Bronzclay™ and Bronze Clay Tutorials and Guides on Video

This page is packed with bronze clay video tutorials covering all brands of bronze metal clay. It also outlines the evolution of bronze clay brands.

Bronze Clay Evolution

Bronzclay™ was launched at the PMC Conference in July 2008. In July 2010, Fast Fire Bronzclay™ was launched, download a flyer about it here.

Hadar’s clay

Hadar Jacobson sells her own brand of bronze and copper clay in powder form which you mix yourself. You’ll also find information about this form of clay here. She has also developed White Bronze Clay and Rose Bronze Clay, see below.

Prometheus bronze clay

Prometheus™ bronze clay is also available. Developed in Turkey, this bronze clay has a shorter, lower temperature firing schedule without the need for activated carbon. Available as lump clay and in syringe form. You’ll find information about Prometheus™ bronze clay here.

Meteor bronze clay

In December 2010, Meteor bronze clay was launched by a French developer and then Meteor copper clay was released in January 2011. Meteor white bronze clay was launched in July 2011. They also have gold bronze classic, pink bronze classic, white bronze classic, light bronze classic, gold bronze ultrafine, pink bronze ultrafine, white bronze ultrafine, light bronze ultrafine and copper ultrafine.

Creative bronze clay

The PMC Studio in the UK launched Creative Bronze clay on 7th October 2011. This is made in Turkey by the same manufacturer as Prometheus Bronze clay and works the same way, essentially, it’s the same product repackaged.

Goldie bronze clay

Goldie Bronze Clay™ was developed in Poland by Waldo Ilowiecki. The Goldie Bronze Clay is due for launch around September 2012.

Hadar Jacobson launched Brilliant Bronze (golden colored bronze) in September 2012 and Smart Bronze (24k gold colored bronze) in April 2013.

In January 2014, Hadar Jacobson launched Champagne Bronze.

Zab’s bronze clay

Zab’s Bronze metal clay was developed in France.

Aussie bronze clay

Aussie Metal Clay launched in 2014 and became available worldwide in 2015. It is available in a wide range of bronze colours, copper, 960 silver and 999 silver.

Bonschelle bronze clay

Bonschelle Metal Clay powder is a UK brand which comes in bronze only at the moment.

July 2015 – Hadar Jacobson has simplified her product range.

Make your own bronze clay

Want to make your own? Have a look here at our DIY metal clay page!

Bonschelle Metal Clay

This is a short tutorial showing you how to mix Bonschelle Bronze Metal Clay Powder. Once mixed it can be used in the same way as pre-mixed metal clays, costs less and is easier to keep. You can shape it and texture it. You can use the clay to make your own jewellery or artistic designs. Once kiln fired the clay only the metal particles are left giving you a beautiful bronze metal which can be polished or you can add patinas etc.

Bronzclay™ Earrings with Accent Silver – Cool Tools

In this workshop, Mardel Rein shows you how to create a temporary setting for any object that you would like to capture in metal clay. Then you’ll make a mold of the object, and create a pair of earrings in BRONZclay from the mold. Finally, you’ll embellish the earrings with Accent Silver and add a beautiful heat patina.

Bronze Shield Pendant made using BRONZclay metal clay

If you are new to metal clay or bronze clay, this project is great for you!
In this video we talk about BRONZclay characteristics and show you how to make a pendant using a fun texture tile design and a jewelry shape template. From Cool Tools.

Conditioning Prometheus Bronze and Copper Clay – Carrie Story

Carrie Story, of Clay Revolution, teaches you how to properly condition Prometheus Copper and Bronze clays before making your projects.

Dill Weed Pendant – Cool Tools

Learn to create a custom texture plate from natural elements, then use your new texture plate to create a very simple and elegant bronze clay pendant.

Etched Bronze Clay Ring with UV Resin Cabochon by Sabine Alienor Singery

Great video tutorial from Creative Fire and Sabine Alienor Singery. In this workshop she will demonstrate making the bronze clay ring, preparing clay to be used in a Silhouette cutter, using the Etched ringSilhouette cutter to etch the flexible dry clay, assembly and firing of the ring, and lastly using UV resin to create a unique Cabochon.

While this is a complex project…metal clay artists of all levels will enjoy her class.

Firing Bronze Clay – Sabine Alienor

Méthode de cuisson fiable pour les pâtes de bronze
A simple firing method for bronze clays

Firing Prometheus Bronze Clay – Carrie Story

Video tutorial of conventional kiln firing for Prometheus Bronze Clay. This clay can be fired with no carbon and just a small butane torch!

Firing PBC® with Glass Cabochons

Step by step instructions for Firing Prometheus® Bronze Clay with Glass Cabochons.

Goldie Bronze – How to Mix

How to Make a Metal Clay Firing Box from No Flake Foil – Cool Tools

How To Make A BRONZclay™ Pendant

The next step in metal clay: BRONZclay™! Learn how to work with this unique bronze material! A Beads Baubles and Jewels project.

How to mix bronze clay powder – Hadar Jacobson

This tutorial applies to all the metal clays, including copper, bronze and steel, that are in powder form. It shows a foolproof way of preparing the clay from the powder to working consistency.


How to work with Bronzclay™ – Bracelet Project – Rio Grande

How to make a Bronze clay pendant – Rio Grande

Making a Pot or Vessel with a Water Balloon – Lorena Angulo

Meteor Flexible Clay

Nouvelle gamme de pâtes de métal idéale pour plotter de découpe (silhouette cameo, silhouette portrait, Craft Robo). Se découpe également aux ciseaux. Grande flexibilité. Ne contient pas de glycérine.

Musical Bracelet – Rio Grande

Use the properties of bronze to make a bracelet that makes a musical sound.

One Fire Flex Clay Flexibility – Hadar Jacobson

This clip demonstrates the flexibility of Hadar’s Clay™ One-fire Flex Clay. Hadar’s Clay™ One-fire Flex Clays are specialty clays suitable for using with embossing and cutting machines such as the Silhouette Cameo. Unlike the Traditional/Flex clays, One-fire Flex Clays can be fired in one phase only.

Rehydrating Bronzclay™ – Cool Tools

Rio Grande YouTube Channel

Have a browse through the video tutorials from Rio Grande. They cover metal clay, bronze clay, copper clay, jewelry making, how to use tools videos, resin, forging metal, stone setting, patination and lots of other things. Well worth a browse.

Sculpting with Prometheus Bronze Clay – Part 1

This is part one of a two part tutorial on sculpting in 3D with Prometheus Bronze Clay.

Sculpting with Prometheus Bronze Clay – Part 2

This is the second part of the two part sculpting with bronze clay tutorial.

Spiral Earrings

Free Metal Clay Silhouette Project using Hadar Jacobson’s new One Fire Flex Brilliant Bronze by Cindy Pope.

Wild Roses Necklace Project – Cool Tools

Features riveting elements together.

Wing Print Bronzclay™ Earrings with Accent Silver – Cool Tools

Working with Bronzclay™ – Whole Lotta Whimsy

Working with Bronzclay™ – Cool Tools

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