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What's New on the Metal Clay Academy Website?

This page provides you with a quick idea of what's been added in the past month. If you are a regular visitor, you can see what we've added since your last visit here.

Archived What's New pages for earlier months can be seen here

April What's New Archive - you can see everything that was added during April 2015 here.

25th May

A new photography tutorial for jewellers was added.

Photo Studio Tips - Tripods - Halstead

This video tutorial is really useful for people photographing their jewelley. It covers buying and using tripods.

24th May

A new metal clay artist selling her work was added.

Anna Fidecka

Polish artist Anna Fidecka showcases her fabulous work from her own website. The website is in Polish or English. You can buy Anna's work from the Trendymania website.

23rd May

A new creativity resource was added.

9 Warning Signs of an Amateur Artist

Thought provoking article about being a 'serious' artist.

22nd May

A new bronze clay video tutorial was added.

Bonschelle Metal Clay

This is a short tutorial showing you how to mix Bonschelle Bronze Metal Clay Powder. Once mixed it can be used in the same way as pre-mixed metal clays, costs less and is easier to keep. You can shape it and texture it. You can use the clay to make your own jewellery or artistic designs. Once kiln fired the clay only the metal particles are left giving you a beautiful bronze metal which can be polished or you can add patinas etc.


21st May

A new bronze metal clay supplier was added.

Bonschelle Metal Clay - UK

Bronze metal clay powder made in the UK.

20th May

A new metal clay available worldwide was added.

Aussie Metal Clay - Australia

Now available for worldwide shipping. Comes in fine silver, 960 silver and bronze and copper varieties.

19th May

Check out these metal clay related magazines.

Art Jewelry

Product reviews, projects, gallery and features. Every issue has a metal clay tutorial or feature. Keep up with the latest news and trends in all forms of art jewelry.

Bead and Button

Interesting articles, projects and tips and hints. Gallery of artists work.

Making Jewellery Magazine

This UK based publication features more metal clay projects any other UK publication. A number of UK based metal clay teachers write for this magazine and their project tutorials regularly feature. The magazine combines jewellery making with fashion quite successfully. Available on subscription from the website or in UK magazine outlets.

18th May

Congratulations to Ivy Solomon who has won first place in the Saul Bell Design Awards Metal Clay category. Well done too to Holly Gage who took second place.

Ivy Solomon

17th May

A new copper clay related tutorial was added.

Lava Ring by Angela Baduel CrispinLava Ring - Angela Baduel-Crispin

This unisex ring has a slightly rough, masculine look and can be a great gift for a man. It combines silver, copper and concrete and also includes some alternative designs. This tutorial is from the Creative Fire website. Bague Lave Par Angela Baduel-Crispin is also available in French here.




16th May

A new polishing video tutorial was added.

Preparation and Maintenance of Polishing and Buffing Wheels


15th May

A new jewellery making training provider was added.

The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company - UK Wide

Connect with expert tutors for a one-to-one training session in a wide range of jewellery making techniques including silver work, enamel and metal clay.

14th May

A new creativity resource was added.

10 Mistakes that Stop Your Creative Business in its Tracks

Can you turn your passion into a business? To be successful, you need to have a workable plan and put it into action. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that artists make, which become business killers.

13th May

Interviews with the Saul Ball Design Award finalists were added.

Read an interview with Holly Gage on the Creative Fire Blog here.

Read an interview with Janet Alexander on the Creative Fire Blog here.

Read an interview with Terry Kovalcik on the Creative Fire Blog here.

Read an interview with Anna Mazon on the Creative Fire Blog here.

Read an interview with Ivy Solomon on the Creative Fire Blog here.

12th May

A new downloadable metal clay tutorial was added.

Embeddable jumpringsEmbeddable Jumprings Tutorial

PDF tutorial giving tips and hints on how to use embeddable jumprings.



11th May

A new advanced metal clay video tutorial was added.

