Jewelry Making Tutorials

This page has links to jewelry making tutorials and guides. You’ll find information for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Content checked June 2018.

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5 spiral necklaceAll about Aluminium

Learn how to work with aluminium in this techniques tutorial from Making Jewellery Magazine.

air dry clay ringsAir Dry Clay Jewellery

Here are the simple instructions to show you how to use two-part epoxy clay to make a crystal embedded ring. This clay can be embedded with crystal chatons and other items, no need for glue or baking in the oven.

Argentium Technical Guide – Rio Grande

Great guide to using Argentium Sterling Silver. This pfd is a practical guide to using this anti-oxidizing, anti-fire scale Sterling alloy that is extremely tarnish resistant.

Balling Silver Wire

Great technique for creating Sterling silver wire balls without the wrinkles. From Lora Hart at PMC Connection.

Basic wire jewelry skills

Very thorough and easy to follow instructions of basic wireworking skills with good pictures. Includes how to make single eye pins, double eye pins, wrapped eye pins, jump rings, spirals, clasps and coils.

Beachcomber necklaceBeachcomber Necklace

Weathered copper-effect pebbles, shells and sea-glass combine with natural colours to make this multi-strand necklace. The piece combines weathered verdigis copper-effect pebbles and shells together with knotted hemp string, a faux suede thong in tan and cream and Amazonite beads in sea-glass shades with a wire wrapped sea-glass focal.

Beading Daily – Fusing Silver

Download this pdf tutorial about fusing fine silver jumprings. Clearly shows the process for fusing.

berry cluster earringsBerry Cluster Earrings – Fusion Beads

Easy and effective cluster earrings.




perfect fit bezelBezel Making – Ganoksin

Joints that fit well make soldering a snap. The next time you need to solder or fuse a bezel, try using a separating disc, which has even abrasive sides, to slice through the bezel stock first. This quick procedure minimizes gaps and ensures a perfect connection.


Daisy castingCasting Organics – Carina Rossner

Great step by step tutorial on how to turn flowers or leaves into sterling silver cast pieces. Clear photos and good descriptions.

bracelet catchesCatches – Ganoksin

The first requirement of all catches is that they secure neckpieces and bracelets in such a way that they will not fall off the wearer. Once this is accomplished, there are other concerns that should be addressed. Read more in this illustrated article.

Christi Friesen

You can buy Christi Friesen’s work from this site as well as the products she uses. You can also buy downloadable tutorials. Some are free to download so it’s well worth a visit.

gate claspClasp – Art Bead Scene

Create a wire hook and eye clasp to use with a multi-strand design.


collar necklaceCollar Style Necklace and Earrings Set

This pretty set is made with Swarovski ELEMENTS and seed beads by Maura Buckner, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®


etched stamped metalCopper Etching Tutorial

It is easy to etch your own designs into metal for jewelry. This tutorial will teach you how!


crochet flowersCrochet Flowers Necklace

Chain and crochet flower necklace.



daffodil necklace beadsDaffodil Necklace

A host of golden daffodils nodding in a gentle breeze is a sure sign that spring has arrived at last. By Linzi Alford for Making Jewellery Magazine.


dapped brass earringsDap and Dome Metal Jewelry

Simply place your metal piece in the block and use a hammer (preferably brass) to repeatedly tap the punch into the metal.

crystal earringsDIY Crystal Earrings

Easy crystal earrings made with ready set rhinestones.


acorn necklaceDIY Memory Necklace

While this is obviously a tutorial to make your own acorn necklace,why not take the idea and create your own inspiring piece to keep you going when things look tough.

double strand necklaceDouble Strand Necklace and Earring Set

Double-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Swarovski Crystal and Gunmetal-Finished “Pewter” and Epoxy Pendant from Fire Mountain Gems.



Earring Wire Guidelines

Useful tutorial with lots of tips for making your own ear wires.

loop earwiresEarwires Tutorial – Sian Hamilton

Head and eye pins come in a variety of lengths but Sian usually uses a standard wire dimension, which fits very nicely through the ear for earwires. Here she will show you how to take a pair of head and eye pins and turn them into unique earwires to make your earrings have that extra special finish.

earwiresEarring Wires with a Secure Catch

Karen Dougherty, author of Metal Style: 20 Jewelry Designs with Cold Join Techniques, shared these step-by-step instructions for creating uniquely shaped ear wires. Use them with your own earring designs or with her bonus riveted flower earring project.

elven silver earringsElven Earrings

Made with 20G wire and shows how to make the shape itself, not the beading (which you design yourself).

simple fabric beadsFabric Beads

Learn how to make these perfect but simple fabric beads. Tutorial by Linda Matthews.



falling leavesFalling Leaves Bracelet

Use wire to form the leaf motifs on this pretty bracelet and dress it up with beads and crystals.

faux boneFaux Bone and Metal Clay Necklace – Carl Spunde

This organic necklace combines Faux Bone with metal clay to great effect. It shows the use of micro connections to cold connect the metal clay elements to the Faux Bone.

felt beadsFelt Beads

Felt beads are easy and very inexpensive to make – you only need a few grams of merino wool top and some soapy water. Combined with glass, metal or ceramic beads, they make beautiful jewellery and they can be made into decorations, zip pulls, hair pins, charms for phones and purses – the list is endless!

