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What's New on the Metal Clay Academy Website?

This page provides you with a quick idea of what's been added in the past month. If you are a regular visitor, you can see what we've added since your last visit here.

Archived What's New pages for earlier months can be seen here

November What's New Archive - you can see everything that was added during November 2014 here.

17th December

A new stone setting resource was added.

AGTA Guide to Gemstone Treatments

Rio Grande uses these symbols, set by the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), to disclose any enhancements that may have been applied to their gemstones. For the benefit of your company and your customers, Rio Grande encourages you to use these symbols when you buy, display and sell stones and stone-set jewelry.

16th December

New jewellery making events were added.

Bead Fest 2015

Santa Fe - 19th-22nd March 2015 - workshops and expo

Philadelphia - 9th-12th April 2015 - Spring Expo workshops and expo

Philadelphia - 19th-23rd August 2015 - workshops and expo

15th December

A new beginners metal clay resource was added.

Reclaiming Metal Clay - Barbara S Ferald

Fun blog post about reclaiming metal clay.

14th December

New metal clay events were added.

Terry Kovalcik Master Classes in Cornwall, UK

Paste painting and sculpting with Terry KovalcikWhat: Painting and Sculpting with Paste

When: 13th-15th July 2015

Where: Cornwall School of Art, Craft and Jewellery Bodmin, Cornwall, UK

Learn the true versatility of metal clay paste by painting and sculpting with this fluid form of silver metal clay with internationally recognized artist, Terry Kovalcik. In this three day workshop, explore Terry’s Viscosity Painting process. You'll learn a variety of techniques using silver clay paste as the painting medium to create decorative surface treatments and elaborate sculptural forms.

The cost of this workshop includes 10g of silver clay paste. Early booking discount applied to this class ends on 31st December 2014. Instalment payments are available for this class.

Carved cuff bracelet by Terry KovalcikWhat: Carving, Hinges and Clasps

When: 17th-20th July 2015

Where: Cornwall School of Art, Craft and Jewellery Bodmin, Cornwall, UK

Push your work to a new level by advancing your carving skills on metal clay in this four-day workshop taught by internationally recognized artist, Terry Kovalcik. Terry returns to the UK for the second year running by popular demand. Working with beautiful Coppr® clay, learn how to create this stunning carved cuff bracelet with a hinge and clasp using your own personal design and style.

The cost of this workshop includes 200g of Coppr® clay. Early booking discount applied to this class ends on 31st December 2014. Instalment payments are available for this class.

13th December

A new advanced metal clay tutorial was added.

Chip Inlay Hadar JacobsonHadar Jacobson - Chip Inlay

This tutorial by Hadar shows you how to add an inlay of semi precious stones into your metal clay pieces.




12th December

A new resource for working with PMC Sterling was added.

Janet Alexander - Shrinkage of PMC Sterling Tests

Interesting experiments by Janet around the shrinkage factors with PMC Sterling.

11th December

A new polymer clay pendant tutorial was added.

Rainbow Polymer Clay PendantRainbow Polymer Pendant

Light, bright and cheerful flowers with a hint of sparkle, perfect for a sunny summer's day. By Alison Gallant




10th December

A new jewellery making tutorial was added.

JumpringsJump Ring Making

Take a look at how to make your own jumprings to use in your jewellery making. By Sian Hamilton.




9th December

A new resource for adding colour to metal clay was added.

Resin treatmentsDifferent Resin Treatments

Resin is an incredibly versatile material, learn how to add different and unusual colours, materials and textures to it in silver plated pendants. By Clare John










8th December

A new polymer clay video tutorial was added.

Journal Tutorial in Time Lapse

This is an amazing polymer clay journal tutorial in a floral theme. This is a time lapse and it lasts 13 minutes. If you would like to have a slower, much more detailed tutorial on this journal, please let the poster know and she will make them! It took her 5 hours to make this journal and some extra time for drying processes in between. 


7th December

A new international bead supplier was added.

Perlen Shop - Switzerland

Supplier of beads, findings, chain, wire and components.

6th December

A new business resource about blogging was added.

How to Have a Successful Blog

Blogging has evolved over the last decade and the Internet now hosts hundreds of millions of blogs across the world. There is a stack of information online about how to write a blog and if you do a search just for information on blogs then you’ll have enough reading to last you at least the rest of this year! So we’ve taken a look at the best advice out there and written the basic top 10 tips to help you get started.

5th December

A new polymer clay tutorial was added.

Eastern Promise Polymer Clay NecklaceEastern Promise Necklace

Make a colourful necklace inspired by the hustle and bustle of vibrant spice markets. By Lizzi Holt




4th December

A new jewellery making tutorial was added.

ChainSimple Chain Making

Clair Wolfe shows you how to make very simple chain using pre-formed jumprings and rings. The first will show cold connection where the only tools needed are two pairs of flat nose pliers and a supply of jumprings.Creating individual chains for each design, allows you to create chains of a specific length and with a wide array of jumpring sizes. A chain containing different sizes and textures of jumpring can make a beautiful necklace to wear, without the addition of any pendant or embellishments.

3rd December

A new design resource for jewellery artists was added.

Introduction to Design - Sian Hamilton

Designing your own jewellery from scratch can be daunting; Sian Hamilton unravels the process of learning to design.

2nd December

A new business resource for people wanting to create a craft based website was added.


Clikcraft is a new easy-to-use service for craftspeople who want a website without the cost and hassle of setting one up.

With minimal expertise required, you can use their online admin system and a wide choice of stylish templates designed especially for craftspeople, to create and edit your own web site quickly, easily and very cost-effectively. You can even have your own online shop! Sign up for a free 14 day trial and see for yourself.

1st December

New video tutorials about working with FYI Silver Metal Clay were added.

FYI 999 Fine Silver Clay Review Metal Clay Part 1

Review on FYI .999 Fine Silver Metal Clay from Aussie Metal Clays

Flexibility of FYI .999 Fine Silver Metal Clay - Review

From Aussie Metal Clays


FYI Sculpted Review Chihuahua in Metal Clay Part 1

A review of FYI .999 Fine Silver metal Clay - how does it work for sculpting. By Aussie Metal Clays



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