Video Tutorials for adding Patina and Colours to Metal Clay

This page has links to videos or embedded videos that have valuable information, tutorials and projects about adding patina and colour to metal clay. Content checked April 2018.

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Antique and Rainbow Finishes Part One – Cool Tools

Antique and Rainbow Finishes Part Two – Cool Tools

Artbeads – How to use Gilders Paste

Aura 22 to Accent your PMC Designs – Rio Grande

Baldwins Patina on Metal Clay – Hadar Jacobson

This video shows how to use Baldwin’s Patina to highlight the contrast between different metals in mixed metal jewelry.

Basse-Taille Enamel Necklace with Pam East

Pam East, an internationally known artist, writer and teacher has been an enamelist since 1997. She visited Cool Tools to demonstrate the Basse-taille process using fine silver metal clay. She creates a low-relief pattern on kiln fired fine silver metal clay. She then adds translucent enamels to the metal, allowing light to reflect from the relief, creating an artistic effect. Watch this step by step instruction and see how easy it is to make this beautiful pendant.

Beading Classroom

This UK based site features video tutorials on a large variety of jewellery related topics including metal clay, beading, chain maille, lampwork, mixed media, stringing, knotting and wirework. Subscription is £29.99 for a year.

Brass Earrings coloured with Gilders Paste – Cool Tools

In this tutorial, Mardel Rein shows you how to make a pair of brass earrings using pierced brass sheet, then add colour to them with Gilders Paste.

Cold Enamel Tutorial – Clare John

Colored pencil on copper video 1 roughing up the metal

Jewelry making process of preparing copper sheet for the application of prismacolor colored pencils.

Colored pencil on copper jewelry video 2

Drilling holes for riveting the layers

Colored pencil on copper jewelry video 3

Prepping the metal with patina

Video 4 Applying Colored Pencil on Copper

Applying multiple layers of colored pencil on copper for jewelry making projects.

Video 5 Colored Pencil on Copper Jewelry

Riveting, Final Seal and Paint of Kingfisher Pin

Colores Epoxy Resin – Rio Grande

Colores Epoxy Resin Tips and Techniques. Designed to give you the classic look of glass enamel colors. Can be used with thick, thin and grinding hardeners.

Discover Accent Silver – Cool Tools

Enameling Basics with Pam East

Pam East, an internationally known artist, writer and teacher has been an enamelist since 1997. She visited Cool Tools to create four short videos for Enamelists, each with specific instruction.

They include how to:
~Choose the Right Kiln Shelf and Make it Last
~Screen Enamels
~Apply Dry Enamels
~Apply Wet Enamels (Wet Packing)

Enamel Illusions – Cindy Silas

This Craftcast class from Cindy Silas shows you step by step the Enamel Illusions technique that closely imitates transparent, vitreous enamel.

You’ll learn a no-kiln method that will add a genuine sparkle and vibrant color to your silver. Cindy will show you which products work, which don’t, and why.

Enamel on Copper – Beaducation

Enameling on copper is a hot technique! Steven James shares his expert methods so now you can add color to metal right at home. Students will learn to use a butane torch to apply enamels to copper blanks as well as a variety of design techniques. This class is a comprehensive introduction to the wonderful world of enameling. This class has a running time of 44 minutes.

Enamel on Fine Silver Metal Clay – Rio Grande

Fan Fold Polymer Clay Blends

Tutorial from Cathy Harm showing how to make fan fold polymer clay blends. These make great canes which can be added to your metal clay work. From CraftArtEdu.

Gilders Paste – Beaducation

Short video tutorial about using Gilders Paste on metal.

Heat Patina with a Torch

Heat patina with a micro torch is such an easy way to darken and patina raw brass and copper. Step on over into the B’sue Boutiques workshop and B’sue will show you how she creates rich, warm color on her pieces with a little Blazer torch. Also reviewed are ways to load the little torch with fuel, sealing your heat patina, and more.

How to add Paua Shell using UV Resin – Sabine Alienor

Nice tutorial showing a bronze clay bangle which Sabine adds paua shell fragments to using UV resin.

Image Transfer with Sherri Haab

Video showing the Image Transfer process.

Keum Boo in English by Sabine Alienor

Great little video showing the technique for Keum Boo – adding gold to your work.

