Suppliers of Other Brands of Silver Metal Clay

On this page are silver metal clay suppliers around the world across multiple brands other than Aida Chemicals (manufacturers of Art Clay Silver) or Mitsubishi (manufacturers of PMC), these are listed in their own sections.

Page content checked June 2018.

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New brands of silver clay

In the past few years, the variety of silver clay brands has increased significantly. The most popular brands are still PMC and Art Clay but these new silver clay brands have a number of interesting properties. It is worth exploring them to see if you can incorporate them in your work.


You will also find that many of them are cheaper than the top two brands. This is mainly due to the fact that the manufacturers of these new silver clays are smaller businesses.


Some of these new silver clays cannot be torch fired so check carefully before you buy to make sure they meet your requirements. Some also have larger shrinkage than the top two brands. This can be an advantage as you can work at a good size in the wet and dry stages but then you get all the detail in a smaller end product. It is also useful for moulding and making smaller items. Make a piece using your mould, fire it and then mould it again. This gives you a progressively smaller end result. 

Aussie Metal Clay

Comes in fine silver and 960 silver varieties. There is also an Aussie Metal Clay Argentium Silver clay. 

Aussie Metal Clay – Australia

Aussie Metal Clay – Cooltools, USA

Aussie Metal Clay – Metalclays, USA

Aussie Metal Clay – Aves Design, USA

Aussie Metal Clay – A Cat Jewellery, UK


Silver 960 only.

EZ960 – Cool Tools, US

EZ960 – Metal Clays 4 you, UK


Fine silver clay.

FS999Cool Tools, US


Comes as fine silver  and silver 960 varieties.

FYI Clay – Metalclays, USA

FYI Clays – Luna Nova Supplies, The Netherlands

The link goes to the Facebook page. You can contact them by email, click here. The website is coming…

MetalMagic Silver Clay

This silver metal clay comes as a fine silver and a silver 960 variety.

MetalMagic Silver Clay – Metalclays, USA

MetalMagic Silver Clay – Cooltools, USA

Meteor Silver Clay

This is a fine silver clay.

Meteor Silver – Meteor, France

Prometheus Silver Clay

Comes in fine silver and a 950 variety.

Prometheus Silver Clay 999 and 950 – Turkey

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