Copprclay™ and Copper Clay Tutorials and Guides on Video

This page has copper clay video tutorials covering all brands of copper metal clay.

Content checked August 2023.

Conditioning Prometheus Bronze and Copper Clay – Carrie Story

Carrie Story, of Clay Revolution, teaches you how to properly condition Prometheus Copper and Bronze clays before making your projects.

Copper Clay Mask – Lorena Angulo

Lovely little video showing how Lorena made a mask using copper clay.

Copprclay Techniques – Rio Grande

Have you tried COPPRclay™ yet? Create COPPRclay earrings featuring an Aegean motif with this Beads, Baubles and Jewels step-by-step tutorial.

Creating a Dragon Design in Copper Clay – Mostly Sweet Jewelry

Mostly Sweet Jewelry filmed this stop motion movie of her most recent project, a dragon. It showcases how she works with copper metal clay to make her original designs.

How to Make a Metal Clay Firing Box from No Flake Foil – Cool Tools

How to mix copper clay powder – Hadar Jacobson

This tutorial applies to all the metal clays, including copper, bronze and steel, that are in powder form. It shows a foolproof way of preparing the clay from the powder to working consistency.

Layered Copper Clay Necklace, beginners project– Cool Tools

One Fire Flex Clay Flexibility – Hadar Jacobson

This clip demonstrates the flexibility of Hadar’s Clay™ One-fire Flex Clay. Hadar’s Clay™ One-fire Flex Clays are specialty clays suitable for using with embossing and cutting machines such as the Silhouette Cameo. Unlike the Traditional/Flex clays, One-fire Flex Clays can be fired in one phase only.

Prometheus® Copper Clay Firing in Activated Carbon

This is a video tutorial for firing Prometheus Copper in activated carbon in a kiln. This clay can be fired without carbon and with a small butane torch.

Rio Grande YouTube Channel

Have a browse through the video tutorials from Rio Grande. They cover metal clay, bronze clay, copper clay, jewelry making, how to use tools videos, resin, forging metal, stone setting, patination and lots of other things. Well worth a browse.

Torch Firing Prometheus Copper Clay – Prometheus