Keum Boo in French by Sabine Alienor

And here it is again in French.

Keum Boo with Celie Fago

Celie Fago, author of Keum-Boo on Silver demonstrates the technique of keum-boo using the UltraLite Beehive Kiln by JEC Products. The sound quality isn’t great but you can still see how the process works.

Patina Basics – Mixing up Green Patina Solution – Tim McCreight

Excerpts from Tim McCreight’s DVD about patinas. Buy it from here Patina Basics.

Patina Basics – Patina Preparation – Tim McCreight

Patina Basics – Using a Resist – Tim McCreight

Patina Basics – Buried Sawdust Patina – Tim McCreight

Pebeo Prisme Paints and Silver Clay

Pen Plating on Fine Silver – Ann Davis

This addresses one of the most frequently asked questions when people come to classes here…how to goldplate your fine silver. It’s easy, and I’ve even made a PDF file for supplies. It’s short and to the point. After all, time is money. If you want to stand out from the crowd, add a little bling to your work. After all who doesn’t like painting with gold?? Download a PDF of this process here.

Plique a Jour Stained Glass Earrings with FS999 by Karen Trexler

In this video, Karen demonstrates Plique-à-jour (French for “letting in daylight”). This is a technique where enamel is applied in cells, similar to cloisonné, but with no backing in the final product, so light can shine through the transparent or translucent enamel. The effect is similar to the look of stained-glass and is considered very challenging technically. The technique is similar to that of cloisonné, but using a temporary backing, such as mica, that after firing is filed away. She includes two different versions, both using FS999 Fine Silver Metal Clay

Polymer Clay Rolled Blends

This class from Cathy Harm shows how to make rolled polymer clay blends to use in canes. These are great for adding colour inlays to metal clay work. From CraftArtEdu.

Red Patina for Copper

This video is about creating red colors on copper using sodium sulfide and hot water and heat. Join Hana, Briona and Nancy LT Hamilton while they experiment with sodium sulfate. Then join Nancy, while she experiments with a heat treatment for copper. Both videos demonstrate methods for creating red colors on copper! If using the sodium sulfide, please take all safety precautions!

Removing Patina with Pam East

Everyone looks for ways to get good patina on fine silver. Ever wonder how to get it off? Pam East has the answer with three quick and easy methods for patina removal.

Rio Grande YouTube Channel

Have a browse through the video tutorials from Rio Grande. They cover metal clay, bronze clay, copper clay, jewelry making, how to use tools videos, resin, forging metal, stone setting, patination and lots of other things. Well worth a browse.

Screening enamels to improve clarity with Pam East

This instructional video is an excerpt from Pam East’s “Enameling on Silver Clay” DVD. It will show you how to use enamel screens to remove fines, which can cause enamels to become cloudy. Screening improves the clarity of your enamels. The video shows two different methods for different types of projects.

Sweet and Easy Enameled Pendant by Pam East

Pam East, an internationally known artist, writer and teacher has been an enamelist since 1997. She visited Cool Tools to demonstrate enameling on fine silver metal clay, one of our embossing templates and a fun texture. Watch this step by step instruction and see how easy it is to make this beautiful pendant.

Tips and Tricks for Polymer Clay Blends

Cathy Harm goes through some tips and tricks for making polymer clay blends. From CraftArtEdu.

Torch Fired Enamel

Create colorful custom jewelry as award-winning author Barbara Lewis guides you step by step through the immersion method of torch enameling. All you need are a few affordable tools and a torch from your hardware store and you’re ready to paint with fire! Set up a safe, efficient workstation, and learn how to properly hold, heat and dredge iron beads to create a variety of beautiful effects. Discover the creative potential of steel wire as you layer opaque and transparent enamel to create bright, rich hues. Then, add eye-catching embellishments to copper and brass with textural enamel, sgraffito, firescale and even personalized decals. Along the way, Barbara reveals her expert tips for evenly heating your jewelry, preventing cracks and chips, and enameling gorgeous pieces that are uniquely yours.

Using Gilders Paste to colour a Brass Cuff – Cool Tools

Great tutorial showing how to use Gilders Paste on brass to create two different cuffs. Gilders Paste can be used on any metals.

Using Liver of Sulphur – Art Jewelry

Using UV Resin – Whole Lotta Whimsy

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