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What's New on the Metal Clay Academy Website?

This page provides you with a quick idea of what's been added in the past month. If you are a regular visitor, you can see what we've added since your last visit here.

Archived What's New pages for earlier months can be seen here

September What's New Archive - you can see everything that was added during September 2014 here.

20th October

A new jewellery making video was added.

Fold Forming from Rio Grande


19th October

A new metal clay book became available.

Hadar Jacobson BookHadar Jacobson - Architectural Jewelry in Metal Clay - available now from Hadar's website

128 pages, full color, soft cover, spiral bound. 

The introduction to the book says - "To many of my students, “architectural jewelry” sounds intimidating. However, this book teaches easy ways to create the illusion of perspective, and shows how to construct complex pieces without using measuring tools. Indoor and outdoor scenes are created using techniques of hollow forms and low relief. Two projects – “A Room of My Own” and “Transamerica Ring” – are presented in great detail, so it is recommended to make them before proceeding to further pendants and rings."


18th October

A new downloadable chain maille tutorial was added.

Drop Pearl NecklaceDrop Pearl Necklace

Intermediate level chain maille tutorial.



17th October

A new metal clay event was added.

Donna Penoyer Master Class in Yorkshire, UK

Donna PenoyerWhat: It's Not Just About Making Whistles

When: 3rd-4th October 2015

Where: Craftworx, Bishop Burton, Yorkshire

During the two-day master class, you will gain a good foundation in whistle design and basic hollow form construction, plus more advanced concepts to help your whistle-making and metal clay work in general. Multiple types of whistles will be covered, with step-by-step emphasis on tubes and lentils and the particular rules for making each sing. That knowledge will then help answer the question, “How do I turn other hollow forms into whistles?” Donna will provide her unique insights into the use of removable cores, along with eye-opening ways to make gorgeous whistles without the use of armatures and other innovative ideas to spark the imagination.

16th October

A new silver work training provider was added.

Centrepunch - Dulwich, UK

All levels of traditional jewellery making and metal working classes.

15th October

A new photography resource was added.

How to Make a Light Box to Improve Your Photography

These photography tips are designed to help you make your photographs looks bright, eye catching and professional and you don’t need to have an expensive camera to do this!

14th October

A new rubber stamp supplier was added.

Decoman - Spain

Craft supplier with rubber stamps.

13th October

A new downloadable chain maille tutorial was added.

Celtic Squares NecklaceCeltic Squares Necklace

Intermediate level chain maille tutorial.




12th October

A new video resource for working with bronze clay and copper clay was added.

Conditioning Prometheus Bronze and Copper Clay - Carrie Story

Carrie Story, of Clay Revolution, teaches you how to properly condition Prometheus Copper and Bronze clays before making your projects.


11th October

A new UK bead supplier was added.

Seasons Wholesale

UK wholesale supplier of beads and jewellery findings as well as a range of ready made jewellery items. Minimum order size £50. Trade only.

10th October

A new chain making tutorial was added.

Handmade chainHandmade Chain - Fire Mountain Gems

Simple but very effective chain. This would be really good for a charm bracelet.


9th October

A new jewellery making tutorial was added.

Berry Cluster EarringsBerry Cluster Earrings - Fusion Beads

Easy and effective cluster earrings.





8th October

A new US metal clay tool supplier was added.

McClain's Printmaking Supplies

US supplier with a good selection of carving tools suitable for metal clay and recommended by Celie Fago.

7th October

A new downloadable chain maille tutorial was added.

CirclesCircles Chain Maille Tutorial

Beginner level chain maille tutorial.




6th October

A new UK bead supplier was added.

Beadz Bazaar - Frome, Somerset

UK supplier of beads, charms and pendants, findings, chain and stringing materials, kits and tools. They also run classes and beading parties.

5th October

An update was made to a metal clay newsletter.

Metal Clay Notebook

Launched in September 2014, this is an initiative from Tim McCreight and Celie Fago. Tim and Celie say, "the Notebook contains no ads and is tied to no single brand or manufacturer. There are no strings or requirements, only the collective wisdom of metal clay artists everywhere. We who work regularly with metal clay value the strength and wide knowledge base that comes from staying connected. The Metal Clay Notebook is designed to deepen this connection in an unintrusive and entertaining way - nothing more, nothing less." You can see all the previous issues of the Notebook here.

4th October

A new metal clay firing tutorial video was added.

Torch Firing Prometheus Bronze Clay - Carrie Story


3rd October

A new US kiln supplier was added.

K2 Products - US

The new kiln is a lightweight, portable oven designed for tabletop use for metal clay, fusing, enameling and ceramics up to 1900º F (1035º C). With double the insulation of many other kilns this size, it heats quickly and the outside stays cooler. Connect it to the new OC-1 Temperature Controller, your existing controller or operate manually using a power strip and pyrometer, all sold separately. Plugs into a common 120 volt household electrical outlet. Takes kiln shelves up to 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm), sold separately.

2nd October

A new beading and wireworking tutorial was added.

Twisted wire earringsTwisted Wire Earrings

There’s no special technique needed to create the earrings.. You are just playing with wires as you twist and create vine-like wires or branches. 

1st October

A new downloadable chain maille tutorial was added.

Rolling Byzantine Chain MailleRolling Byzantine Chain Maille Tutorial

Intermediate level chain maille tutorial.



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