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10 Mistakes that Stop Your Creative Business in its Tracks

Can you turn your passion into a business? To be successful, you need to have a workable plan and put it into action. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that artists make, which become business killers.

12 Most Inspired Online Resources to Spark Creativity

Great list of places online to go if you are seeking creative inspiration. Think outside the box when exploring these resources – inspiration can come from the most unusual places!

32 Traits of Creative People

Great article by Robert Alan Black about creative thinking. It includes a quiz for you to discover your own creative traits and lots of explanation.

5 Free Online Web Apps to Show Off Your Artwork

Online apps have added a new dimension to the visual, audio, and other creative arts. Paintbrush has taken over from the paint brush. A new breed of web-savvy graphic designers and animators is more at ease with the mouse than the easel. The cool thing about many web applications for creating art online is that not only are they sophisticated, they are free as well. On this page are five free online web applications for showing off your artwork.

9 of the Best Ways to Boost Creative Thinking

Great article to help overcome blocks and kick start your creativity from Lifehacker.

9 Warning Signs of an Amateur Artist

Thought provoking article about being a ‘serious’ artist.

Adobe Color

Fun website which allows you to play with colour.

Beat Fear and Live Creatively

Any activity where you put your work “out there” can be terrifying. You are suddenly open to criticism from people you really don’t know…especially if you post on the internet.

Sometimes faceless strangers can make unkind remarks, but you must realize that the remarks they make are about themselves, and usually have nothing to do with your own work. You are sharing your creation, and something you are proud of, your own first-born. Positive comments will outnumber the negative ones, so focus on the positive ones. Read more….

The Creative Process – An Artist in Brooklyn

Interesting blog exploring the creative process, blocks to creativity and other topics you may find useful.

Creativity Portal

This great website has a huge amount of articles, stories, tips and hints about creativity and innovation. It includes projects for adults and children. You could spend a serious amount of time on this site exploring!

John Cleese on the Five Factors to Make Your Life More Creative

Great food for thought and some really helpful suggestions on creativity.

Just Creative Design

This page has a nice article about how to boost your creativity. Lots of exercises to try and methods to change your way of thinking. Short but with great content.

The Organized Artist Company

The Organized Artist Company is designed to help creative people:-

  • prioritize
  • decide
  • create a project plan
  • follow-through on the plan, adapting as necessary
  • quit being so infernally hard on themselves

It’s time to spend some time on the work you love most.


Visual brainstorming tool. Enter a word and Wordstorm will present a number of related words – really good for overcoming blocks to your creativity.

Making Time to Create

Great video about creativity, well worth watching.