General Business Resources

On this page you’ll find useful resources for your business. If you find something you think should be on this page, please let us know through the contact page. Content checked June 2020.

Arts Business Institute

The Arts Business Institute is an educational nonprofit that partners with regional art guilds, educational institutions and development organizations through the United States and Canada to produce business education workshops for artists in all stages of their careers.


Organize your stash and accurately price your work with BeadEnCounter Beading and Craft Organization software.

BeadEnCounter works just as well for any craft, or for multimedia art assemblies. Enter beads, paper, wire, found objects, paint, fibers, or anything you use in your craft art! Enter finished work to produce catalogs or invoices, even if components are low or no-cost.

BeadEnCounter promotes organization with minimal work. Components of finished work are entered with a simple click from a list of entered inventory, and the cost is automatically calculated.

The Business Bakery

The Business Bakery is all about helping you make a Healthy Income from your handmade, boutique or intentionally-small business. We think that making a ‘Healthy Income’ is super-important. While a handmade, boutique or intentionally-small business might not be able to make oodles of money it also shouldn’t make its owner work a slew of hours to scrape a living. The thing is it doesn’t have to be. YOU can earn a Healthy Income from your business. And the Business Bakery is going to show you how….

Business Survival Toolkit

Whether you are self-employed, run a small creative team, or manage a cultural business of two hundred people, this toolkit is for you. It offers hands-on tools to help with the big decisions arts, heritage and creative organisations make every day.

Looking to start up a new creative business? Wondering how to build a marketing strategy? Need help with governance or fundraising issues? This toolkit is here to help you act now.

copying articleCopy-Cats

Useful article from Creative Fire about copying other artist’s work.

“No one likes a copycat”….in fact I’d rather the word was stronger when it comes to artists stealing ideas from artists. Will you stop seeing derivatives of artists’ work? “If you copy someone’s else, that is a derivative work. It doesn’t belong in a gallery or showcase and it should not be published anywhere—this includes your website and all social media.” -Sean McCabe (quote from video). Click the link above to read more.

Copyright for Artists

This copyright article is useful for any artist worried about people copying their work or whether they can teach or sell something they’ve seen elsewhere.

Copyright Protection of Jewelry

Information on copyright law in the USA.

Copyright Thieves

Useful check list of things to be aware of when putting your work online.

Crafters Guide to Creative Business Planning 

Building your crafting enterprise as a new business owner is exciting. It is an opportunity to mold your business identity, explore the different ways of reaching your customers, and figure out how to best operate your business. But it can sometimes also be overwhelming. During those moments, it is important to stay focused and learn from the many different entrepreneurs and organizations that have taken the time to offer up their expertise to a new generation of crafter. No matter what phase of business growth you may be in, you can use the resources on this website to better your crafting business and create an effective business and marketing strategy.

Creating A Collection

Creating a collection is one of the most important decisions you can make as a creative to make your business more sustainable, both financially and emotionally! It’s often the moment that your ‘hobby’ mindset will turn into a creative business mindset. This two-part article from the Design Trust has a great step-by-step exercise to help you create a coherent collection. Part 2 is here.

Creative Enterprise Toolkit

This enterprise resource toolkit contains tried and tested methods for teaching enterprise skills to creative individuals who are thinking about setting up a business.

Starting a business can be daunting, that’s why Nesta created the Creative Enterprise Toolkit – a step-by-step interactive resource to help you plan, build, communicate and launch your new creative business.

Do you Protect your Work – Tonya Davidson

Useful article from Tonya Davidson’s blog about copyright and how to protect your work from being copied.

Federation of Small Businesses

This UK based trade association is a little expensive to join but the range of benefits may well be worth the cost.

Harriete Estel Berman Professional Guidelines

The Professional Guidelines have been developed as a reference to help everyone in the arts and crafts community learn how to handle common but important situations that may arise. These documents are basic tools for improved and equitable business practices, leading toward more standard professional practices.

Jeweler Profit

There are lots of useful resources for jewelers selling their work on this site. Sign up for the tips newsletter.

Jewellers Academy

Online classes, resources, advice and information about starting a jewellery business. Based in the UK but with a global reach, this is a great place to start if you want to make jewelry making your business.

Jewelry Making Journal

This is a great site for anyone who wants to start up a home jewellery business. It covers a huge range of topics. Well worth browsing.

Jewelry Sales Training

This website has some useful free articles about selling jewelry and promoting your store.


This is a UK based printing company who supply great business cards, postcards etc. The card stock is really good quality and they will provide short print runs. You can print lots of different images in the same business card pack so you can have a variety of different business cards, showing the range of your work. Although this company are UK based, they deliver anywhere in the world. Everything can be done online and their website is incredibly easy to use.

Pricing for a Profitable Business

Useful blog post with a breakdown of things to include when you are pricing your work.

Pricing Happiness Part 1 – Arianne Foulks

It can be so hard to set pricing for your work, whether you provide a service or sell products. You want to charge what seems “fair,” you want to position yourself correctly among your competitors, you want customers to continue to purchase from you, and of course you want to earn a living. The first part of this two part article will give you some food for thought about how you price your work.

Pricing Happiness Part 2 – Arianne Foulks

You’re at the point where you know you should raise your pricing, and you want to do so – but now you’re holding yourself back with many worries. Women are especially prone to these type of worries, and I’d like to break them down and debunk them for you. This the second part of Arianne Foulks informative article.

Simply Docs

This is a UK site providing standard documentation for businesses. There are some documents that are free and others that require you to buy a subscription.

Small Business Administration

This is a useful resource for setting up and running a business in the US.


If you are just starting up a metal clay training or jewelry business or even thinking about it, this website will help you. It contains lots of useful information about starting up a business in the UK.

Tips on Starting a Jewelry Business

Many people choose to sell their jewelry at craft shows and markets, but there are several considerations to make when deciding to make it into a business. Certain supplies are needed and competition can be fierce. Making a jewelry business stand out among the many that exist can be challenging, but providing options such as store-front as well as website sales is one way to set a jewelry business apart from the others.

Turning Your Hobby into a Business

Article from the BBC with tips and hints about turning your hobby into a full time business.


WIZEgen is a web-based application, that enables everyone the option to design their own personalized jewelry. It has all you need to design easily and instantly. Intuitive user interface and rich and advanced functions still easy to use.