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What's New on the Metal Clay Academy Website?

This page provides you with a quick idea of what's been added in the past month. If you are a regular visitor, you can see what we've added since your last visit here.

Archived What's New pages for earlier months can be seen here

December What's New Archive - you can see everything that was added during December 2014 here.

29th January

A new downloadable resource for making unique textures was added.

Tips and Tricks for Using Shallow, Low Profile Photopolymer Plates - Sue McNenly

Shallow photopolymer plates are a wonderful tool for creating textures incorporating fine lines and text. There are a few issues to keep in mind to get the best results.

28th January

A new polymer clay tutorial was added.

Top tips for polymer clayTop Tips for Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is one of the most versatile materials for making unique pieces of jewellery. Use it to add colour, pattern and texture. By Julie Bonnar.


27th January

A new metal clay video tutorial was added.

Earrings Using the Tapestry Dynasty Stamp Texture Sheet and Embeddables - Rio Grande

In this video Candace Gates demonstrates some of the techniques involved in creating jewelery with the Dynasty Stamp collection. She also covers some helpful tips and tricks on working with PMC.


26th January

An update was made to a metal clay supplier.

Hadar Jacobson - US

Buy Bronze clay, Copper clay, white bronze and rose bronze powder from Hadar's online shop. You can also download information about how to use these powders, firing instructions etc from this site. You can also buy Hadar's cold inlay powders.

25th January

A new polymer clay tutorial was added.

Transfer photos to polymer clayTransfer Photos onto Polymer Clay

Transfer your favourite photos onto polymer clay for truly unique jewellery. By Sian Hamilton






24th January

A new bronze clay was added.

Zab's Bronze - France

Metal Clay Zab's Bronzes™ come in powder form and are available in three colours,  Luna Bronze™ a white bronze, Sol Bronze™ a golden bronze and Rojo Bronze™ a red bronze. They also have a blog here.

23rd January

A new video tutorial for using the Silhouette and metal clay was added.

Basics of Working with the Silhouette and Metal Clay

Free lesson, in French only. Learn to use the Silhouette Cameo or Portrait with metal clay to cut it and etch it with Amy Chomas etching tool. You have to sign up to the site to watch this but it's free.

Apprenez à utiliser la Silhouette Cameo ou Portrait avec de la pâte de métal pour la découper et la graver avec l'outil de gravure Amy Chomas.

22nd January

A new resource for working with the Silhouette cutting machine was added.

Silhouette School Tutorials

This blog site has a huge amount of information about using the Silhouette cutting machine, the software that feeds it and much more. Although not designed to give information specifically for people working with metal clay and the Silhouette, much of the information is useful to metal clay artists and easily adaptable for the media.

21st January

A new polymer clay video tutorial was added.

Sculpted Channel Set Earrings

Create a pair of polymer clay sculpted channel set earrings.


20th January

A new resource for adding colour to metal clay was added.

Hadar Jacobson Cold Inlay Powder

Each cold inlay powder is a mix of pure metal powders. Hadar’s Cold Inlay Powders are currently available in silver, gold, and black colors. The technique is called “cold inlay” because no firing is involved. Only the piece to be inlaid is fired. The inlay is done by filling the indentations of the fired piece with the inlay powder and adding a drop of CA (cyanoacrylate) glue.

Cold inlay allows you to combine metal powders that cannot be fired together because of different firing temperatures, different shrinkage rates, and compatibility. It can also be used for repair in a fraction of the time it takes to repair by firing, and it can be used in materials which cannot be fired.

Once sanded, the inlaid powder looks just like fully sintered metal.

For a demonstration of the process, please download the Instruction Manual for Hadar’s Cold Inlay Powders.

19th January

A new jewelry making findings supplier was added.

Jen's Findings

US supplier of sterling and gold filled jewellery findings.

18th January

A new resource for working with the Silhouette Cameo and metal clay was added.

Scratch-Foam® Textures with a Silhouette Cameo®

Wanaree Tanner demonstrates how to use the Silhouette Cameo® electronic cutting machine to create low and high relief textures in soft sided styrofoam printing board (also known as Scratch-Foam®) Also covers how to import JPGs into the design program and convert them into cutting paths.


17th January

A new creativity resource for artists was added.

The Organized Artist Company

The Organized Artist Company is designed to help creative people:-

  • prioritize
  • decide
  • create a project plan
  • follow-through on the plan, adapting as necessary
  • quit being so infernally hard on themselves

It’s time to spend some time on the work you love most.

16th January

An update was made to a copper metal clay supplier.

Cinter - US

Cinter™ metal clay powder in both bronze and copper varieties was developed by Cindy Morris and is on sale through her website and Etsy shop.

15th January

A new video tutorial for using the Silhouette CAMEO was added.

How to Choose Cut Settings for Different Types of Materials Using the CAMEO

This tutorial shows you the cut settings for different types of materials such as, patterned paper, cardstock, glitter paper, vinyl, fabric, heat transfer material, transparency film, photo paper, tattoo paper, and magnet paper.


14th January

A new silver clay training provider was added.

