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The Metal Clay Academy are proud members of the Impact Artist Project. Check out what's happening there, it's really exciting!

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An update was made to a jewellery making training provider.

London Jewellery School Online - Home Study

Learn to make jewellery with silver metal clay, wire, silver and more with the experts from London Jewellery School. Watch courses online.


A new advanced metal clay tutorial was added.

finger print jewelleryFinger Print Jewellery - Creative Fire

The real trick to making fingerprint jewelry in metal clay is getting a clean, detailed print impressed into the clay. All metal clays types can take fingerprints beautifully. But there are a few different ways – both direct and indirect – to harvest the fingerprint and impress it into the clay, and each has advantages and drawbacks and produces a slightly different result.


A new beginners metal clay information resource was added.

Reconstituting Binderless Metal Clay

Really useful blog post if your dry clay lacks binder.


A new video tutorial for removing patina was added.

Removing Patina with Pam East

Everyone looks for ways to get good patina on fine silver. Ever wonder how to get it off? Pam East has the answer with three quick and easy methods for patina removal. 



A new metal clay training provider was added.

Spruill Centre for the Arts - Atlanta, GA

A variety of jewellery making classes are run here including metal clay classes.


A new texture making tutorial was added.

Zentangle for metal clayZentangle for Texture

Great blog post for Creative Fire from Linda Stiles Smith about Zentangle.



A new metal clay event was added.

Metal Clay Artists Symposium

What: Variety of artists teaching classes

When: 15th - 18th September 2016

Where: Sawtooth School for Visual Arts, Winston-Salem, NC, USA

This exciting 4-day event features the most innovative workshop leaders in a creative environment, sharing inspiration, techniques, and cutting-edge technology with the metal clay community through hands-on workshops, Q&A sessions, Meet and Greet opportunities, a vendor shopping day, a month-long metal clay exhibit and more!

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