Cutters and Stencils for Metal Clay

This page lists cutter and stencil suppliers around the world, we all need cutters and stencils, right? They all ship worldwide unless otherwise stated. In addition to these suppliers, most of the metal clay suppliers also provide cutters. Page content checked June 2018.

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Ann Pickard – UK

UK supplier of sugarcraft cutters and tools. Also have some tutorials on the website.

Blue Ribbons – UK

UK supplier. Good selection of cutters for a variety of sugarcraft applications. These can very easily be used with metal clay.

Cake Links – UK

UK supplier of all things for cake making. They have a great selection of cutters that are perfect for metal clay.

Cakes, Cookies and Crafts Shop – UK

This UK based site has a large selection of cutters. These are mainly for sugarcraft and can easily be used with metal clay. Lots of themes.

Cheap Cookie Cutters – US

US supplier of cookie cutters. They have over 2000 different cookie cutters making them one of if not THE LARGEST cookie cutter company online.  They pride themselves on having the largest selection, shipping quickly, and always giving the best customer service.

Craft Cellar – UK

UK craft supplier with a variety of cutters and moulds.

Craft Mill – UK

UK supplier of craft items including cutters and tools.

Ecstacy Crafts – US

US site selling a large selection of craft items. They have a good range of punches which are perfect to use with paper type metal clay. They also have a large range of stencils.

Fine Cut Sugarcraft Products – UK

UK sugarcraft online store with a large selection of cutters.

FMM Catering and Sugarcraft Equipment – UK, EU

Wide variety of interesting cutters, some with embossing textures included. US site.

Gemcuts – Australia

Supplier of jewellery making and metal clay tools, findings, lapidary equipment and templates for metal clay.

G. F. Art Studio – Russia

Tools for polymer clay and metal clay including cutters and textures.

Global Sugar Art – USA

US supplier of molds and cookie cutters which are relevant to metal clay artists.

Isomars Drawing Instruments – India

This Indian company supply a large number of stencils, some specifially designed for jewellery makers and metal clay artists. Ships worldwide.

Lindy’s Cakes – UK

UK site with a good selection of cutters for cake decorating. Great to use with metal clay.

Metal Clay Alchemist – Canada

Suppliers of Art Clay, PMC, bronze clay, copper clay, metal clay tools, templates, gems, kilns, books etc. They also offer classes.

Metal Clays – US

US supplier of Art Clay, PMC, Bronze and Copper clay, cutters, textures, tools, ring making molds and supplies.

Metalclaystudio – Russia

This Etsy store has unusual shaped cutter sets and texture mats. Very good reviews for the products and the customer service.

Metal Clay Studios – Germany and Europe

Metal Clay Artist Ingrid Wild – Supplier of PMC, BRONZclay, COPPRclay, Hadar’s Clay, metal clay related tools and supplies, specialist in textures, kiln firing service for all clays, monthly studio sessions  – located in Munich, Germany, shipping to everywhere in Europe. German language site which can also be viewed in English.

Metal Clay Supply – US

US supplier of PMC, Art Clay, Bronzclay, Copprclay, tools, molds, kilns, textures, stones, glass, chain and findings.

New Mexico Clay – US

Supplier of Art Clay, PMC, Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, cutters, texture plates, tools, kits and Kilns. They also supply the Imagepac Stampmaker kit and supplies. They run classes for beginners in metal clay.

PMC Shop – UK

UK supplier of PMC, Art Clay, Bronze clay, tools, findings, cutters, textures and tools for working with metal clay.

The PMC Studio – UK

The official distributor of PMC for the UK supplies Precious Metal Clay, Prometheus Bronze and Copper Clay, tools, stones, photopolymer plates and kilns. Also run PMC Certification training. The PMC Studio also offers wholesale discounts.

Polymer Clay Superstore – US

US supplier of polymer clay who also stock lots of tools, molds, textures and cutters.

Rainbow Sugarcraft – UK

UK site with a good selection of cutters, lots of flowers and leaves, also dogs and cats, fairy, teddy and shapes.

Shades of Clay – Canada

Unusual designs of rubber stamps made by Helen Breil, a Canadian supplier. Also supply cutters and tools.

Shop for Art – The Netherlands

Supplier of Art Clay Silver, Gold and Copper, Prometheus Bronze and Copper Clay, cutters, stamps, kilns, beads, tools and supplies.

Sugarshack – UK

UK supplier of a wide range of cutters.

Windsor Craft Ltd – UK

Sugarcraft and cake making supplier with a wide range of moulds and cutters plus other tools perfect for working with metal clay.

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