MetalClay Arts Conservatory - Illinois

MetalClay Arts Conservatory (MAC ) was founded by internationally published, award winning artist  and metal clay innovator, Wanaree Tanner, to illuminate the mechanical and practical process of creating metal clay art as well as encourage the participants’ individual artistic expression. The Conservatory features both online continuing education courses ranging from Project Workbooks to Comprehensive Courses as well as one-on-one private intensives with Wanaree at the Conservatory Studio located in secluded rural Illinois. The courses and programs are filled not only with technical training and skill application, but also design development and artistic styling.

The Conservatory’s Digital Learning Library is a focused study for the cultivation of metal clay artistry delivered to the comfort of your home or studio.

13th January

A new gemstone supplier was added.

Jewelry Impressions

US supplier of Chatham loose emeralds, aquamarine simulants, alexandrites, blue sapphires, rubies, padparadschas, yellow sapphires and loose pink sapphires. Their Chatham created lab-grown gemstones are grown using the flux method, which better replicates the growing process of natural gemstones. Chatham simply creates the environment in which the gems can grow, and nature takes over. Chatham is proud to announce the introduction of its new line of beautiful created diamonds, including pink diamonds, blue diamonds and yellow diamonds.

12th January

A new metal clay tool supplier was added.

Shades of Clay - Canada

A Canadian resource for mixed media and polymer artists. They stock an eclectic range of art and craft supplies and ship world wide. Stock includes textures, tools and jewellery findings.

11th January

A new beading video tutorial was added.

Beadweaving 770 - Vatican View Bracelet (RounDuo & Pinch Beads)


10th January

A new PMC Sterling tutorial was added.

Janet Alexander - PMC Sterling Slip and Syringe Clay

Useful blog posting about making slip and syringe style clay with PMC Sterling.

9th January

A new artist selling her metal clay work was added.

Wanaree Tanner

Wanaree Tanner is an award winning artist, metal clay innovator, instructor, and founder of The MetalClay Arts Conservatory. Internationally published and renowned for her cutting edge techniques and numerous contributions to metal clay, her work has been purchased for museum and private collections.

8th January

A new metal clay related event was added.

Bead and Button Show, Milwaukee, USA

What: Show and classes

When: 27th May - 8th June 2015

Where: Wisconsin Centre, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Workshop and class booking now open!

About the Workshops and Camp Sessions

Camp sessions with Liisa Turunen (beading) and Kim St. Jean (metalwork) commence on Wednesday, May 27 and run through Saturday, May 30. These innovative classes entail six hours of project time and three hours of open studio time in the evenings. 

This year from Sunday, May 31, through Friday, June 5 they are offering Master Classes (with instruction from Nancy Cain, Ronda Coryell, Linda Darty, Celie Fago, Adrienne Gaskell (two sessions), Leah Fairbanks/Andrea Guarino-Slemmons, and Charles Lewton-Brain), Fundamentals in Techniques sessions, and a variety of Workshops for beginner to advanced jewelry makers. Master Classes, Fundamentals, and workshops vary in number of days, so please check the individual sessions. 

They’ve scheduled all of their workshops with longer hours than their general classes to give teachers more time to cover a variety of techniques or to focus on an advanced or complex technique. Workshops typically have fewer students in each session than their regular classes giving teachers more time to spend with each student.

General Education Classes

From Wednesday, June 3, to Monday, June 8, students can choose from a variety of general education classes. These classes run from three to six hours, allowing students to sample an assortment of subjects and still have time to shop. Longer classes include a break for shopping and lunch. Check the start and end times of your classes; they vary by the day of the week – and don’t forget the Encore performances Monday, June 8.

Encore Classes – Monday, June 8

Two encore classes will be featured in 2015: an Encore in beading with Sue Jackson and Wendy Hubrick and a metal Encore with Robyn Cornelius.

7th January

An update was made to a jewelry making training provider.

Jewelry Studies International - Austin, Texas 

Ronda Coryell is a Jewelers of America Certified Master Bench Jeweler and one of the world’s most well regarded experts on the use of Argentium. Ronda left Revere Academy to establish Jewelry Studies International (JSI) and a curriculum for Argentium Instructor Certification (AIC). She has licensed Creative Side Jewelry Academy in Austin, TX to teach her curriculum and host AIC/JSI certification testing.

6th January

An update was made to a copper clay resource.

Crash Course in Copper Clay - Wanaree Tanner

PDF step by step guide with all you need to know about working with copper clay from Wanaree. This tutorial costs $30 and it's money well spent as Wanaree shares all her secrets, everything she taught on the live copper clay class. Well worth the money to get you up and running on copper clay quickly.

5th January

An update was made to a jewellery making class provider.

Jatayu - San Diego, CA

Jewelry making, soldering, wire work and silver work classes.

4th January

A new jewellery making training provider was added.

Annette Petch - Sheffield, UK

Learn to make silver and gold jewellery to your own design, try out different techniques, with individual tuition, in a small group (maximum group size is four).

3rd January

A new wirework tutorial was added.

Basic wire weavingBasic Wire Weaving

Discover three simple weaves to use with two, three and four wire frames. By Sue Mason-Burns.



2nd January

A new polymer clay pendant tutorial was added.

Geometric polymer clay jewelleryGeometric Filigree Pendant

Create bold geometric pendant from multi-coloured strings of polymer clay. By Emma Ralph






1st January 2015

Happy new year


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