Metal Clay Video Tutorials

On these pages you’ll find a large variety of metal clay video tutorials, resources, information and guides. We’ve chosen the best we could find on the internet.

This section is broken down into topics. Click on the drop down menu to see the topics covered in this section. 

Beginners section

You’ll find a section for beginners to metal clay which contains lots of useful information. This is great if you are just starting out with metal clay. In the beginners section you have videos for stone setting, firing and polishing. You can also find a list of DVDs to buy so you can watch at home. There are some lovely project tutorials too.

Advanced section

In the advanced section, you’ll find videos about making hollow forms and combining glass and metal clay. We’ve included a section about working with the Silhouette cutting machine with metal clay, really cool stuff!

Base metal clay

You can find videos all about bronze, copper and steel clay in this section. It includes videos on firing these clays which can be tricky.

Other videos

Polymer clay, wirework and beading, jewellery making, molds and textures and patina and colour are some of the other videos you’ll find in this section.

If you find a metal clay or jewelry making video tutorial or guide you think is good or if you’ve written one that you’d like to submit to us, please let us know by using our contact page.