Business Resources - For Teachers of Metal Clay, PMC and Art Clay

The following companies provide useful resources for teachers. Not restricted to metal clay, these resources are general for teachers of all sorts. All links open in a new window.

6 Fantastic Ways to Get the Most out of your Classroom Experience – Tonya Davidson

Tonya outlines some ways you can get even more out of classes you take with some great tips.

Devising PMC Teaching Curriculum

This useful PDF document from the PMC Guild archives gives teachers a guide to setting up PMC training.

School of Everything

Great free site where you can list your classes. Allows students to search for you.

Technology Student

This UK site is aimed at teenagers studying for technology subjects at school. From a teaching perspective, there’s lots of resources you can use with students, particularly if you’re teaching design. Well worth a visit for inspiration as well as solid, well written resources.

Teachers Paradise

This site has an arts and crafts section with lots of useful resources for sale directly from the site.

The Training Shop

UK site offering all kinds of resources for teachers including toys and games, prompt cards, worksheets and a useful consultancy service.