Advanced Metal Clay Projects Tutorials

On this page you’ll find advanced metal clay projects project and guides for more advanced users of metal clay. Content checked July 2021.

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AMCAW Tutorial Collections

The Alliance for Metal Clay Arts Worldwide (AMCAW) have lots of information for all skill levels in their learning center. Members also have access to tutorials and presentations by top metal clay artists from all over the world. Membership costs $60 for a year.

Grass pendantAngela B. Crispin – Grass Pendant

Nice tutorial for a shaped pendant using bread as a core. The bonus is that this tutorial is bi-lingual, in English and French. Intermediate level tutorial.

Art Clay World Project Sheets

Download a number of great projects for beginners and more advanced metal clay artists.

Bezel Setting in a Magnetic Locket by Wanaree Tanner

Very detailed tutorial for making a locket in silver metal clay which includes a bezel set enamelled panel. This is a very complicated and advanced metal clay project but brilliantly explained by Wanaree with loads of tips and hints.

Bisque Beads and Metal Clay Project by Patrik Kusek for Aftosa

Great tutorial showing you the variety of things you can do when adding metal clay to bisque beads.

Cool Tools Learning Centre

Beginner, intermediate and advanced metal clay projects free to download.

Helen Foster TurnerDaisies Pendant Tutorial

Download this great tutorial by Helen Foster-Turner at London Metal Clay, using Prometheus Silver 950 Clay.


Donut braceletDonut Linked Bracelet by Hadar Jacobson

Interlock textured, flat links for a deceptively svelte bracelet. It’s from Art Jewelery Magazine.


Earring postsEarring Posts made with Fine Silver

Interesting tutorial from Deb Fitz.


Tea ringEmerald Tea Ring using PMC Pro

In this workshop, Mardel Rein shows you how to create a delicate ring using only 3 grams of PMC PRO silver alloy clay, the Emerald Tea Ring is low cost and as durable as sterling silver. Create fine jewelry using PMC PRO that stands up to daily wear. View a video of this project here.


Hearts and bonesHearts and Bones Pendant

This project will teach you to combine wet and dry components, build custom connectors and some basic wire forming. The finished pendant weighs 13.2 grams.Can be made with any kind of metal clay. From Cool Tools

Silver fuschiaHow to make a fuschia tutorial

Pretty fuschia tutorial using a special cutter from PMC Studio.

Rose tutorialHow to make a rose tutorial

Nicely illustrated tutorial on how to make a metal clay rose from the PMC Studio

RingsMaggie Bergman – Ring with Cubic Zirconia

Well illustrated tutorial for intermediate metal clay artists.

Married metalsMary Ellin D’Agostino – Alloying Silver and Copper Metal Clays

In this tutorial Mary Ellin shows how to combine silver and copper clays to create alloys and “married metal” projects.  She has developed this technique through extensive experimentation and testing.


Mixed media pendantMixed Media Necklace

A stacked collage of textures and colors inspired by mixed metals. This is a great project for the little scraps and odd pieces looking for a home from PMC Connection.

Modify a Texture to suit your Creative Vision by Patrik Kusek for Aftosa

Well presented tutorial for intermediate level metal clay artists. Create a pretty pendant by modifying textures. 

BraceletOpposites Attract Bracelet by Irina Miech

Create a charming pendant and bracelet duo of metal clay, wire, and mother-of-pearl beads. Designed by Irina Miech, this pair flows soft and hard aesthetics into one tasteful design. It’s from Art Jewelery Magazine. 

Faux bone and PMC pendantPMC and Faux Bone™ Project by Robert Dancik

Step by step guide to making a pendant with PMC and Faux Bone™. From the Ganoksin website.

Neckpiece by Linda Kaye MosesProcess for Making a Neckpiece – Linda Kaye Moses

This is a step by step account of Linda’s process for designing and creating a wonderful neckpiece. Lots to learn here from a true master.


BraceletSerpentine Splendor

An innovative connection technique brings form and flexibility to this metal-clay bracelet. It’s from Art Jewelery Magazine. 

swirling leaf necklaceSwirling Leaf Necklace by Noel Yovovich

Inspired by ancient “torques,” rigid collars that open in the front, this delicate, contemporary necklace has come a long way from its heavy, classical roots. Metal clay leaves attached to sterling silver and then decorated with Keum Boo. It’s from Art Jewelery Magazine. 

Water Etching Tutorial by Patrik Kusek for Aftosa

Advanced level tutorial with a project using water etching.

Wild roses pendantWild Roses Necklace

Create a beautiful metal clay link necklace using Jewelry Artist Elements textures or other texture. The links feature integrated findings that can be connected with jump rings or rivets. You’ll learn to use a very cool product called Jett Sett (a plastic vice fixturing compound that you just have to have in your studio) to make a delicate rivet very easily. View a video of this project here