Metal Clay Advanced Video Tutorials

This page has links to videos or embedded videos that have valuable information, tutorials and projects about metal clay for intermediate and advanced artists.

Content checked April 2018.

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Beading Classroom

This UK based site features video tutorials on a large variety of jewellery related topics including metal clay, beading, chain maille, lampwork, mixed media, stringing, knotting and wirework. Subscription is £29.99 for a year.

Broom Casting

This fun way of using up your scrap fired metal clay or pieces that didn’t work is demonstrated in this video. It’s about the Artists Market in Austin, Texas. Part way through you’ll see a demonstration of broom casting.

Carving Wax for Metal Clay Molds

A Beads Baubles and Jewels project. Make your own original textures for metal clay by carving on wax tablets and using a molding compound. Get inspiration from your surroundings and have fun!


Flex Shaft – Getting Started Guide from Rio Grande

Master the most versatile tool in your shop: the flex shaft! Learn the basics — and beyond — of this jewelry-making essential. Gain the confidence to wield your flex shaft with finesse and open the door to unlimited fabrication possibilities! Experienced Rio Grande instructor Mark Nelson shows you how to make the most of this tool with his fun and easy-to-follow teaching style. Discover tricks for setting up and maintaining your flex shaft, and which attachments Mark recommends for different jobs. Follow along as Mark demonstrates various cutting, polishing, and drilling projects — even with shells and glass! You’ll also find out how to use your flex shaft to revive old and damaged tools, and how to create custom stamps. Along the way, discover trade secrets that will help you create your best work yet.

Hinge Making – Wanaree Tanner

Making a self contained metal clay hinge using a Makins(TM) Ultimate Extruder

Holly Gage – Repousse Effects in Metal Clay

Interview with Holly Gage in which she talks about the technique she’s developed for repousse effects in metal clay.

How to Resize a PMC or Silver Clay Ring

This video demonstrates one very easy way to resize a metal clay or pmc silver clay ring from MetalClays.

Making flexible metal clay with Hadar Jacobson – from Cool Tools

Make your own ring sizing pellets – from Cool Tools

Metal Clays – Bezel Builder First Look

See how the bezel builder invented by Metal Clays works.

Metal Clays – Threading Tool Instructions

This video cover the instructional use of our threading tool. This tool is currently available in 8mm,12mm. and 16mm wet clay size.

Nancy L T Hamilton – How to make a metal cone

Great tutorial for anyone doing the Masters Registry Program

Soldering Metal Clay with Tim McCreight

Learn to solder metal clay from world reknowned metal clay artist Tim McCreight.

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