Steel Clay Tutorials

Hadar Jacobson has developed Steel Clay and Pearl Grey Steel clay in powder form. Pearl Grey XT is the new generation of Pearl Grey Steel introduced in July 2011. It can be use in the same way as the previous generation (in combination with other metals), but when used on its own it is stronger and more resistant than the previous generation, and the surface is smoother and easier to sand.

In June 2012, Hadar Jacobson introduced Low Shrinkage Quick-fire Steel XT which shrinks only 10%, like Hadar’s Quick-fire copper. This makes it easy to work with on its own, as well as in combination with other metals. 

In July 2015 Hadar Jacobson launched one fire flex low shrinkage steel clay.

Meteor Clay also have a steel variety.

Content checked July 2021.

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Bulls eye earringsBulls Eye Earrings – Hadar Jacobson

Tutorial combining Hadar’s bronze, copper and steel clays and using the ClayMill Metal Clay Extruder.


PendantCat’s Eye Ladder (A Project for the ClayMill Extruder) – Hadar Jacobson

Another project from Hadar which uses the large sized ClayMill Extruder. Using Hadar’s brand of Bronze, Copper and Steel metal clay’s, you can make a mokume gane type pattern and form into beautiful jewelry.

champagne bronze pendantChampagne Bronze and Steel in Black and Gold Colors – Hadar Jacobson

One thing that was impossible to do before the One-fire Trio is to fire bronze and steel together to get the amazing contrast between black and gold colors. Here is a project for this combination, which is now easy thanks to the One-fire Trio. The clays used are Champagne Bronze and Low-shrinkage Steel XT.



Finishing Fired Metal Clay – Hadar Jacobson

Hadar says, ” Even if you are familiar with the finishing process, I suggest that you read it through to refresh your memory. I have been teaching it ever since I started teaching silver clay in the year 2000, but sometimes we get to the finishing part at the end of the workshop, when people are tired and ready to go home. I also recommend it for anyone who intends to take a workshop with me in the future. It will give you a better idea of what to expect.”

Hadar Jacobson – Compatibility of Hadar’s Metal Clays

Great overview of the firing schedules for mixed metal clays using Hadar’s range of bronze and copper clays.

Instruction Manual for Hadar’s Clay™ Quick-fire Copper, Bronze, Pearl Grey Steel, Steel, and White Bronze – Hadar Jacobson

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about working with Hadar’s base metal clays. It replaces all the previous guides and contains a quick reference guide which is perfect for your studio wall or to give to students.

Mokume ganeMokume Gane without an Extruder – Hadar Jacobson

The three clays which create the pattern of colors are Friendly Bronze, Friendly Copper, and Pearl Grey SteelXT. Most of the mokume-gane techniques in metal clay are done with an extruder. Here is a beginners’ project for mokume-gane which does not require an extruder. It is a downloadable PDF called “Twist and Slice.”

Understanding Metal Clay – Hadar Jacobson

Very useful and informative article by Hadar. It explains the sintering process that all metal clays go through during firing. Hadar demystifies the alchemy of metal clay firing and talks about all types of metal clay.