Advanced Metal Clay Video Project Tutorials

This page has links to advanced metal clay projects on video or embedded videos that have project tutorials or guides for advanced metal clay artists. Content checked April 2018.

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Adding Polymer Clay to your Metal Clay Designs – Cool Tools

Polymer Clay and Metal Clay offer endless possibilities when combined together. In this advanced metal clay project you will learn tips and tricks while creating a silver pendant, from PMC3, with an oval Polymer Clay center. Get started by working with metal clay and creating the back bezel.

Affirmation Bracelet – Cool Tools

Create an elegant metal clay link bracelet using the AlphaDisc Lettering System and Jewelry Shape Templates. The links feature integrated findings that are connected with jump rings. Each link is embellished with 3 sweet flower buds for a clean, sophisticated look. Create an entire collection using this idea with variations on embellishments and shapes.

Art Nouveau Pendant using Silver Metal Clay

Lisel Crowley, jewelry artist and instructor, visited Cool Tools to show us how easy it is to coil precious metal silver clay and add detail to this pendant. She uses Cool Tools Bezel Templates to create a seamless bezel for the centerpiece of this pendant.

Beading Classroom

This UK based site features advanced metal clay project video tutorials on a large variety of jewellery related topics including metal clay, beading, chain maille, lampwork, mixed media, stringing, knotting and wirework. Subscription is £29.99 for a year.

Bracelet in a Twig Texture with Swarovski Crystal Beads

Let Kristy Walden from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads show you how to turn a twig into fine silver jewelry in this step-by-step Art Clay video tutorial.

Chinese Lantern Project

Learn how to create cork clay supports, natural items and use the syringe to create this lacy Chinese lantern.


Copper and Silver Clay Marbled Ring – Jackie Truty

Jackie Truty uses Art Clay World’s copper and silver metal clay together for beautiful marbled rings in this extended lesson on Beads, Baubles and Jewels. This is one of a number of advanced metal clay projects.

Create Steampunk Gears and Embellishments Using Metal Clay

Designer-artist and jewelry-making product developer Lisa Pavelka shows you how to create fine silver Steampunk-style components using metal clay and her silicone texture plate stamps. Watch and learn how to fire custom metal clay components and finish them to a shine. Lisa also shows you some of the designs that are possible using your original components.

Designing with Organic Objects – Cool Tools

Incorporating nature into your designs results in some of the most beautiful and appealing jewelry. Almost nothing can match the beauty and intricacy of an organic, botanical object. In this project video, learn how to turn organic objects, straight from your garden, into stunning, fine silver jewelry.

Emerald Tea Ring using PMC Pro – Cool Tools

In this advanced metal clay projects workshop, Mardel Rein shows you how to create a delicate ring using only 3 grams of PMC PRO silver alloy clay, the Emerald Tea Ring is low cost and as durable as sterling silver. Create fine jewelry using PMC PRO that stands up to daily wear.

EZ960® Sterling Mens Ring by Lisel Crowley

Lisel Crowley, Metal Clay Artist and Instructor from Connecticut visited Cool Tools to create this advanced metal clay project “How to” video. Make this handsome mens ring using EZ960 Sterling Silver Metal Clay, vinyl textures and an embeddable bezel cup. This is the first and only sterling silver metal clay that comes right out of the package ready to form, fire and finish with no two part mixing and no carbon required.

Hadar Jacobson – Notebook Pendant

Fantastic advanced metal clay project tutorial for advanced students. Includes texturing and making hinges.

Make a Lentil Bead Part One – Metal Chasers

Make a Lentil Bead Part Two – Metal Chasers

Mens Continuous Knot Ring by Wanaree Tanner

What can give jewelry a masculine flare? Celtic design. Check out Wanaree’s Cool Tools video as she takes her own celtic designs and creates this beautiful mens ring.

PMC Pro Diamond Necklace – Cool Tools

Learn to fire diamonds in any metal clay. Mardel Rein demonstrates her method for firing genuine diamonds and other heat sensitive stones. Watch as she makes a very simple necklace from PMC PRO and embeds a large diamond in the clay. The diamond survives beautifully!

Quilling with Art Clay Paper Type

Jackie Truty shares the technique for making a scroll work filigree quilled pendant.

Rio Grande YouTube Channel

Have a browse through the advanced metal clay projects video tutorials from Rio Grande. They cover metal clay, bronze clay, copper clay, jewelry making, how to use tools videos, resin, forging metal, stone setting, patination and lots of other things. Well worth a browse.

Silver Art Clay Paper Earrings Tutorial

Learn how to make waterfall flower earrings made from Silver Art Clay Paper.

Single Strand Necklace with Multiple Metal Clay Links

Kristy Walden demonstrates how to create a chain of fine silver links using silver metal clay in this video tutorial. From Fire Mountain Gems.

Syringe Pendant – Cool Tools

Syringe can be used for many things when designing with metal clay. The syringe is the perfect tool for creating ornate and delicate jewelry. In this project video, learn to make a 3-layer PMC Syringe pendant with a few simple tips and techniques.

Syringe Techniques by Lisel Crowley – Cool Tools

Lisel Crowley, Artist and instructor demonstrates multiple uses for the tips that are included with EZ960® Sterling Silver Paste in syringe form. She includes repairing clay, decorating earrings and creating a pair of earrings using only syringe.

USB Flash Drive Tutorial – Metal Clays

Wild Roses Necklace – Cool Tools

Create a beautiful metal clay link necklace using Jewelry Artist Elements textures or other texture. The links feature integrated findings that can be connected with jump rings or rivets. You’ll learn to use how to use a very cool product called Jett Sett (a plastic vice fixturing compound that you just have to have in your studio) to make a delicate rivet very easily.

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