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This page provides you with a quick idea of what's been added in the past month. If you are a regular visitor, you can see what we've added since your last visit here.

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A new beginners metal clay tutorial was added.

Reconstitution and Reconditioning Silver Clay

This is a step by step tutorial showing you the best way to reclaim your silver clay from all those scraps and mishaps. You don't need to throw anything away. Everything can be reconstituted for future use.........recycling at its best!

A new bronze clay video tutorial was added.

Firing PBC® with Glass Cabochons

Step by step instructions for Firing Prometheus® Bronze Clay with Glass Cabochons.

New video tutorials about enamelling were added.

Enameling Basics with Pam East

Pam East, an internationally known artist, writer and teacher has been an enamelist since 1997. She visited Cool Tools to create four short videos for Enamelists, each with specific instruction.

They include how to: 
~Choose the Right Kiln Shelf and Make it Last
~Screen Enamels
~Apply Dry Enamels
~Apply Wet Enamels (Wet Packing)


Sweet and Easy Enameled Pendant by Pam East

Pam East, an internationally known artist, writer and teacher has been an enamelist since 1997. She visited Cool Tools to demonstrate enameling on fine silver metal clay, one of our embossing templates and a fun texture. Watch this step by step instruction and see how easy it is to make this beautiful pendant.

A new video tutorial about using EZ960 was added.

EZ960™ Adjustable Bezel Ring by Lisel Crowley

Lisel Crowley, Metal Clay Artist and Instructor from Connecticut visited Cool Tools to create this "How to" video. She shows how to create this beautiful adjustable ring using EZ960 Sterling Silver Metal Clay. This is the first and only sterling silver metal clay that comes right out of the package ready to form, fire and finish with no two part mixing and no carbon required.

New stone setting video tutorials were added.

Easy Ways to add Gemstones to Metal Clay Projects

How to add gemstones to metal clay projects using pre-made bezel cups.

Stone Setting Finishing

Short video of a demo on how I finish a tube set faceted stone, using hammer hand piece, hand gravers, and polishing wheels

New jewellery making video tutorials were added.

How to Make Ear Jackets Using a Potter USA Impression Die!

This video walks you through the steps required to create a pair (or three) of sterling silver ear jackets using a single stamping. I show you the die I’m using (and why I chose it), how to make the impression using a 20-ton hydraulic press, and give you a couple variations so you can make your ear jackets adjustable in length. By cutting the stamping apart and altering its intended form, I hope to inspire you to look at your dies in a new way.


Forged Neck Wires

Soldering and Working with Argentium Silver

Follow along with industry favorite and Argentium® Silver expert as she shares a variety of tips for working with Argentium Silver. Topics covered include soldering, annealing, fusing, how to make homemade pickle, how to choose a flux, and hallmarking your Argentium designs.

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