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May 2016

2016 Saul Bell Design Award Winners

Here are the winners in the metal clay category for 2016

"Adore" by Rodica Frunze, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Rodica Frunze Saul Bell Winner

"Memory Interrupted" by Patrik Kusek, Fairfield, CA, USA

Patrik Kusek Saul Bell Winner


A new guide for firing metal clay was added.

Metal Clay Firing Guide - Cool Tools

Comprehensive guide to firing metal clay.


A new texture making video was added.

Techniques to Make Your Own Stamps



New metal clay events were added.

Artisan Materials Expo 2016

metal clay jewelleryWhat: Artisan Materials Expo 2016Creative Ascension

When: 29th September-2nd October 2016

Where: Buffalo Thunder Resort, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Welcome to the seventh biennial Artisan Materials Expo 2016: Creative Ascension, an event for every level of artist, featuring a fabulous selection of world-class art materials at discount prices, as well as opportunities to take classes. The Expo also welcomes the International Encaustic Artists / Encaustic Art Institute Symposium.

Includes a silver metal clay jewellery making class with Iliana Carrillo.


Metal Clay Mojo 2017

When: 15th - 20th August 2017

Where: Guest House Retreat Center, Chester, CT USA

Lis-el Crowley has just announced the dates for the Metal Clay Mojo in 2017 and is calling for proposals from people wanting to present. Email Lis-el here. 15th-16th will be workshops, 17th-20th conference.


A new stone setting tutorial was added.

Fire agate ringFire Agate Ring

Nice tutorial on how to make a bezel for an unusual shaped stone.





New information was added to the sterling silver clay page.

Update from Celie Fago and Bill Struve on Firing 960

In April 2016, Celie Fago posted this update on Facebook.

"Early last fall I began to raise the firing temperature for 960. Since the late fall I have fired all my PMC 960 at 1650F for at least an hour, believing that the metal is harder, stronger, and more fully sintered at that temperature. After seven months, I am confident that raising the temperature is a good idea.

In late winter I had a conversation with Bill Struve, who had also started doing tests on 960, believing that 1500F was not hot enough. His testing was more scientific than mine but we both came to the same conclusion; hotter is better. Bill’s research also suggests that a lower temperature (not lower than 1500) will sinter the 960 if the time is extended to two hours.

Kilns vary, so if you’re interested in raising the firing temperature on 960, do so in increments, or by using test strips until you’re sure of your kiln.



A new jewellery making tutorial was added.

Heat shield vs heat sinkHeat Sink or Heat Shield - Soldering

You’ve put a bunch of time into a piece, and now you have to solder a ring onto the end of a chain, or an ear post onto the back of an earring, and you REALLY don’t want to ruin all your hard work on this last delicate step by melting or annealing something that wasn’t supposed to be melted or annealed! How do you protect your tender bits from the relentless flame?




A new chain and findings supplier was added.

Samuel Findings

UK supplier of findings, chain, bullion, tools etc. This supplier has brass and bronze chain as well as a wide range of silver and gold chain.


A new copper clay tutorial was added.

Copper shield braceletReversible Copper Shield Bracelet

Great step by step tutorial from Hadar Jacobson using her own copper clay.




A new resource for adding colour to metal was added.

The Ultimate Colour Combinations Cheat Sheet

Does what it says on the tin!


A new jewellery making tutorial was added.

Bracelet catchesCatches - Ganoksin

The first requirement of all catches is that they secure neckpieces and bracelets in such a way that they will not fall off the wearer. Once this is accomplished, there are other concerns that should be addressed. Read more in this illustrated article which is in two parts.


A new business resource was added.

How to Price Your Work: A Simple Technique

How to price your work. Whether you're making a piece of furniture or monster pillows you sell at craft shows, you have to have a day rate. Everything takes at least one day to make. Your day rate will change over the course of time. Have a look at this video for a simple technique to price your work.


A new beginners metal clay video tutorial was added.

Sweetheart Pendant

Almost an hour long, this tutorial is quite comprehensive in showing how to make this pretty pendant.


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