Draft Cancellation Policy

If you’re offering classes, you should make it very clear to students what happens if they cancel their booking. You also need to tell them what happens if you have to cancel a class. If you’re the only teacher, you may be ill or have some other emergency that means you have to cancel.

It builds confidence if students know what happens in the event of cancellation on either side. It also creates a more professional impression of you as a teacher.

If you are looking for a class, make sure the teacher is clear about their cancellation policy.

Here is a draft cancellation policy for teachers to use. You can use this freely and modify it to meet your own needs.

Our jewellery making classes are in demand and places are limited. If you need to cancel please give as much notice as possible.

If we can fill your space we will give you a refund. Refunds incur a 10% admin charge. If we can’t find someone to take your place we regret we cannot give a refund.

If you are booked on a course and you do not turn up on the day, no refund will be given.

Occasionally we may have to cancel a course. You will always be offered an alternative date or a refund. We will give you as much notice as possible, however, we cannot be held responsible for your travel or accommodation costs.

Please always phone to let us know if you can’t attend or are going to be late.

When you book a place you are agreeing to our cancellation terms.