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What's New on the Metal Clay Academy Website?

This page provides you with a quick idea of what's been added in the past month. If you are a regular visitor, you can see what we've added since your last visit here.

Archived What's New pages for earlier months can be seen here

October What's New Archive - you can see everything that was added during October 2014 here.

23rd November

A new jewellery making course provider resource was added.

Studia in Italia - Italy

This website lists all kinds of training courses running all over Italy including a whole section on jewellery making. Well worth a browse.

22nd November

A new resin jewellery training provider was added.

Resin8 - various locations, UK

Resin supplier Claire John runs classes all over the UK to make resin jewellery.

21st November

A new beginners metal clay resource was added.

FYI Metal Clay Testing by Paula Long

This great downloadable PDF is a comprehensive testing of the silver clay brand from Val Lewis called FYI.

20th November

A new jewellery making tutorial was added.

Loop earwiresEarwires Tutorial - Sian Hamilton

Head and eye pins come in a variety of lengths but Sian usually uses a standard wire dimension, which fits very nicely through the ear for earwires. Here she will show you how to take a pair of head and eye pins and turn them into unique earwires to make your earrings have that extra special finish.


19th November

A new resource for artists selling their work was added.

Craft Fair Mistakes

Useful check list of the six biggest mistakes people make when selling their goods at craft fairs and how to avoid them.

18th November

A new international bead supplier was added.

BeadBox - Switzerland

Supplier of beads, wire and jewellery making supplies.

17th November

A jewellery making business resource was added.

Pricing Handmade

Another useful article discussing how to price your hand made items.

16th November

A new business marketing resource has been added.

Home Based Jewelers Showcase

The Home Based Jeweler's Showcase Blog has been created for Home Based Jewelers Only. The Blog will give the public a great place to view the amazing talent of Jewelers who Handcraft. Email them to get your work listed.

15th November

A new jewellery making tutorial was added.

Alices WatchTick Tock Alices Watch

A watch specially designed for Alice, full of sweet charms that would remind her of all the adventures she had in Wonderland. By Lynn Allingham for Making Jewellery Magazine






14th November

A new beginners metal clay resource was added.

Keeping Clay Hydrated - Janet Alexander

This blog post for PMC Connection gives you lots of ways to keep your metal clay hydrated between uses.

13th November

A new patina and colour video tutorial was added.

Heat Patina with a Torch

Heat patina with a micro torch is such an easy way to darken and patina raw brass and copper. Step on over into the B'sue Boutiques workshop and B'sue will show you how she creates rich, warm color on her pieces with a little Blazer torch. Also reviewed are ways to load the little torch with fuel, sealing your heat patina, and more. 


12th November

A new bead supplier was added.

Silvexcraft - Poland

European supplier of beads, findings, chain, components etc.

11th November

A new jewellery making tutorial was added.

Daffodil necklaceDaffodil Necklace

A host of golden daffodils nodding in a gentle breeze is a sure sign that spring has arrived at last. By Linzi Alford for Making Jewellery Magazine





10th November

A new metal clay training provider was added.

Metalclay Arts Conservatory - online Worldwide

MetalClay Arts Conservatory (MAC ) was founded by internationally published, award winning artist  and metal clay innovator, Wanaree Tanner, to illuminate the mechanical and practical process of creating metal clay art as well as encourage the participants’ individual artistic expression. The Conservatory features both online continuing education courses ranging from Project Workbooks to Comprehensive Courses as well as one-on-one private intensives with Wanaree at the Conservatory Studio located in secluded rural Illinois. The courses and programs are filled not only with technical training and skill application, but also design development and artistic styling.

9th November

A new resource for metal clay artists was added.

Metal Clay Shrinkage Calculators

Due to differences in the binder and size and type of metal particles, different metal clays will shrink at different rates. You can calculate the finished size of a metal clay piece using the correct shrinkage rate for your clay. Note that these calculations can only give an approximate size. The firing temperature and time will affect the shrinkage.

8th November

A new resource for adding colour to metal was added.

Sealent Testing on Metal

This great blog post by Laura Bracken shows the results of testing a number of different sealents for colouring on metal. Very useful for anyone working with colour or patina.

7th November

Two new metal clay events were added.

Kelly Russell Master Classes in Cornwall, UK

Kelly Russell Frames PendantWhat: Silver Clay and Polymer Clay Mixed Media Pendant

When: 6th - 9th April 2015

Where: Cornwall School of Art, Craft and Jewellery Bodmin, Cornwall, UK

Beginners and more experienced metal and/or polymer clay artists will enjoy this mixed media master class with American artist Kelly Russell. You will learn a variety of polymer clay techniques to create designs for inclusion in a silver metal clay pendant with frames. 25g of silver clay and a wide range of colours of polymer clay are included in the price. You are also welcome to bring along your own metal and polymer clay.


Kelly Russell Stencil TechniqueWhat: Metal Clay Stencil Technique

When: 11th - 12th April 2015

Where: Cornwall School of Art, Craft and Jewellery Bodmin, Cornwall, UK

Kelly Russell is the master of this technique with metal clay. You will learn to make your own stencils to use with silver metal clay paste on a variety of surfaces including metal clay panels and ceramic beads. 10g of silver clay and 20g of silver clay paste is included in the price and Kelly will have a range of ceramic beads and embellishments for students to buy.

6th November

A new business resource was added.


WIZEgen is a web-based application, that enables everyone the option to design their own personalized jewelry. It has all you need to design easily and instantly. Intuitive user interface and rich and advanced functions still easy to use.

5th November

A new copper clay video tutorial was added.

Prometheus® Copper Clay Firing in Activated Carbon

This is a video tutorial for firing Prometheus Copper in activated carbon in a kiln. This clay can be fired without carbon and with a small butane torch.


4th November

A new brand of silver metal clay was introduced.

Val Lewis - Canada

Val Lewis had introduced For Your Inspiration, or FYI, a new silver metal clay. 20% shrinkage, open shelf firing and results in fine silver pieces. Firing between 1545F to 1635F (840C - 890C) from 30 to 90 minutes.

3rd November

A new jewellery making tutorial was added.

Peyote Ring Peyote Ring Tutorial

A great beading technique, and used in Tina Booth's project from issue 70 of Making Jewellery magazine.





2nd November

A new polymer clay tutorial was added.

Polymer clay necklaceSculpey Soufflé Mohave Stick Necklace

Sculpey Soufflé is a great clay to do advanced techniques like Mokume Gane!  This beautiful necklace will get  a lot of attention you will be the only one that knows how it easy it was to do!



1st November

A new tool supplier was added.

Ideal Tools - Pakistan

Suppliers of jewellery making tools and pliers.

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