Metal Clay Video and DVD Tutorials to Watch at Home

On this page you’ll find links to metal clay, PMC and Art Clay video’s and DVD’s that you can order to watch at your leisure either as a DVD, download or online viewing. This is the next best thing to attending a metal clay class. All links open in a new window.

Abba Dabba Video

Supplier of instructional dvd’s on a variety of subjects including polymer clay and metal clay.

Jewellers Academy

Learn to make professional quality jewelry from the comfort of your own home with a range of affordable online jewelry making courses. From beading and metal clay to silver and fashion jewelry, the jewelry tutors will cover everything you need to get started making jewelry from home. Includes beginners silver clay with Julia Rai.

Natalia Colman – Silver Clay Made Simple DVD – UK Amazon link

Amazon blurb – ” Art Clay Silver instructor and jewellery designer, Natalia Colman presents a comprehensive guide to working with silver clay. Packed with tips and techniques, Natalia will take you through the essential tools and skills you will need to create your own beautiful pieces of jewellery. This DVD has over 100 minutes of step-by-step explanations and demonstrations over 14 chapters: Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Silver clay products & their uses Chapter 3: Essential tools Chapter 4: Working with the clay Chapter 5: How to make textured earrings Chapter 6: How to make leaf shaped earrings Chapter 7: How to make a pendant Chapter 8: Drying your pieces Chapter 9: Preparing your pieces for firing Chapter 10: How to repair breakages Chapter 11: 3 different ways to fire silver clay Chapter 12: Finishing & polishing your fired pieces Chapter 13: Creating an aged effect & a patina on fired silver Chapter 14: Further information “

Natalia Colman – Further Adventures in Silver Clay DVD – UK Amazon link

Amazon blurb – ” Natalia Colman, Art Clay Silver Instructor & guest presenter on Create & Craft TV brings you her follow-up to the highly successful ‘Silver Clay Made Simple’. This is the second DVD in the series and is packed with hundreds more tips and techniques. If you are already working with silver clay, then you will love learning these new skills. Natalia explains each step in the process clearly and simply. Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Making rings Chapter 3: Making moulds Chapter 4: Finger print keepsakes Chapter 5: Making a silver leaf with paste Chapter 6: Setting cubic zirconia in clay Chapter 7: Decorating with syringe clay Chapter 8: 3 different ways of firing Chapter 9: Further information “

Push Play for PMC – Celie Fago and Tim McCreight

Great basic resource for learning about working with metal clay.

Susan Lewis – Metalwork Exploring Metal Clay Basics – US Amazon link

Master metal clay basics from preparing your work surface to polishing your artwork as you learn how to create your own metal pendants, bails, and more! Join jewelry artist Susan J. Lewis, metal clay instructor of 12 years, in 3 watch-and-learn lessons as she shows you step by step how to transform a tiny packet of clay into stunning handcrafted jewelry. Order your copy of this dynamic DVD to: Get started the right way with a comprehensive tools and materials overview. Create one-of-a-kind pendants with just the shape, size, and style you want. Avoid mistakes and make the perfect piece with sizing tips and shrinkage must-knows. Save money with tricks to using that precious leftover clay Make your mark and give your pieces a professional look with texture and finishing how-tos. And more!