Finger Print Jewelry Ebook – Maggie Bergman

Buy this downloadable ebook to find out how to make finger print jewelry.

The Flexible Shaft Machine

Useful articles about the flexible shaft machine by Andy Cooperman.


folklore braidFolkloric Braid Necklace

Great tutorial from Berlin based Fashion Designer and DIY Queen Xenia Kuhn.


Fantastic resource for anyone working in the jewelry world. This site is packed with articles, tips and hints. Has an article section on metal clay. Well worth browsing.

gold rock ringGold Statement Rock Ring

Create a dramatic statement ring made from one of the most common items on earth…rocks! It may not be the most common craft supply in your closet, but it’s amazing what a little bit of paint and gold wire can do.

ear wiresHeadpin Ear Wires

Great little tutorial showing how to make matching ear wires using decorative headpins.

heat sinkHeat Sink or Heat Shield – Soldering

You’ve put a bunch of time into a piece, and now you have to solder a ring onto the end of a chain, or an ear post onto the back of an earring, and you REALLY don’t want to ruin all your hard work on this last delicate step by melting or annealing something that wasn’t supposed to be melted or annealed! How do you protect your tender bits from the relentless flame.


hidden message locketHidden Message Locket

Use sterling silver discs, brass or copper discs for this nice project.


hoop earringsHoop Earring Tutorial

Great tutorial showing an easy way to make matching hoop earrings.


Jewellery Making Instruction Booklet – Spoilt Rotten Beads

Printable downloadable instruction booklet on basic beading techniques.

Jewelry Making Tutorials

Good selection of jewelry related tutorials including tumble polishing, liver of sulphur patina, etching copper and more. From Hodgepodgerie.

Jewelry Monk

This is a place for Jewelers of all experience levels to gather and to get info, from quick tips of the day, to specialized education. JewelryMonk is just beginning, but in the upcoming weeks and months, there will be:

  • A podcast (weekly internet radio show) with ideas, interviews, guests, tips, etc.
  • Specialized Video Lessons with one on one email and phone consultations.
  • Specialized E-Book Lessons focusing on Basic Soldering, Stone Setting, Polishing, etc.
  • …….more

Make sure to Subscribe to the Blog Via Email on the main page so you do not miss anything.

jumpringsJump Ring Making

Take a look at how to make your own jumprings to use in your jewellery making. By Sian Hamilton.


leather necklaceLeather Leaf Necklace

Make this quick and easy necklace. Have fun using up those leather scraps, or any material or recycled stuff.



locket hingesLocket Hinge

In this tutorial, Lena Marie Echelle will show you the method and tricks she uses for making a simple locket hinge out of sterling silver.

LocketLockets – Ganoksin

With this project, you no longer have to rely on a fashion trend to have a high-quality locket — you can create your own. You will learn how to make the traditional hinged locket and an easier slide locket.

London Jewellery School Projects

Wire and bead jewellery making projects.

Make your own Buffing Sticks

Great tutorial showing how to make your own sandpaper buffing sticks. Very simple, good pictures and a great way to save money.

Making Art to Wear: 5 Free Mixed-Media Designs for Wearable Art and Steampunk Jewelry

What many perceive as a straightforward canvas, mixed-media artists often see as an opportunity. From pendants and cuffs to hats and earrings, today’s techniques have shown us is that any item can be turned into wearable art. In this free eBook from Cloth Paper Scissors, see five artists who have taken wearable art/jewelry to the next level.

Metal Hardness

Knowing how to choose the correct hardness of sheet and wire metals for your jewelry techniques and designs helps you achieve the good-looking, long-lasting results you want. Metal hardness is one of the trickiest things to try to explain—the term is relative to the particular metal or alloy, for starters; depending on the elements that make up each particular alloy, what’s called “hard” in one metal won’t bend, form, work, or feel the same as a material designated as “hard” in another metal. This useful article from Rio Grande explains hardness really clearly.


seed bead braceletMulti Strand Bracelet – Fire Mountain Gems

Multi-Strand Bracelet with Seed Beads and Gunmetal-Plated Pewter Spacer Bars.


navette earringsNavette Earrings – Beadaholique

These striking earrings have a distinct Art Deco feel and feature gorgeous SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS faux pearls positioned atop Vintaj Navette pendants. Their darker color palette lends a mysterious air to them.

peyote imagePeyote Ring Tutorial

A great beading technique, and used in Tina Booth’s project from issue 70 of Making Jewellery magazine.


Polishing Tips and Tricks

The mantra of polishing jewelry is the shinier the better – and obtaining polishing perfection takes skill and practice. It also helps to have the right tools in your polishing arsenal. This Ganoksin article has some suggestions for polishing tools and tricks you can use to obtain a better shine.

