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February 2017

A new metal clay event was added.

Metal Clay Exhibition

What: International Exhibition Metal Clay

When: 16th January - 11th June 2017, 10am-12:30 and 1:30-6pm

Where: Pole Bijou Gallery, 13 Rue du Port, 54120 Baccarat, France

Exhibition of metal clay work from artists around the world. Download the press pack from the link above.


A new instruction manual download was added.

Instruction Manual for Hadar's One-Fire Clays - Hadar Jacobson

This downloadable PDF was added in January 2017.


A new video tutorial about using PMC Flex was added.

Create Large Cylinder Bead Caps with Silver Metal Clay

Valerie Bealle, Metal Clay Artist and Instructor from Long Island, New York visited the Cool Tools studio to demonstrate how to create cylinder bead caps and end caps using PMC Flex. Watch the video as Valerie uses the natural shrinkage rate of metal clay to her advantage as she properly sizes bead caps to fit a string of beads perfectly. Valerie finishes this project by gold plating the fired silver to add detail



A new tutorial using EZ960 silver clay was added.

Pangolin RingPangolin Ring by Gordon K Uyehara

In Gordon’s project, he shows how to make a Pangolin ring using EZ960. It is an awesome piece of jewellery modeled after a very interesting animal. His project is quite timely too as countries have started to come together to sign a trade ban on Pangolins.



A new UK rubber stamp supplier was added.

Stamp It

UK rubber stamp supplier with custom stamps.


A new video tutorial for working with EZ960 was added.

Jewel Stamp Pendant 2 Ways by Lisel Crowley

Lisel Crowley, Metal Clay Artist and Instructor from Connecticut visited Cool Tools to create two different pendants using the same Cool Tools Jewel Stamp and EZ960™ Sterling Metal Clay. Jewel Stamps are crystal clear, 3 dimensional designer images made for creating in jewelry clays of all kinds. Impress beautifully designed, laser sharp images in metal clay, polymer clay, porcelain, and other soft clays.


A new jewellery making video tutorial was added.

Quickly, Accurately Saw Around a Sharp Corner

Sawing is an essential skill for a bench jeweler. This article will show you a technique that will increase your sawing speed and accuracy when you need to make sharp corner cuts and reduce your likelihood of breaking delicate saw blades.


A new metal clay training provider was added.

A Cat Jewellery - Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire

Beginner and intermediate level metal clay classes.


Two new advanced metal clay video tutorials were added.

Hinge Making - Wanaree Tanner

Making a self contained metal clay hinge using a Makins(TM) Ultimate Extruder



Soldering Metal Clay with Tim McCreight

Learn to solder metal clay from world reknowned metal clay artist Tim McCreight.



A new home study Art Clay beginners class was added.

Udemy Home Study - German

Einen Schmuckanhänger aus purem Silber zu Hause gestalten. Einsteigerkurs Art Clay© Silver am Beispiel eines Blütenanhängers.


A new tutorial about adding gold to silver using Keum Boo was added.

Keum Boo Earrings by Janet AlexanderFine Silver and 24K Gold Keum-Boo Earrings

Learn how to add layers,  embed sterling silver wire, and apply gold leaf Keum Boo to  fine silver earrings in this tutorial from Janet Alexander.




A new wirework video tutorial was added.

Custom Handmade Matching Earring Wires Simplified

Earrings can be the bread and butter of your jewelry business, creating unique custom match earring wires for each pair you make can up the perceived value of your work. It's the little things that make the difference, and here's a simplified way to make an exact matching pair of custom earring wires. With this technique you can easily adjust the armature and shape making your focal pieces stand out even more!



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