Sponsor the Metal Clay Academy

The Metal Clay Academy is a not for profit resource and relies on sponsorship to deliver its mission. The website traffic is growing daily and we are also investing in advertising the site. If you would like to sponsor the MCA, please read on.

Sponsorship Details

Sponsorship of the Metal Clay Academy is on a three month cycle. You can sponsor the MCA for a three month period at a cost of $200. Sponsors appear on every page of the website in the left hand column. You can submit a simple text link, a logo or a small jpeg image (150px x 240px).

Every three months we’ll automatically take another payment from you unless you let us know you want to cancel your sponsorship.

When you have paid your subscription, you’ll receive an email confirmation from Paypal.

You’ll need to send us a 150px (wide) x 240px (high) jpeg image or a text link and let us know the website address you want this linked to.

Click to sponsor the MCA for three months – $200

Featured Events

Our Events page lists metal clay related events for free. If you would like your event featured in the right hand column of every page, you can pay for this below. It costs $50 per event and it will be listed until the event runs after which it will be removed.

Once you have paid through the Paypal link below, you will be contacted to provide an image and a website link to your event page or booking site. 

Click to pay for a Featured Event – $50

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