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A new metal clay book was added.

Making Metal Clay Jewellery by Julia RaiJulia Rai - Making Metal Clay Jewellery - pre-order at Amazon UK, due on 23rd January 2017
Julia Rai - Making Metal Clay Jewellery - pre-order at Amazon US, due 23rd January 2017

Silver metal clay is an accessible, easy to use material that allows unique, hallmark-quality jewellery to be made at home with simple tools. This practical book introduces the various forms of silver metal clay and their relative merits. Packed with images; seventeen step-by-step projects; full instruction and advice, Making Metal Clay Jewellery is an invaluable resource for all jewellers who want to learn and develop their skills with this versatile material.



A new UK event was added

Silver beadsWanaree Tanner in the UK

What: Silver Hollow Form Beads Masterclass

When: 27th-28th March 2017

Where: Metal Clay Ltd, Wareham, Dorset, UK

Sign up fast for this UK class with Wanaree!


A new artist selling her work was added.

Liz Pearson - Angel Heart

Check out Liz Pearson's cool wing jewellery - love the wing rings!


A new jewellery making video tutorial was added.

24K Gold Plating Technique by Valerie Bealle - Cool Tools

Valerie Bealle, Metal Clay Artist and Instructor from Long Island, New York visited the Cool Tools studio to demonstrate how to add 24K gold plating to fine silver. In this video Valerie accents a pendant that was created using PMC Flex and one of the popular antique molds.



A new resource was added to the stone setting page.

Mohs Gemstone Hardness Scale

The Mohs scale of mineral hardness is a qualitative ordinal scale that characterizes the scratch resistance of various minerals through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material. It was created in 1812 by the German geologist and mineralogist Friedrich Mohs and is one of several definitions of hardness in materials science, some of which are more quantitative.


New tutorial videos for beginners were added.

How to make your own cutters

In this detailed video tutorial polymer clay artist Ludmila Bakulina shows you how easily you can make you  own different shaped cutters!


Quick guide to reconstituting silver clay

Metal Clay Maker, Anna Campbell shows you how to turn your dried unwanted or broken silver clay pieces back into perfectly usable clay again. There is no wastage when it comes to silver clay - even your dust and tiny scraps can be turned into paste or clay to be used again!



New metal clay events were added.

Metal Clay Meet Up

What: Metal clay event

When: 10th-11th March 2017

Where: The Holiday Inn, Aylesbury, UK

Metal Clay Meet Up is a new initiative by The PMC Studio in association with The Mitsubishi Materials Corporation for anyone with an interest in metal clay. The aim of the event is for metal clay enthusiasts to meet up with like minded friends, find out what is new in the world of precious metal clay, discover the latest tips and techniques, and perhaps, do a spot of shopping, all in an informal, but comfortable setting of a friendly hotel.

Tickets for the two day all inclusive event will feature a choice of masterclasses, exhibition of work, shopping.

Cost of the 2 day all inclusive event:

The cost is £198 (incl VAT). This includes a goody bag containing two packs of clay, choice of 2 workshops each day, 2 course lunch, break time snacks, tea and coffee throughout the day plus all other events taking place.  


Twin or double room (en suite) incl. full English buffet breakfast

Friday 10 March 2017 £87

Saturday 11 March 2017 £94

Note, prices are per room irrespective of single or double occupancy. Rooms should be booked direct with the Holiday Inn Hotel on 01296 734030.


You Can Make It ImageYou Can Make It

What: Metal clay event

When: 24th-26th March 2017

Where: Wareham, Dorset, UK

An affordable welcoming 3-day residential conference encompassing a wide range of jewellery making materials and techniques (focused on metal clay), suitable for everyone, from total beginners to professionals. There will be a selection of full-day masterclasses, 3-hour classes and shorter talks/demos taking place over the weekend.

There will be world-famous artists like Wanaree Tanner, Anna Mazoń, Joy Funnell, Julia Rai, Tracey Spurgin, and Carol Douglas, kicking off the event with six different fabulous full-day master-classes on the Friday, followed by dinner, keynote speech, and Friday fun. Then they, and many MORE fabulous artists will provide a huge amount of demonstrations and talks (and more hands-on classes!) over the Saturday and Sunday!


TICKETS (prices per person):
“You can make it”
Fri evening events, Sat and Sun conference. Arrive late Friday afternoon.
£380 double / £410 twin / £495 single

“You can make it Special”
Friday full-day masterclass from a world-famous tutor, events in the evening, Sat and Sun conference. Arrive early Friday morning.
£485 double / £515 twin / £599 single

“You can make it Extra Special”
Friday full-day masterclass from a world-famous tutor, events in the evening, and Sat and Sun conference. Arrive Thursday afternoon and relax with us in the evening before it all starts.
£565 double / £595 twin / £695 single

Have a look at the Facebook group here.


A new copper clay tutorial was added.

Silver and Copper Metal Clay PendantSilver and Copper Metal Clay Pendant

Create a married-metal effect in metal clay by combining fine silver and copper metal clay in one seamless piece with one firing.


A new tutorial was added to the stone setting page.

Square Bezel SettingSquare Bezel Setting

Setting gemstones in bezels can be easy or difficult, depending on the stone size, metal thickness, and, of course, the skill of the jeweler. More difficult than round or oval settings, square bezels require exact fitting and burring, firm control of the punch, and precision filing and finishing.

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