Draft Student Feedback Form

As a teacher, you are always learning. The best judge of your teaching skill is your student so asking them about their experience helps you in several ways.

First, positive feedback validates your skills, helping you to build confidence in your abilities. Next, it allows students to tell you how your training could be even better. This kind of feedback is a gift and should be actively encouraged – you do what to get better, don’t you? Finally it can give you valuable information to add to your marketing materials.

Many people like to see what others have said about training and classes before they sign up. Publishing what others have said about your classes shows you are encouraging feedback – always a good indication of the confidence of the teacher.

If you are a student, always look for what others have said about a teacher or class. Confident teachers are happy to ask their students how they’re doing and actively look for ways of making their training better.

We’ve put together a simple feedback form that includes information most teachers would find useful. You can use this form freely and modify it for your own needs.

Download a PDF copy of this form here