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What's New on the Metal Clay Academy Website?

This page provides you with a quick idea of what's been added in the past month. If you are a regular visitor, you can see what we've added since your last visit here.

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January What's New Archive - you can see everything that was added during January 2015 here.

26th February

A new beginners metal clay article was added.

Adjusting for Shrinkage

Great article about how to calculate shrinkage for your designs when it really matters to you.

25th February

A new article about commissioning product photography was added.

Commissioning Professional Photography

This PDF article by Dave Ward outlines the value of professional photography for people selling their work. "Picture the scene - a wonderfully crafted item of jewellery, ceramics, or wood is brought into the world with a huge amount of love and dedication. There it is poised on the verge of greatness, only needing a suitable photograph to be able to communicate itself beautifully to those not lucky enough to be in its actual presence. If it’s unlucky what it gets is a quick flash with the family’s super-snappy camera and there it is, a dull, lifeless representation of its true self - a sad end indeed to such promise. Fortunately help is at hand for these poor mistreated objects; help in the form of specialised professional photography.

24th February

A new resource for metal clay artists selling their work was added.

Creating A Collection

Many designer makers just create products that they like, launching them on their website or Etsy shop when they are finished. They often keep adding more and more products as they go, creating an ever growing collection of products. Even, or sometimes especially (!), if they don’t sell much they keep adding more and more … creating an enormous monster of a collection. This article from the Design Trust has a great step-by-step exercise to help you create a coherent collection.

23rd February

A new artist selling her metal clay work was added.

The Alchemist's Garden

Beautiful pieces inspired by the natural world and often including stones and beads.

22nd February

A new marketing resource for metal clay artists was added.

Shop Policies

As a new seller you’re probably wondering, where’s the best place to outline and communicate how you do business? Your shop policies will help buyers make an informed purchase from you. This blog post from Etsy is equally relevant for anyone selling on the internet.

21st February

Watch out for this scam which is common amoungst people selling online, especially artists.

Close Up of an Artist Scam

20th February

A new website building resource for metal clay artists was added.


Start your own store with 12 product listings completely FREE! No credit card required. Just fill out the form and you’re in! All packages include free unlimited hosting and the best customer service in the business.

19th February

A new polymer clay video tutorial was added.

Silk Screening Demo on Polymer Clay

Helen Breil demonstrates how to use silk screens on polymer clay.


18th February

A new unique texture making resource was added.


This useful site allows you to see any word in a wide variety of fonts. Great for choosing fonts for unique texture making.

17th February

An update was made to an artist website.

White Tincture

Beautiful creations from Polish artist Joanna Wulkiewicz in silver with stones. Commission her to make something or buy through her website. Polish language site here.

16th February

A new business marketing resource was added.

The Art of Shouting Quietly

A guide to self-promotion for introverts and other quiet souls.‘The Art of Shouting Quietly’, is about helping the quiet souls, the shy or introverted amongst us, to find the confidence and sense of purpose to get their ideas flying and make an impact.

The book is all about building self-confidence. It’s a mercurial quality at the best of times and one which ebbs and flows for everyone throughout their lives. It’s not something that you get once and then have forever. It’s all about building your own ‘brand’ of self-confidence by using the platforms and means of communication that come most naturally to you. But it is also about challenge – and getting out in the stretch zone more regularly.  

15th February

A new polymer clay video tutorial was added.

Polymer clay charmsPolymer Clay Charms

This free CraftArtEdu video with Sandy Huntress shows how to make charms including food themed charms.



14th February

A new resource for product photography was added.

Etsy Worksheet for Product Photography

This brilliant worksheet is a must for beginners in the product photography field. It demystifies all those settings on your point and shoot camera, gives you tips on getting the colour and light right and is generally a great resource to work through. Download the worksheet and watch the photography tips video to give you a starting point for experimenting.

13th February

A metal clay event was updated.

Artisan Craft Expo..A Mixed Media Conference

When: 9th - 11th July 2015

Where: South Point Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Registration for classes is now open!

Las Vegas Management would like to invite you to join us in launching the Artisan Craft Expo. We are hoping that this conference will become an annual event and grow as the medium does. The conference will be educational as well as technical with classes in Art Clay, PMC, Polymer Clay, Metal working, Wire working, Enameling and so much more. The show floor will have some of your favorite vendors with the newest products and services to make sure that you have everything you need and of course, everything you may want!

