Information and Tutorials

On these pages you’ll find a large variety of metal clay information and tutorials, resources and guides. There’s lots of metal clay information on the internet but not all of it is well put together or accurate. Julia Rai is an experienced metal clay teacher, author and artist. She vets every resource that is added to the site for accuracy. You will only find good quality resources, guides and information on the Metal Clay Academy website. 

In this area you’ll find the metal clay information divided down into categories for easy access. Beginners information is in one area and more advanced metal clay artists have another area. This contains more complex projects and more advanced information sources. 

There are also resources for other materials which are useful when you are working with metal clay. A good example of this is polymer clay. You can you add polymer clay to your fired metal clay pieces to add colour and interest. But you can also learn how to make interesting designs from polymer clay moulding techniques. Making flowers is an example of this as the working properties of polymer and metal clay are similar. Metal clay dries out more quickly but you can practice a technique in polymer clay, perfect it and then use it with metal clay.

If you find any metal clay information or jewelry making tutorials or guides you think are good, let us know. Or maybe you’ve written one that you’d like to submit to us. Please let us know by using our contact page.

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