Information about PMC Flex

This page has resources for working with PMC Flex which was launched on 22nd September 2014. 

PMC Flex is one of the newer clays to be introduced to the metal clay community. It is based on PMC3 but has a slightly different formulation. It has a long working time making it ideal for beginners, complex projects or delicate work. It is compatible with PMC3 and the two can be used in projects together.

One of the key properties of Flex is that is remains flexible after it has dried. This presents metal clay artists with many opportunities and makes it ideal for using with cutting machines and paper punches.

Flex can be used to make components like textured sheet, snakes or punched shapes for later use. These remain flexible for several days. When you are ready to sand or carve the clay, you’ll need to dry it by heating to 149C/300°F for about 20 minutes. Once you’ve heated it, you can no longer flex it.

Firing and finishing is the same as for all other fine silver clays.

Content checked July 2018.

Can Flex be combined with PMC Sterling to make 960 Flex Sterling?

Blog post by Janet Alexander for Corner Stone from the PMC Connection.

PMC Flex review

Useful review of working with this clay from Cooksongold.

Testing Flex Clay

Blog post by Janet Alexander for Corner Stone from the PMC Connection.

Testing PMC Flex Clay – Using the Cameo Silhouette

This clay has some great qualities. The obvious is that it is flexible for a long period of time, making it perfect for cutting out on the Cameo Silhouette machine. This blog post by Janet Alexander explores this.

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