Polishing Tutorial

There are times when doing a proper polishing job might actually take longer than the amount of time you spent making the piece. You might think it could be tedious, but many artists find that they actually enjoy it, because they know the end result will be a beautiful piece of wearable art that will be worn for many years to come.

Professional Jeweler Magazine Archives

Online, searchable resourse for past articles from Professional Jeweler Magazine. Search any jewelry related subject to see a wealth of information.

queen of hearts earringsQueen of Hearts Earring Project

This lovely tutorial from our friend and HubPages master Margaret Schindel is really beautiful and very simple. Margaret says, “My gorgeous Queen of Hearts Earrings are a quick and fairly easy beaded jewelry project that you can create yourself with terrific results.”

Ring Sizing Resources – Downloadable

Brilliant page with lots of resources for sizing rings. The resources are downloadable and include international ring sizes.

riveted love pendantRiveted Love Pendant

This project includes riveting, metal shaping and stamping.


rustic foldover pendantRustic Fold Over Pendant

This rustic foldover pendant tutorial is an easy two-part project. Here in Part 1, we’ll make a simple square pendant from copper, with a bail that’s created by folding over a piece of the pendant. Now head over to Part 2 of this tutorial to put a blueish or greenish patina on your copper.

shamrock crochet braceletShamrock Crochet Bracelet

Get ready to show your Irish spirit with this fun beaded crochet bracelet.



shell ringsShell Rings – Interweave

Making jewelry using shells is a great way to keep a special vacation with you all year long–and to remind yourself, in the dark days of winter, that summer isn’t so far away. Celebrate summer by making this blingy, sparkle-tastic ring by Eleanore Macnish. You can purchase the shell or use one you find during a beach stroll; then just follow Eleanore’s simple instructions to bling it up using Crystal Clay and rhinestones.  

Soldering Earring Posts

One of the first tasks a jeweler will want to tackle when getting into soldering is to solder a post onto an earring, but they find out quickly that it can get a little frustrating because this is one of the more difficult things to do. Let me explain why…. Most people when soldering think that it is fairly simple, get two pieces of metal, add solder and fire….. simple. Not so fast. Like I said, soldering posts are not that easy because you are attempting to solder a very thin, small piece of metal to a much larger piece of metal.


soutache necklaceSoutache Necklace

The soutache technique, which is worked with a flat cord and beads, is the perfect style to complement the ’60s era, as it is very colourful, striking and unique.



copper discsStamped Copper Discs

This “Simple Formed Pendant” tutorial uses a very cool metal mini-forming steel block.

Strengthening Soldered Earring Posts

Have you had an ear post bend or break off as you put the ear nut on it? This tip is quick and simple to do and ensures a secure and long-lasting result for your soldered-on ear posts.

Thrifty Fun – How to Drill Holes in Sea Shells

Sea shells make great jewelry, especially combined with metal clay. This web page has lots of useful tips and hints on how to drill holes in sea shells.

watchTick Tock Alices Watch

A watch specially designed for Alice, full of sweet charms that would remind her of all the adventures she had in Wonderland. By Lynn Allingham for Making Jewellery Magazine.



tin cuffTin Cuff

Sport your recyclables in style with this cuff bracelet. It’s a no-solder project that’s so easy to make that you can throw one together before a night out! Costs a few dollars.

Medallion pinTin Pin

A few food manufacturers still understand wonderful imagery and use it on their tin packaging. This tutorial will show you how to turn that imagery into fantastic dimensional stick-pins. Costs a few dollars.

tin ringTin Rings

This simple ring can be made in any width and size, so these instructions are fairly general without a specific pattern to follow. Costs a few dollars.

Unique Solutions

Tutorial about soldering jumprings using paste solder.

why dapWhy Dap?

Curved surfaces show more reflections than flat and the result appears brighter and more pleasing to the eye. Also, when you work a piece of metal by shaping and filing you make it look much more appealing than a punched out flat piece.

Wire Riveting on a Curve

Wire rivets are a great way to attach two pieces of metal.  Wire rivets can be used in small tight spaces and also can be made to disappear into the surface if needed.  Working with a small curved surface can be difficult and a wire rivet works perfectly with a few tricks! 


wrapped cabWrapped Cabochette Necklace – Beadaholique

A pretty jet black Cabochette crystal pendant is wrapped in silver plated wire to make a lovely and classic pendant.

wrapped leatherWrapped Leather Bracelets

Great tutorial from Rings and Things showing how to make a wrapped leather bracelet with beads included.


Wubbers tools are unsurpassed in their ability to meet the needs of jewelry makers. Suited for the novice and professional alike, Wubbers are the pliers that work for any level jeweler. What I didn’t realise was that their website has a whole lot of brilliant tutorials in all kinds of jewelry making techniques from silver working to enamelling, texturing metal and a lot more. Check out Wubbers University for the tutorials, free sign up and off you go!

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