Metal Clay Kiln Suppliers

On this page you’ll find kiln suppliers worldwide. Kilns are used to fire metal clay. International shipping is possible but may be very expensive. You should also consider the power requirements of kilns bought outside your own country. This page also contains specialist suppliers of torches. Content checked in February 2021.

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ABR Imagery – US

US based Art Clay supplier. Also sells tools, stones, findings, components, glass, resin, carving tools, molds, wire, jump rings, chain and kilns.

The Alchemy Group – US

PMC and bronze clay classes in Arlington, Texas, and they are also kiln suppliers.

Amaco – US

US supplier of glass, glass tools, casting and slumping molds and warm glass kits. Also sells general craft items including polymer clay tools and supplies, kiln suppliers who also offer kiln supplies, ceramic clay and supplies.

Anything in Stained Glass – NJ, US

US supplier of glass for fusing and lampworking. They are also kiln suppliers of Evenheat and Olympic kilns. They have a retail store in NJ

Bailey Ceramic Supply – Kingston, NY

US supplier of PMC, ceramic supplies, tools, kits and kilns. Online sales or visit their shop.

Clay King – USA

Supplier of PMC, Bronze clay, tools, kiln suppliers and kiln supplies.

Continental Clay Company – USA

Supplier of PMC, polymer clay, molds, glass, kilns, tools and supplies.

Cool Tools – USA

Supplier of everything to do with working with metal clay including being kiln suppliers.

Corby Kilns – UK

Supplier of kilns, kiln furniture, fibre paper etc, and enamelling supplies.

Creative Glass – Rochester, Kent, UK

UK supplier of Art Clay, tools, textures, moulds, kilns, wire, findings and stones. Online sales and a retail outlet. They also run Art Clay classes.

Delphi Glass – US

Supplier of Art Clay, PMC, Bronze Clay, Copper Clay, tools, glass, wire, findings, kilns.

Designs by Sylvanye – US

US kiln suppliers of the microwave kiln as well as kiln packages, repair and recharge kits.

Electric Kilns – UK

UK kiln suppliers of low-cost table-top kilns, such as the UltraLite Kiln, the Kitiki Mini-Kiln, and the Paragon BlueBird, Caldera, FireFly, Fusion 6, Fusion 7, Home Artist, SC-2, SC-3, and Xpress.

Evenheat Kilns – USA

Kiln suppliers and manufacturers. Site contains details of the kiln range, downloadable manuals, distributors and other useful information.

Hobby Ceramicraft – UK

UK supplier of ceramic supplies who sell a variety of kilns of all sizes.

Hobbyland – Italy

Suppliers of a variety of kilns for ceramics, glass and metal clay. Site is in Italian.

Jewel Toolcraft – UK

UK supplier of jewellery tools, beads and cabochons, enamelling supplies, findings, kilns, metal and wire. Also supplies PMC kits.

Kiln Care – UK

Kiln suppliers. Efco kilns are German built and can be purchased direct from UK stock through this distributor.

Kitiki – UK and Europe

Supplier of kilns to the UK and Europe. 

Metal Clay Alchemist – Canada

Suppliers of Art Clay, PMC, bronze clay, copper clay, metal clay tools, templates, gems, kilns, books etc. They also offer classes.

Metal Clay Ltd – UK

Suppliers of Art Clay, Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, tools, kilns, stones and findings.

Metal Clay Supply – US

US supplier of PMC, Art Clay, Bronzclay, Copprclay, tools, molds, kilns, textures, stones, glass, chain and findings.

New Mexico Clay – US

Supplier of Art Clay, PMC, Bronzclay™, Copprclay™, cutters, texture plates, tools, kits and Kilns. They also supply the Imagepac Stampmaker kit and supplies. They run classes for beginners in metal clay.

Northern Kilns – UK

UK kiln suppliers with a wide range of kilns.

Paragon Kilns – UK

Kiln suppliers of Paragon BlueBird, Caldera, Dragon, EzBeader, FireFly, Fusion, GL, Home Artist, Iguana, Janus, Ovation, Pearl, SC-2, SC-3, SNF, TNF, Viking, Vulcan, and Xpress. They will deliver throughout Europe.

Paragon Kilns – USA

Useful site from the manufacturer of Paragon Kilns. This site has lots of interesting information about the kilns and fantastic support resources like instruction manuals and troubleshooting guides.

Prometheus – Turkey

Art, hobby and craft supplier based in Turkey and supplying Europe. Suppliers of metal clay tools, enamelling supplies, kilns, glass tools, findings, metal and wire.

Sheffield Pottery – US

Suppliers of kilns and pottery supplies. The kilns they supply can be used for metal clay and glass.

Specialist Crafts – UK

UK supplier of art and craft materials, beads, metal and wire, findings, cold enamel and resin, tools and kilns, enamels and cord.

Tabletop Furnace Company – USA

At just 12 lbs, the RapidFire Pro front-loading kilns are the ideal solution for artists looking for an ultra-portable firing unit without sacrificing the power, performance, and features needed to manage projects.  

Technical Supermarket – UK

UK supplier of kilns, polishers and other useful tools for metal clay artists.

Tempsford Glass – UK

UK supplier of glass fusing supplies, glass and kilns.

Tuffnell Glass – UK

UK supplier of glass bead making equipment, tools, torches, moulds, glass rods – Effetre, Vetrofond, Czech, ASK104, Reichenbach, Northstar, Boro – frits, kilns, beads, findings, books, DVD’s and packaging.

Warm Glass – UK

UK supplier of kilns, glass fusing supplies.

Web Crafts – UK

UK supplier of tools, beads, stones, cabochons, wire and metal.

Zilver Klei – Netherlands

Supplier of metal clay, tools and accessories including kilns.