Video Tutorials on Molds and Textures for Metal Clay

On this page you’ll find video tutorials about the various ways you can make your own molds and textures to use with metal clay. You may find that this page loads slowly as there are so many videos on the page. Content checked January 2019.

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Cutting Metal Backed Photopolymer Plates – Sue McNenly

Learn how to cut metal backed photopolymer plates with a 12″ hand shear.

Etching on Copper with Sherri Haab

Learn how to etch on copper, brass and sterling silver using an electro-etch process. Make etched metal jewelry or texture plates. This micro-processor allows you to safely etch on metal using a patented technology. This method is less hazardous than traditional methods and the solution can be re-used saving you money and disposal problems.

Fingerprint Jewellery – Maggie Bergman

Whole page of videos by Maggie about making fingerprint jewellery. Includes using inkless wipes, cleaning up images in Photoshop and Pixlr Express.

Flexi-Carve Pure Silicone Carving Plates for Metal Clay

Discover the joy of working with silicone! Metal clay does not stick so no release is needed. Use Micro-Carving tools such as Dockyard carvers to cut any design you desire into Flexi-Carve producing your own molds and textures.

Granulation Effect Mold Making – Patrik Kusek

Patrik Kusek and host, Alison Lee, show you a great new tip for using glitter to make the perfect custom charm from Metal Clay or PMC, plus where to buy Patrik’s new book, Woodland Chic, and get a BONUS video.

Jewel Stamps Designer Images for Metal Clay

Jewel Stamps are crystal clear designer images made for impressing in all kinds of clay. Jewel Stamps cling to any acrylic surface for easy use. Jewel Stamps are flexible, stretchy, washable and long lasting.

Make Your Own Mold using Mega Mold by Christi Friesen

Christi Friesen is an award-winning artist, who works in mixed media. Her work has been showcased in numerous books, magazines and exhibits. She is the author of over a dozen how-to books on creating with polymer clay. She teaches throughout the world, using humor and positive energy to encourage students to stretch their creativity, technical skills and artistic confidence. In this video she demonstrates how to use a two part silicone compound to create a flexible, non-stick mold used for polymer clay and metal clay.

Making molds for metal clay – Cool Tools

Making molds and textures for precious metal clay is easy. Using RTV mold materials such as Mega Mold and Sculpey Mold Maker, you can make low cost molds from almost anything you want to pick up texture from or duplicate.

Making Silicone Molds – Christi Friesen

Jewelry-making designer-artist Christi Friesen shows you how use two-part molding material and your favorite components to create reusable molds of patterns you can transfer to polymer clays and other soft art materials. Find this and over a hundred other jewelry-making video tutorials at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.

Make your own texture plates – Crafty Goat

This seven minute video from Crafty Goat shows you how to make texture plates using special mold putty. Made for polymer clay but equally useful for metal clay if you want to make molds and textures.

Mold Making – Aussie Metal Clay

Alternative mold making material to the usual silicone.

Photo Polymer Plates – Patrik Kusek

This video shows Patrick in his studio making a pendant. He starts by creating the texture with a photo polymer plate. He goes on to make a lovely metal clay pendant.

Photopolymer Plates and ReVerseArt Film with Pam East

Pam East takes you through the process of using QuikArt Photopolymer Plates and ReVerseArt Film and Developer separately and together to change your original art into texture plates and stamps to make your creative life in metal clays a much greater experience! She leaves nothing to the imagination in this informative 15 minute walk through everything you need to know for reliable success with these products!

Rubber Stamp Making Kit Video Instructions – PMC Supply

This video tutorial shows how to use the Imagepac system to make rubber stamps which are like Photo Polymer Plates.

Scratch-Foam™ – How to Use it with Metal Clay

Lisel Crowley, Metal Clay Artist and Instructor from Connecticut visited Cool Tools to create this “How to” video. She shows how to add a touch of individuality to your jewelry designs, by creating a custom texture. Textures in Scratch Foam Board result in beautifully raised designs that work well with all kinds of surface finishes and inlays. This product is perfect for Metal, Polymer Clay and Enamel Artists.

The Tear Away Technique with Julia Rai

The tear away technique is a method for creating your own unique textures to use with metal clay, polymer clay or to use in rolling mills. This video outlines the elements required to ensure the technique works every time. It includes a demonstration of the technique.

Techniques to Make Your Own Stamps

Tutorial using different materials for making your own stamps. Includes how to transfer your designs to the stamp material.

Transferring Scratchfoam Textures with Wanaree Tanner

Wanaree Tanner demonstrates how she gets clean and clear impressions out of her Scratch-Foam texture plates.

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