Polymer Clay Tutorials

On this page you’ll find tutorials for working with polymer clay. Content checked July 2021.

AMCAW Tutorial Collections

The Alliance for Metal Clay Arts Worldwide (AMCAW) have lots of information for all skill levels in their learning center. Members also have access to tutorials and presentations by top metal clay artists from all over the world. Membership costs $60 for a year.

Craftcast Metal Clay Video Classes

Craftcast has a huge range of tutorials from international metal clay masters at all skill levels. They cover many techniques and combinations of stones, glass, color techniques, mixed media – you name it, Craftcast has it!

bead holesBead Holes

Find out about Amaco Bead Piercing Pins from this informative blog post.

Bubble beadsBubble Beads

These fun and colourful bubble beads are easy to make in polymer clay.



AGATE COASTERSFaux Agate Coasters

Make these faux agate coasters with polymer clay in this tutorial.



Faux lapisFaux Lapis Lazuli

Great tutorial on how to make your own faux lapis for use in your jewellery creations.


malaciteImitation Malachite

Tutorial in Russian but with great pictures so easy to follow.



imitation woodImitation Wood

This tutorial is in French but you can follow the pictures pretty well.



pressed flower beadsInside Outside Pressed Flower Beads

These polymer clay beads get their texture from tiny wildflowers molds. The technique for getting a texture on the inside and the outside of the polymer clay could easily be used with metal clay.


polymer clay round beadsPolymer Clay Beads

This great tutorial shows you how to make perfectly round polymer clay beads. It’s in Russian but has very good images so it’s easy to follow.

polymer clay daffodilsPolymer Clay Daffodils

This tutorial is in Russian but you can use Google translate or just follow the pictures which are very good. The technique translates well to metal clay.

polymer lilyPolymer Clay Lily

Learn the technique of how to make beautiful Easter lillies (Liliumlongiflorum). This step by step instruction with pictures is very clear. You’ll need a small amount of clay, a needle tool and some paints.

Polymer Clay PansyPolymer Clay Pansies

Lovely polymer clay tutorial and these pansies could be made into all kinds of jewellery items. The process could also be used with metal clay to make pansies.


tribal beadsTribal Polymer Clay Beads

Olga Sypkova from Kemerovo, Russia plays rough with her African Ethnic beads. What starts out as cane slices simply applied to clay bases becomes much more interesting once she draws a few lines with circles, scrapes some lines and scratches the surface with sandpaper. A coat of light acrylic paint accentuates the marks. The rough treatment gives an ordinary polymer bead a tribal look with a mysterious past.