Precious Metal Clay, PMC Suppliers in the US

This page contains links to suppliers of Precious Metal Clay (PMC), PMC3, PMC+ and PMC Standard. All these suppliers will ship internationally unless otherwise stated. Some of the official distributors are not permitted to ship outside their own country. Links open in a new window.


US supplier of PMC, Bronzclay and Copprclay, kilns, lab grown stones and cabochons, tools and findings.

Argenta Bead Company - North Little Rock, Arkansas

Retail shop supplying beads, PMC, tools and findings. No online shop.

Bailey Ceramic Supply - Kingston, NY

US supplier of PMC, ceramic supplies, tools, kits and kilns. Online sales or visit their shop.

Baubles and Beads

US supplier of PMC, beads, findings, chain, tools, wire and sheet metal.

Bead World - Arizona

Retail stores in Glendale, Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona. Beads, findings, PMC and tools. Retail store only, no online shop.

Bella Beads and Wax

PMC supplies and tools.

Clay King

Supplier of PMC, Bronze clay, tools, kilns and supplies.

Clay Revolution

Supplier of PMC, Art Clay and Prometheus clays, along with metal clay tools and supplies.

Continental Clay Company

Supplier of PMC, polymer clay, molds, glass, kilns, tools and supplies.

Cool Tools

Comprehensive site providing lots of tools, Art Clay and PMC including the new PMC Sterling.

Delphi Glass

Supplier of Art Clay, PMC, Bronze Clay, Copper Clay, tools, glass, wire, findings, kilns.

Dick Blick

Art supplier with a huge range of products including Art Clay.

Forbeadin' - San Francisco, CA

Retail bead store, no online shop. Also sells findings. They also run classes in beading and PMC.

Jewelry Artist Supply

US supplier of Art Clay, PMC, bronze clay, copper clay, tools and other supplies.

Jewelry Material Innovations

Supplier of Accent Gold for Silver™ (AGS), Accent Purple Gold™ and Accent Blue Gold™ and Mineral Accents. Mail order only.

Let's Bead - East Rochester, NY

Retail bead shop offering a wide range of beads, PMC and also classes.

Lonnies Inc

Supplier of PMC and Aura 22, kilns and accessories. Also supplies tools, enamel, metal, chain, findings, stones - everything for the crafts, jewelry and hobbie market.

Meant to Bead

Large range of beads, gemstones and Swarovski crystals. Also sells findings, PMC and tools.

Med'A Creations

Complete supplier of PMC and lots of tools etc.

Meredith Arnold

PMC and some tools.

Metal Clay

US supplier of Art Clay, PMC, Bronze and Copper clay, tools and supplies.

Metal Clays

US supplier of Art Clay, PMC including the new PMC Sterling, Bronze and Copper clay, cutters, textures, tools, ring making molds and supplies.

Metal Clay Store

Supplier of PMC, Art Clay and Bronzclay. Also sells tools and stones.

Metal Clay Supply

Supplier of PMC, Art Clay, Bronzclay, Copprclay, tools, molds, kilns, textures, stones, glass, chain and findings.

Metal Clay Tool Kits

PMC Tool and Supply is now Metal Clay Tool Kits. US supplier of silver, bronze and copper metal clays, tools, supplies and kits. Free shipping to the domestic US.

Metal Designz

US supplier of laser cut texture sheets. These are designed to be used in rolling mills but would be great on metal clay too. You can also have your own custom designs printed. This supplier also sells jump rings for chain maille, beads and PMC.

Metal Energy

PMC and some tools.

Naja Tools

US supplier of PMC, jewelry making tools and supplies and metal.

New Mexico Clay

Supplier of Art Clay, PMC, Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, cutters, texture plates, tools, kits and Kilns. They also run classes for beginners in metal clay.

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PMC Connection

The above link is for general retail sales. If you are PMC Connection Certified, click here to log into the page for sales to Certified artisans. This site has PMC including the new PMC Sterling, Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, tools, glass, textures, gems and findings.

Polymer Clay Express

US supplier of PMC, Art Clay, polymer clay, tools, molds and a large selection of stamps.

Rio Grande

Very comprehensive supplier of everything to do with PMC including the new PMC Sterling. Lots of tools, videos, supplies etc. They also run a certification in PMC.

Santa Fe Jewelers Supply

Supplier of PMC and tools. Also supplies sheet and wire, beads and gems, jewelry making tools and findings.

Sha Sha - San Diego, CA

Retail shop selling beads and PMC. They also run classes.

Silver Clay

Supplier of PMC, tools, kilns etc.

Silver Enchantments

PMC, findings and beads.

Studio 34 Beads - Rochester, NY

Retail bead store, no online sales. They sell beads, PMC, glass for fusing, findings and tools. Also offer classes in beading, chain maille, PMC, lampworking, fusing, metal working, polymer clay and wirework.

Sweet Beads - Lexington MA

US retail bead shop also selling PMC. Limited online sales. They run classes for adults and young people.

The Urban Beader

The Urban Beader is a jewelry supply and tool company specializing in Metal Stamping tools. Their metal stamps are made with high quality tool hardened steel to assure fantastic easy impressions. They manufacture and distribute the finest in jewelry making supplies, Cutting Edge Tools (no pun intended!), and the most well designed, trendiest Decorative, Script, Greek Alphabet Stamps in the world of Metal Stamping! They also sell PMC, bronze and copper clay, tools and supplies.

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