Metal clay artists teaching are: Janet Alexander, Lorrene Baum-Davis, Katie Baum, Pam East, Patrik Kusek, Donna Lewis, Laura Moore, Arlene Mornick, Lyle Rayfield, Louise Shadonix, Carrie Story and Gail Stouffer. There are metalsmithing, polymer clay, enameling and chain making workshops. Don't miss the inaugural year!

12th February

A new jewellery making component supplier was added.

Jewellery Parts

UK supplier of jewellery making findings including earwires, clasps, jump rings, headpins, bails, chain, wire, cord, beads and tools.

11th February

A new UK jewellery findings supplier was added.

Joolify Jewellers Supplies

UK supplier of chain, findings, packaging, Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls.

10th February

A new tutorial for photographing your jewellery was added.

Photography Tips - Fire Mountain Gems

Useful how-to article with a video compiled and Written by Sam Niemeyer, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads via an Interview with Matt Connell, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads In-house Professional Jewelry Photographer.

9th February

A new polymer clay tutorial was added.

Tessellated canes in polymer clayTessellated Canes

How to make tessellated canes with polymer clay. By Judy Belcher.






8th February

A new article was added to the page about selling your own work.

How Do I Sell Expensive Crafts Online?

More and more designer makers are selling their work online – via their own website, with specialist online boutiques and shops, or with one of the popular online market places like Etsy, Folksy or others. But what do you do if your work is high end, high quality and unique? Will people buy expensive crafts and handmade products online without seeing it? The Design Trust asked this question to 11 creatives, online selling experts, various online market places, an art expert, and various online shops and boutiques. A wide variety – from individual creatives to some of the largest online market places in the world. Although some of the advice obviously overlaps it is great to see their advice from their own perspective.

7th February

Metal Clay Artist Magazine are in financial trouble and need your help. Click here to read the whole story from Jeannette LeBlanc, editor of the magazine.

Through no fault of her own Jeannette has ended up with tremendous personal debt. This debt was taken on after the distributor of the magazine closed with no notice. Jeannette believed that she would eventually be paid because she had insurance for this kind of event. Jeannette took out a loan against her mortgage to be able to reprint one issue and to produce and distribute the next. Sadly she was not paid nor will ever be paid for one year of newsstand sales. It really seems criminal that this could even happen!

The metal clay community is a caring one and we have got together to try and help Jeannette raise money to deal with her debt and keep the magazine in business. You can help by donating to this fund - any amount will help. Please donate what you can if you care about this magazine. There is also going to be an auction which is being put together of Facebook, find out more here - requires you to have a Facebook account.

You can also help by buying digital back issues of the magazine directly from the MCAM website.

6th February

A update was made to an advanced PMC training provider.

PMC Studio France - France

Learn something new in 2015! Caroline Bray at PMC Studio France is delighted to announce that they are hosting the next in their series of “Enhancing your skills” with well known and highly experienced trainers. These run in May and September. You can choose the days you want with or without the all-inclusive holiday experience. However Caroline does highly recommend the holiday experience as you get time to enjoy being with the trainers and guests learning so much and as importantly having loads of fun! They often get individuals and small groups wishing to combine a holiday with their jewellery making and this May includes using polymer clay, glass, metal clay and traditional jewellery making.

5th February

A new silver work training provider was added.

Create Jewellery Studio - Middlesbrough 

Silversmithing and jewellery making classes which are flexible to suit you with half day, evening and weekend sessions and also the option of one to one tuition. Group sizes are small for plenty of individual attention in a friendly, supportive environment.

4th February

A new jewellery making tool supplier was added.


UK supplier of table top hydraulic jewellery presses and pancake dies for making multiples in sheet metal.

3rd February

A new metal clay event was added.

Anna Siivonen Master Class in Switzerland

Anna SiivonenWhat: Carving and Production

When: 8th-10th May 2015

Where: Tulips in January, Marchet Route 15, 1740 Neyruz (Switzerland)

The course is focused on carving techniques of the metal paste and production runs.Geometric additions, insect creation using molds and compose the piece dry parts of several assemblies,molding wax, ball chain components, lace, and more

Booking deadline 31st March

2nd February

A new polymer clay tutorial was added.

Polymer clay blendingPolymer Colour Blending

Emma Ralph shows you how to add dramatic shading to polymer clay projects and millefiori canes with two different colour blending methods.




1st February

A new resource for working with bronze clay was added.

Zab's Bronze User Guides

Metal Clay Zab's Bronzes™ are available in three colors,  Luna Bronze™ a white bronze, Sol Bronze™ a golden bronze and Rojo Bronze™ a red bronze. Download user guides here.

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