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What's New on the Metal Clay Academy Website?

This page provides you with a quick idea of what's been added in the past month. If you are a regular visitor, you can see what we've added since your last visit here.

Archived What's New pages for earlier months can be seen here

July What's New Archive - you can see everything that was added during July 2015 here.


A new advanced metal clay video tutorial was added.

Carving Wax for Metal Clay Molds

A Beads Baubles and Jewels project. Make your own original textures for metal clay by carving on wax tablets and using a molding compound. Get inspiration from your surroundings and have fun!



A new jewelry making tutorial was added.

Wire Riveting on a Curve

Wire rivets are a great way to attach two pieces of metal.  Wire rivets can be used in small tight spaces and also can be made to disappear into the surface if needed.  Working with a small curved surface can be difficult and a wire rivet works perfectly with a few tricks! 


An addition to the metal clay community was added.

IMPACT Artist Project

At the IMPACT Artist Project we're building a stronger Metal Clay arts community by harnessing the generous attitude of giving and sharing, which is so wide spread in the community, and giving it back to our members. By developing a program where YOU are the focus, our IMPACT members always have someone to trouble shoot their problems with; our guilds have more active and involved members; our teachers are working; our teaching facilities have a waiting list; our conferences are filled; our businesses are growing and thriving; and together we are benefiting. 

IMPACT is constantly expanding our hub of information for facilitating matches between new and interested students with knowledgable veterans of Metal Clay. As our community and resources grow, we are becoming more knowledgeable, better at our craft, and more creative artists, enabling us to foster newcomers in the field and grooming them to become our next generation of leaders.


A new resource for bronze, copper and steel clays was added.

All About Hadar Jacobson's One Fire Clays

This page gives you all you need to know about Hadar's new one fire clays.


A new beginners metal clay resource was added.

PMC+ vs FYI Silver Clay

Great comparison between PMC+ and the newest of the silver clay brands, FYI.


A new advanced metal clay tutorial was added.

Art Deco Hair PinArt Deco Inspired Hair Pin - Armelle Burbaud

Lovely project tutorial from Creative Fire. You can also see this tutorial in French here.



A new polymer clay tutorial was added.

Imitation wood earringsImitation Wood

This tutorial is in French but you can follow the pictures pretty well.





A new bronze clay and copper clay video tutorial was added.

One Fire Flex Clay Flexibility - Hadar Jacobson

This clip demonstrates the flexibility of Hadar's Clay™ One-fire Flex Clay. Hadar's Clay™ One-fire Flex Clays are specialty clays suitable for using with embossing and cutting machines such as the Silhouette Cameo. Unlike the Traditional/Flex clays, One-fire Flex Clays can be fired in one phase only.

Since the One-fire Flex Clays are compatible with the One-fire clay, you can decrease their flexibility if necessary by adding One-fire clay to them.

One-fire Flex Clays can also be used instead of the Traditional/Flex clays for folding, knotting, braiding and weaving. Full instructions and projects can be found in the book The Handbook of Metal Clay: Textures and Forms, 2nd edition.



A new polymer clay tutorial was added.

Agate coastersFaux Agate Coasters

Make these faux agate coasters with polymer clay in this tutorial.



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