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What's New on the Metal Clay Academy Website?

This page provides you with a quick idea of what's been added in the past month. If you are a regular visitor, you can see what we've added since your last visit here.

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June What's New Archive - you can see everything that was added during June 2015 here.

Fourth Week of July

A new metal clay book was added.

Metal Clay Workshop bookSian Hamilton - Metal Clay Jewelry Workshop: Handcrafted Designs and Techniques - pre-order from Amazon UK - due 28th October 2015
Sian Hamilton - Metal Clay Jewelry Workshop: Handcrafted Designs & Techniques pre-order from Amazon USA - due February 2016

The art of handcrafted metal clay jewellery is a fun and accessible way to create a range of stunning pieces from the comfort of your home. In this comprehensive guide, there are 30 main projects, each with extra projects to complete a set or to complement the main design, plus there is a wealth of advice on tools, materials and techniques, making it the perfect book for beginners. Step-by-step instructions, clear step photography and handy tips throughout will ensure confidence grows until you're happy to make alterations to suit, or to design your own masterpiece from scratch!

A new polymer clay tutorial was added.

imitation malachiteImitation Malachite

Tutorial in Russian but with great pictures so easy to follow.





A new video tutorial using Sterling metal clay was added.

Cool Tools - Making 960 Clay

Nothing beats the strength and shine of sterling silver, but sometimes, the firing schedules for PMC Sterling can be somewhat difficult. Combining PMC3 and PMC Sterling results in a new clay type that offers the best of both worlds. In this tool demo, learn how making PMC 960 is the perfect solution for strength and simple firing.


A new photography tutorial was added.

Taking Photos of Reflective Objects

Great tutorial from Charles Lewton-Brain.

A new video tutorial about adding stones to metal clay was added.

Adding Stones and Dimension - Patrik Kusek

Join award-winning jewelry artist Patrik Kusek to unlock the creative possibilities of silver metal clay! First, learn Patrik's tips for great results as you roll and texture your clay and cut a pendant base. Then, delve into more advanced techniques as you learn how to use metal clay to create bezel and flush settings for a variety of shaped gemstones! Next, explore artful and secure connections as you attach your dried and refined bezel settings to your pendant, as well as rippled accents in fresh clay. You'll gain in-depth troubleshooting tricks along the way, including several techniques for refining rough edges, making repairs, repurposing mistakes and rehydrating dried-out clay. Finally, learn how to properly sinter your piece with torch-firing techniques, and add patina and polish for a stunning finish.

Third Week of July

July 2015 - Hadar Jacobson has simplified her product range. Download a map of her clay products here. You can also check out her new clay names here.

A new polymer clay tutorial was added.

Faux tigers eyeTigers Eye Tutorial

This tutorial to make faux tigers eye is in French but you can follow the images quite well.




A new advanced metal clay information resource was added.

hatties pattiesPMC Supply - Hatties® Patties

This page shows you how to use Hatties Patties for ensuring that your metal clay rings come out the right size.


A new tutorial about adding colour to metal clay was added.

Dried out Gilders PasteHow to Restore Dried Out Gilders Paste

Useful tutorial on how to reconstitute gilders paste that has dried out.



A new video tutorial introducing a new silver clay was added.

Metal Magic Silver Clay Product Test - Cool Tools

Introducing a new silver clay product on the market called Metal Magic Silver Clay. This product is 80% fine silver and 20% binder by weight. It shrinks 25% during firing in comparison to other brands of .999 silver clay that shrink 10 – 15%. Metal Magic Silver Clay is available in 3 three sizes (25, 50 and 100 Gram packs), comes in lump form only, and is priced LOWER than other silver clays on the market.
This product is the only silver clay that is available in a 100-gram package.
Watch this video and see how easy this product is to use. 


Second Week of July

A new stone setting tutorial was added.

bead settingBasic Bead Type Stone Setting

This tutorial on the Ganoksin website is written by Charles Lewton-Brain. The technique is explained for traditional goldsmiths but is easily adaptable for metal clay.




A new website for artists who want to sell their metal clay work was added.


ArtSetters brings the entire wholesale process online. Their solution allows you to be discovered on a global scale, without needing to attend trade shows. Create shareable showroom collections, connect with industry leaders and manage orders seamlessly.


A new jewellery making video tutorial was added.

Renaissance Wax

Ideal for protecting jewelry from tarnish and corrosion caused by skin oils. Developed to preserve artifacts in the British Museum, this blend of natural refined and synthetic wax is ideal for protecting jewelry from tarnish and corrosion caused by skin oils.


A new steel metal clay was launched.

One fire flex steel clayOne Fire Flex Low Shrinkage Steel Clay - Hadar Jacobson

Low-shrinkage Steel XT (both One-fire and One-fire Flex) shrinks very little, which makes it a good candidate for combining with other metals.





First Week of July

A new cord supplier was added.

Class Act Designs

US supplier of hand made and hand dyed silk ribbon.


A new polymer clay tutorial was added.

Faux Wood InlayFaux Wood Inlay

Great tutorial showing the mica shift technique.





A new metal clay related book was added.

Bradford M Smith - Broom Casting for Creative Jewelry and Metal Work - US Amazon link
Bradford M Smith - Broom Casting - UK Amazon link

Some jewelry making skills require considerable time and practice to master, but others are quite the opposite. They can be learned quickly, produce beautiful results, and are just plain fun to do. A prime example is broom casting. It can be mastered in a couple hours to produce intriguing geometries that spark the imagination and challenge your creative mind, just begging to be designed into finished jewelry. Great way to use your fired disasters!


A new jewellery making video tutorial was added.

Basic Riveting - Nancy LT Hamilton


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