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This page provides you with a quick idea of what's been added in the past month. If you are a regular visitor, you can see what we've added since your last visit here.

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A new silver jewellery making training provider was added.

Focus Gallery - Nottingham

Focus Gallery runs the Nottingham Jewellery School downstairs so you to learn new skills and have an enjoyable day creating something totally unique and beautiful. Cake and refreshments are served during the day while you while away the hours on your new projects. These workshops are suitable for 18 years + and are held in the ground floor workshop with only stair access.


New marketing resources were added.

Email Marketing

There are thousands of marketing tools available today to help you communicate with your prospects and customers, but email marketing consistently delivers the highest ROI of them all.

Ganoksin - Advertise Your Website

The Ganoksin project provides a variety of quality services for the gem and jewelry community. They work hard to maintain the high standards of their services for the benefit of their visitors.

As the first and most active jewelry trade social network in the industry, Ganoksin offers you the opportunity to build brand awareness, trust and loyalty, achieve visibility to thousands of jewelry makers and drive qualified traffic to your business.


A new US metal clay tool supplier was added.

Metal Clay Arts Conservatory

Wanaree Tanner's shop supplying her sustainable stones, texture plates and signature die cut tools.


A new artist selling her metal clay work was added.

Green Girl Studios

Blog site for metal clay artist Cynthia Thornton.


A new silver metal clay was added.

Prometheus Silver Clay 950

Prometheus® Silver Clay 950 will give you the ability to design stronger and bendable jewellery. It does not require activated carbon or multiple steps firing. Just put your dried pieces into your kiln at room temperature on a kiln shelf and full ramp speed to 800°C/(1470°F) for 1 hour. That's all... You can take out your fired pieces while still hot. The shrinkage of Prometheus® Silver Clay 950 is 15%. You can hallmark your pieces as Sterling.

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