Gold Metal Clay Tutorials and Guides

You’ll find gold metal clay tutorials and guides on this page.

Gold metal clay has been available for a long time but in January 2011, 14k Rose Gold Metal Clay was introduced.

Gold metal clay

14k Rose Gold Metal Clay

Michelle Glaeser has introduced 14k Rose Gold Clay to the Metal Clay community. It can be bought from Michelle’s Etsy shop.

Gold metal clay

This clay needs to be fired in a kiln with carbon. She recommends firing silver/gold clays in the first step, then adding Rose Gold Clay for the second firing in carbon. The kit available from Michelle’s Etsy shop includes Cool Tools No-Flake Firing Kit and Carbon with firing instructions! Works like any of the metal clays! Shrinkage about 15%.




Gold metal clay tutorials

PMC Gold Clay Information Sheet

This information sheet is available from the PMC Guild archive on the Rio Grande website.

Tips on using PMC Gold

Downloadable gold metal clay tutorial with FAQ’s about using PMC Gold.

Art Clay 22k Gold Paste Instructions

Downloadable gold metal clay tutorial for using Art Clay gold paste. 

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