - located in Munich, Germany, shipping to everywhere in Europe. German language site which can also be viewed in English.

Metal Clay Supply House - Canada

Metal Clay Supply House is the leading distributor and retailer of metal clay supplies in Canada. They sell Art Clay, PMC, Copprclay™ and Bronzclay™ together with all the necessary tools. As a distributor of Art Clay Silver in Canada, Metal Clay Supply House has resale opportunities for Canadian retailers. Email them for more information.

Metal Clay Supply - USA

Supplier of PMC, Art Clay, Bronzclay, Copprclay, tools, molds, kilns, textures, stones, glass, chain and findings.

Meteor - France

In December 2010, Meteor bronze clay was launched by a French developer and then Meteor copper clay was released in January 2011. Meteor white bronze clay was launched in July 2011. They also have gold bronze classic, pink bronze classic, white bronze classic, light bronze classic, gold bronze ultrafine, pink bronze ultrafine, white bronze ultrafine, light bronze ultrafine and copper ultrafine.

New Mexico Clay - US

Supplier of Art Clay, PMC, Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, cutters, texture plates, tools, kits and Kilns. They also supply the Imagepac Stampmaker kit and supplies. They run classes for beginners in metal clay.

Noortje Meijerink - Netherlands and Belgium

PMC supplier. Also supplies Bronzclay and Copprclay in these countries. Also supplies kilns and tools.

PMC123 - US

Supplier of PMC, Bronzclay, Copprclay and tools. Also has glass making tools and supplies.

PMC Connection - US

The above link is for general retail sales. If you are PMC Connection Certified, click here to log into the page for sales to Certified artisans. This site has PMC, Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, tools, glass, gems and findings.

The PMC Studio - UK

The official distributor of PMC for the UK supplies Precious Metal Clay, Prometheus Bronze and Copper Clay, tools, stones, photopolymer plates and kilns. Also run PMC Certification training. The PMC Studio also offers wholesale discounts.

PMC Source - Canada

PMC supplier for Canada also selling Bronzclay and Copprclay. They also offer metal clay classes and workshops.

PMC i Sverige - Scandinavia

Official PMC distributor for for Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Also supplies Bronzclay and Copprclay.

Rio Grande - US

Supplier of PMC, tools, wire, metal, findings, Copprclay™, Bronzclay™, enamel, glass, resin and gems.

Shop for Art - The Netherlands

Supplier of Art Clay Silver, Gold and Copper, Prometheus Bronze and Copper Clay, cutters, stamps, kilns, beads, tools and supplies.

Susan D Design - Germany

Official distributor of PMC for Germany. Supplier of Art Clay, Hadar's Clays, Goldie Bronze. Supplier of kilns, wide range of textures and designer metal stamps, tools and supplies for jewellery makers and metal clay artists, gems and wires. Shipping possible nationally and internationally. Online Shop and Website.

The Urban Beader - US

The Urban Beader is a jewelry supply and tool company specializing in Metal Stamping tools. Their metal stamps are made with high quality tool hardened steel to assure fantastic easy impressions. They manufacture and distribute the finest in jewelry making supplies, Cutting Edge Tools (no pun intended!), and the most well designed, trendiest Decorative, Script, Greek Alphabet Stamps in the world of Metal Stamping! They also sell PMC, bronze and copper clay, tools and supplies.

Yavus International - Taiwan

Supplier of bronze and copper clay.

Zilverklei - The Netherlands

Supplier of Art Clay, copper clay, bronze clay, resin and tools in The Netherlands.