Flex Shaft - Getting Started Guide from Rio Grande

Master the most versatile tool in your shop: the flex shaft! Learn the basics — and beyond — of this jewelry-making essential. Gain the confidence to wield your flex shaft with finesse and open the door to unlimited fabrication possibilities! Experienced Rio Grande instructor Mark Nelson shows you how to make the most of this tool with his fun and easy-to-follow teaching style. Discover tricks for setting up and maintaining your flex shaft, and which attachments Mark recommends for different jobs. Follow along as Mark demonstrates various cutting, polishing, and drilling projects — even with shells and glass! You'll also find out how to use your flex shaft to revive old and damaged tools, and how to create custom stamps. Along the way, discover trade secrets that will help you create your best work yet.

10th May

A new business website tool was added.

How Much is Your Website Really Worth?

Most website evaluation tools give you inaccurate figures that are pulled from non-impactful sources like Alexa rank and Google PR. This probably isn't news but... people won't buy your online business or site because it has a "good" Alexa ranking. If you really want to know how much your website is worth (and find a buyer who's willing to pay it), give this evaluation tool a try and get the actual value that will close deals.

9th May

A new beginners metal clay tutorial was added.

RingSabine Alienor - Simple ring without a mandrel

This tutorial in French is easy to understand even if you don't read French because it has very good pictures. Learn how to make a silver metal clay ring without having a mandrel to form it on. It's made in one piece so there is no join. A good tutorial for beginners.


8th May

A new artist selling his metal clay work was added.

Dariusz ZacharzewskiZahario

Amazing work by Polish artist Dariusz Zacharzewski.





7th May

A new stone setting tutorial was added.

Tabbed bezel wireTabbed Bezel Wire

Step by step guide to using Metal Clay Findings tabbed bezel wire.




6th May

A new downloadable metal clay tutorial was added.

Embeddable cufflink backsEmbeddable Cufflink Backs Tutorial

Useful PDF tutorial showing you how to use Metal Clay Findings embeddable cufflink backs.



5th May

A new advanced level metal clay tutorial was added.

Brass inlay ringRing with Brass Inlay

Step by step picture tutorial from Sabine Alienor for Benita-Loca. In French but you can use Google translate to see it in your language.


4th May

A new beginners metal clay tutorial was added.

Leather braceletBracelet Tutorial

Leather and metal clay bracelet tutorial in pictures.





3rd May

A new jewellery tutorial was added.

Double Strand NecklaceDouble Strand Necklace and Earring Set

Double-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Swarovski Crystal and Gunmetal-Finished "Pewter" and Epoxy Pendant from Fire Mountain Gems.







2nd May

A new jewellery business resource was added.

4 Smart Ways to Sell Products Online

Looking to make more sales with your product, program or service? Frustrated with your lack of sales, even though you've put A LOT of time and effort into getting your product out there? This brand new free guide will help you identify new ways (that you can start using right away!) to get your product in front of your perfect audience every single day.

1st May

A metal clay book was added.

Katie Baum, Judi L. Hendricks - Silver Clay Keepsakes: Family-Friendly Projects - UK Amazon link
Katie Baum, Judi L. Hendricks - Silver Clay Keepsakes: Family-Friendly Projects - US Amazon link

Making jewelry ia fun and satisfying, and one needn’t be a silversmith to create great pieces. Silver Clay Keepsakes shows crafters and DIYers how to replicate the look of fine silver through a method that’s far easier to master than traditional metalwork — and that uses a material that’s both easier to obtain and easier on the wallet. The book’s 24 projects celebrate the spirit of life: a silver baby spoon, a silver-painted piggy bank, personalized cake-serving utensils, cufflinks and money clips, a fashionable take on the dog tag, a Celtic knot pendant, a birthstone bracelet, and other elegant, meaningful tokens for new parents, grandparents, teens, graduates, newlyweds, and even the family pet. Illustrated with 400 easy-to-follow color instructions, the book covers the basics of working with metal clay, along with info on necessary tools, firing and drying schedules, torch and stove-top firing, online resources, and much more.

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