Art Clay Suppliers in the US

This page contains links to suppliers of Art Clay Silver, ACS and ACS 650. All these suppliers will ship internationally unless otherwise stated. Some of the official distributors are not permitted to ship outside their own country. Links open in a new window. Content checked January 2018.

Official US Distributors from the Aida site.

USA, Canada – Art Clay World

USA, Mexico – Art Clay World America


Resellers and other Suppliers

Art Clay World

This site has lots of information as well as selling Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, Goldie Bronze and Copper, Prometheus Bronze and Copper, Hadar’s Clay, Art Clay and various tools and accessories.

Clay Revolution

Supplier of PMC, Art Clay and Prometheus clays, along with metal clay tools and supplies. Also have their own bronze and copper clay called Five Star Metal Clay.


Supplier of jewellery making tools and supplies. They also supply Art Clay.

Cool Tools

Comprehensive site providing lots of tools, Art Clay and PMC, Metal Magic Clay, Aussie Clay, Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, bronze and copper clays.

Fire Mountain Gems

This is an extremely comprehensive site selling PMC, Art Clay, tools, beads and many other items of use to jewellery makers.

Jewelry Artist Supply

US supplier of Art Clay, PMC, bronze clay, copper clay, tools and other supplies.

Jewelry Material Innovations

Supplier of Accent Gold for Silver™ (AGS), Accent Purple Gold™ and Accent Blue Gold™ and Mineral Accents. Mail order only.

Metal Clays

US supplier of Art Clay, PMC, other brands of silver metal clay, a wide range of bronze and copper clay brands, cutters, textures, tools, ring making molds and supplies.

Metal Clay Supply

Supplier of PMC, Art Clay, various brands of bronze and copper clays, tools, molds, kilns, textures, stones, glass, chain and findings.

New Mexico Clay

Supplier of Art Clay, PMC, Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, cutters, texture plates, tools, kits and Kilns. They also supply the Imagepac Stampmaker kit and supplies. They run classes for beginners in metal clay.

Silver Clay

US supplier of Art Clay, PMC, various brands of bronze and copper clay, tools and supplies.

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