Art Clay Suppliers - International

This page contains links to suppliers of Art Clay branded products. All these suppliers will ship internationally unless otherwise stated. Some of the official distributors are not permitted to ship outside their own country. Links open in a new window. Page content checked January 2018.

Official International Distributors – link to the Aida site.

Australia – Sydney Art School

Cyprus – Metal Clay Cyprus

Denmark and Norway- Ravstedhus ApS

Finland – Art Clay World

Germany – Art Clay World

Hungary – Glass Design

Hong Kong, Macau, Quang Dong – Silverclay Creation

Iceland – Art Clay World

India – Art Clay World

Iran – Art Clay World

Israel – Art Clay World

Italy, Spain – Hobbyland

Korea – Art Clay Silver

New Zealand – Art Clay World

Poland – Art Clay Studio

South Africa – Art Clay Silver South Africa

South East Asia – Art Clay World South East Asia

Switzerland, Austria and France – Creative Glass

Taiwan – Art Clay World

USA, Canada, Mexico – Art Clay World


Resellers and other Suppliers

Belgium – Art Clay Silver Webshop

Supplier of Art Clay Silver, copper and Goldie Bronze and Copper clays. Also sell tools and other supplies.

Belgium – Craftlines

Supplier of Art Clay products.

Belgium – ‘t Klein Idee

Supplier of Art Clay and tools.

Canada – Metal Clay Alchemist

Suppliers of Art Clay, PMC, bronze clay, copper clay, metal clay tools, templates, gems, kilns, books etc. They also offer classes.

Canada – Beadfx

Supplier of beads and findings including fire polished beads, metal beads, pressed glass beads, crystals, stone beads, pearls, art beads, lampwork beads, clasps. Also sell Art Clay and tools.

Czechia, Czech Republic – Rooya

Supplier of Art Clay, tools, beads and threading materials.

Cyprus – Metal Clay Cyprus

Supplier of Art Clay Silver and Art Clay Copper. They also offer classes.

Finland – Hopeasavi

Supplier of Art Clay, bronze and copper clays including Goldie Clay, tools, stones, pearls, general supplies, packaging, metal, books and DVDs.

Germany – Akisa OHG

Supplier of Art Clay, Prometheus Bronze and Copper clay and other jewellery making supplies.

Germany – Art Clay Shop

Supplier of Art Clay, Goldie clays and other supplies.

The Netherlands – Zilverklei

Supplier of Art Clay, copper clay, bronze clay, resin and tools in The Netherlands.

Poland – Planetart

Polish supplier of Art Clay, Goldie Clay, bronze and copper clay, kilns, tools, polymer clay, supplies.

Slovakia – Extras

Art Clay, bronze and copper supplier.

Spain – Arcilla de Metal

Art Clay, PMC and base metal clay supplier, tools and supplies.

Sweden – Art4fun

Art clay supplier.

Switzerland – Emes Shop

Art Clay supplier, also supplies Bronzclay and glass fusing supplies.

Switzerland – Metal Clay

PMC and Art Clay supplier, also supplies bronze and copper clay, tools and stones.

Switzerland – Michel Keramikbedarf

Art Clay supplier who also has ceramic supplies.

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