Advanced Metal Clay Information

This page has links to advanced metal clay information and guides. You’ll find information about metal clay for intermediate and advanced users. Content checked July 2021.

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AMCAW Learning Center

The Alliance for Metal Clay Arts Worldwide (AMCAW) have lots of information for all skill levels in their learning center. Members also have access to tutorials and presentations by top metal clay artists from all over the world. Membership costs $60 for a year.

Metal Clay Connections – Water Etching, Carving, Negative Space

July 2007 newsletter focusing on water etching, carving, negative space and more. Highlights include comprehensive and informative articles about water etching by Alice Alper-Rein, Linda Kline, Lora Hart and Mickey Stuewe. There’s a useful tutorial about making advanced metal clay D-shaped prongs from Deirdre Gan and an informative article from Margaret Schindel about her Squidoo Metal Clay Lenses. There’s also an article about negative space from Linda Bernstein.

Ringmaker Usage Instructions

This handout was created by Yasutaka Kita. It shows how to use the PMC Ringmaker. It has very good pictures to illustrate how to use the ringmaker.

Ring sizing chart for Art Clay

Very useful guide from Art Clay World.

Screw Type Brooch Finding

Useful advanced metal clay tutorial from Art Clay World.