Bronze Metal Clay Suppliers

On this page you will find worldwide bronze clay suppliers across multiple brands. All suppliers will ship internationally unless otherwise stated.

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Page content checked June 2023.

Art Clay Shop – Germany

Supplier of Art Clay, Goldie clays and other supplies.

Art Clay Silver Webshop – Belgium

Supplier of Art Clay Silver, copper and Goldie Bronze and Copper clays. Also sell tools and other supplies.

Art Clay World – US

This site has lots of information as well as selling Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, Goldie Bronze and Copper, Prometheus Bronze and Copper, Hadar’s Clay, Art Clay and various tools and accessories.

Cinter – US

Cinter™ metal clay powder in both bronze and copper varieties was developed by Cindy Morris and is on sale through her Etsy shop.

Clay Revolution – US

Supplier of PMC, Art Clay and Prometheus clays, along with metal clay tools and supplies. Also have their own bronze and copper clay called Five Star Metal Clay.

Cookson Gold – UK

UK supplier with a full range of Art Clay, PMC, copper clay, bronze clay, kits, tool and moulds. Also sell wire and sheet metal, a huge selection of beads, findings and packaging.

Cool Tools – US

Comprehensive site providing lots of tools, Art Clay and PMC, Metal Magic Clay, Aussie Clay, Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, bronze and copper clays.

Emes Shop – Switzerland

Art Clay supplier, also supplies copper clay, Bronzclay™, Copprclay™ and glass fusing supplies.

FYI Copper and Bronze – USA

Supplier of the copper and bronze FYI clays.

Hadar Jacobson – US

Buy Bronze clay, Copper clay, white bronze and rose bronze powder from Hadar’s online shop. You can also download information about how to use these powders, firing instructions etc from this site. You can also buy Hadar’s cold inlay powders.

Hopeasavi – Finland

Supplier of Art Clay, bronze and copper clays, tools, stones, pearls, general supplies, packaging, metal, books and DVDs.

Metal Clay Alchemist – Canada

Suppliers of Art Clay, PMC, bronze clay, copper clay, metal clay tools, templates, gems, kilns, books etc. They also offer classes.

Metal Clay Ltd – UK

Suppliers of Art Clay, Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, a range of other bronze, copper, iron and brass clays, tools, kilns, stones and findings.

Metal Clays – US

US supplier of Art Clay, PMC, other brands of silver metal clay, a wide range of bronze and copper clay brands, cutters, textures, tools, ring making molds and supplies.

Meteor – France

Supplier of Meteor brand silver clay, bronze and copper clay and glass clay, tools and accessories.

New Mexico Clay – USA

Supplier of Art Clay, PMC, Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, cutters, texture plates, tools, kits and Kilns. They also supply the Imagepac Stampmaker kit and supplies. They run classes for beginners in metal clay.

Planetart – Poland

Polish supplier of Art Clay, Goldie Clay, bronze and copper clay, kilns, tools, polymer clay, supplies.

PMC i Sverige – Scandinavia

Official PMC distributor for for Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Also supplies Hadars clay, Bronzclay™ and Copprclay™.

PMC Shop – UK

UK supplier of PMC, Art Clay, bronze clay, copper clay, tools, findings, cutters, textures and tools for working with metal clay.

Prometheus™ Clay – Europe

Buy Prometheus™ Silver Clay, Bronze Clay and Copper Clay from the manufacturer. They also sell tools and accessories.

Rio Grande – US

US based suppliers of Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, carbon, firing pans etc. Also supply metal, wire, tools and accessories.

Silver Clay

US supplier of Art Clay, PMC, various brands of bronze and copper clay, tools and supplies.

Zina Shop – France

Supplier of Goldie Bronze Clay™, cabochons, cubic zirconia and stones