Sterling Silver Metal Clay Video Tutorials and Guides

PMC Sterling metal clay was launched in 2011. It requires firing buried in carbon like the base metal clays. This page focuses on Sterling metal clay information and tutorials.

Many people are using the so-called 960 blend of half PMC Sterling, half fine silver metal clay (PMC3 or Art Clay Silver) to make a strong clay that can be fired on an open shelf in the kiln. In June 2016, Bill Struve introduced his own blend of clay called EZ960 through Cool Tools. Art Clay Silver 950 clay was launched in September 2016. PMC One Fire Sterling was also launched in September 2016. These blended clays do not require carbon to fire. The PMC brand was discontinued in early 2023.

Visit our 950/960 page for more information on working with these clays.

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PMC Sterling – The PMC Studio

Video covering the two different types of PMC Sterling metal clay; PMC Sterling (original) and the new Onefire PMC Sterling.

PMC Sterling – Cool Tools

PMC Sterling metal clay is sterling silver in clay form. PMC Sterling allows jewelry artists to make delicate, fine jewelry that is as strong and durable as cast sterling and can be quality marked .925 sterling.

Using PMC Sterling for Custom Pendants – Rio Grande

Precious Metal Clay has plenty to offer a professional metalsmith or classically trained designer/maker of jewelry, artwork or hollowware pieces. In this video, you will see how bench jewelers are using the unique properties of PMC Sterling™ to support and serve their skills . . . and to help them build success in their businesses.

Using PMC Sterling for Custom Wedding Rings – Rio Grande