Metal Clay Video Tutorials and Guides for Working with the Silhouette Cutting Machine

The Silhouette, Cameo, Curio and Portrait, or the Cricut cutting machines have become a useful tool for metal clay artists in the past few years. On this page you’ll find video tutorials for using the Silhouette and metal clay. The page also includes videos for using cutting machines not just with metal clay but generally.

It’s useful to practice designing and using the cutting machine on paper and card before you go on to using it with metal clay so you’ll find lots of general tutorials on this page – just to get you going!

Content checked October 2023

Creating Bezel Wire using FS999™ Silver Clay and the Silhouette Curio™ by Cindy Pope

Cindy Pope, metal clay artist and teacher gives detailed, step by step instruction using the Silhouette Curio to create unique bezel wire using FS999 Fine Silver Metal Clay for natural stones that require setting after firing. This video includes the details on creating the design in the Curio software and pasting the bezel wire to a pendant back.

Cricut Embossing With Metal Clay

An informative video using rolled out sheets of Aussie Metal Clay SuperFlex being cut on a Cricut Machine. Valentine heart, ready for firing.


Engraving on Metal Clay with the Silhouette and the Chomas tips

Examples and instructions on using the Amy Chomas engraving tools with Metal clay and the Silhouette.

Introduction to the Silhouette Curio™ by Cindy Pope

Great introduction to the Silhouette and metal clay by Cindy Pope for Cool Tools.

Mandala Made With Cricut Explore & Aussie Premium Gold Bronze

This is a demonstration of the new Aussie Metal Clay Premium Teachers Range showing you the SuperFlex.

Metal Clay and the Silhouette – Creating Deep Smooth Chambers

Using the Silhouette to create deep smooth chambers in Metal clay with the Chomas engraving tips.

Metal Clay Gallery Bezel Wire: Using a Silhouette Cameo® Cutter by Wanaree Tanner

Wanaree Tanner demonstrates how to create unique, original bezel wire out of COPPRclay using the Silhouette Cameo® electronic cutter and design program. This process can also be applied to PMC Fine Silver Paper!

Rolling Metal Clay Sheet for the Silhouette Curio™ by Cindy Pope

In this video, Cindy introduces the Silhouette Curio machine. She includes detailed instructions on software, which cutting tools work best and her tips for success.

Scratch-Foam® Textures with a Silhouette Cameo®

Wanaree Tanner demonstrates how to use the Silhouette Cameo® electronic cutting machine to create low and high relief textures in soft sided styrofoam printing board (also known as Scratch-Foam®) Also covers how to import JPGs into the design program and convert them into cutting paths.

Silhouette Test Cutting Metal Clay Guide

Silhouette has re-added the test cut function back into the latest version 3 so Cindy Pope put together a little test cutting video. Machines and blades can be off a few tens of a MM. This guide will help you test your machine to see what blade setting is right for your project.

Understanding Silhouette Cut Settings

If you ever had trouble cutting through your material correctly in Silhouette Studio, this video will walk you through what the different settings are in the Silhouette Studio Cut Settings, how to adjust the settings for your specific material type, how to correctly load your machine and blade. It will also cover common cutting problems and their solutions.