Metal Clay Video Tutorials and Guides for Beginners

This page has links to metal clay beginners video or embedded video resources that have valuable information, guides and tutorials about metal clay for beginners.

If you’re a complete beginner, have a look at our metal clay for beginners page.

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Silver Metal Clay Comparison by Lisel Crowley – Cool Tools

Lisel Crowley, Metal Clay Artist and Instructor from Connecticut visited Cool Tools to show us the differences between silver metal clay products currently on the market. This review includes, fine silver, sterling silver and flexible silver clays. This review was created prior to the release of ACS 950 Sterling and PMC One Fire Sterling.

Accent Gold for Silver – from Metal Clays

A very short demonstration of the use of Accent Gold for Silver with metal clays specifically PMC silver and Art Clay silver.

Basic soldering tools part one – from Cool Tools

Basic soldering tools part two – from Cool Tools

Beading Classroom

This UK based site features video tutorials on a large variety of jewellery related topics including metal clay, beading, chain maille, lampwork, mixed media, stringing, knotting and wirework. Subscription is £29.99 for a year.

Conforming Die for Metal Clay Molds – Cool Tools

Great video showing you how to cut down on the amount of clay you use when you use molds to make items.


Different Types of Silver Metal Clay from Delphi Glass

Delphi Artist Melanie discusses the four types of silver metal clay and their uses. These include lump clay, syringe clay, paste clay and sheet clay. It is a bit dated now as things have moved on quite a bit.

Different Types of PMC from The PMC Studio

Drying Metal Clay – The PMC Studio

Firing Sterling Silver with Metal Clay from Cool Tools

Gemstones to use with Metal Clay from The PMC Studio

How to solder a simple sterling bail – from Cool Tools

How to straighten wire – from Cool Tools

How to fill a butane torch – Art Jewelry Magazine

How to use the Lortone tumble polisher – from Cool Tools

How to get a mirror finish on a fired piece of metal clay – from Cool Tools

Imbedding stainless steel posts into metal clay earrings

How to add stainless steel post to metal clay earrings and not have to solder.

Kate McKinnon – Working Safely with Metal Clay

Make a PMC Bail Part 1 – Metal Chasers

Make a PMC Bail Part 2 – Metal Chasers

Making metal clay paste or slip – from Art Jewellery Magazine

Making Extra Strength Slip with Lavender Oil – Metalclays

A quick video demonstrating making extra strength metal clay slip for joining pre-fired pieces of silver clay.

Makins Extruder Basics and How to Make Coiled Extruder Beads – Crafty Goat

Great video with lots of information. It focuses on polymer clay but the principles are the same for metal clay.

Metal Clay Coils with Gordon Uyehara

Great free video tutorial from CraftArtEdu showing the best technique for making coils.

Metal Clay Rings using the Ring Making Mold from Metal Clays

Metal Magic Silver Clay Product Test – Cool Tools

Introducing a new silver clay product on the market called Metal Magic Silver Clay. This product is 80% fine silver and 20% binder by weight. It shrinks 25% during firing in comparison to other brands of .999 silver clay that shrink 10 – 15%. Metal Magic Silver Clay is available in 3 three sizes (25, 50 and 100 Gram packs), comes in lump form only, and is priced LOWER than other silver clays on the market.
This product is the only silver clay that is available in a 100-gram package.
Watch this video and see how easy this product is to use.

PMC Aqua – How to use this product

This video shows examples of what you can do with the liquid “PMC Aqua”. Add a few drops of PMC Aqua to extend the working time of any PMC clay. Reconstitute hard, dried clay. Add to PMC Flex to create your own syringe style clay.  Add on dry PMC Flex sheet to enhance its flexibility.

Reconstituting Dry Metal Clay

Metal Clay Maker, Anna Campbell shows you how to turn your dried unwanted or broken silver clay pieces back into perfectly usable clay again. There is no wastage when it comes to silver clay – even your dust and tiny scraps can be turned into paste or clay to be used again!

Reconstitution and Reconditioning Silver Clay

This is a step by step tutorial showing you the best way to reclaim your silver clay from all those scraps and mishaps. You don’t need to throw anything away. Everything can be reconstituted for future use………recycling at its best!

Rehydrating dried metal clay

Resizing a Metal Clay Ring from

Rio Grande – Adding Links, Eyelets and Bails to Metal Clay

Rio Grande – Using Metal Clay Stamps, Ringmaking

Roll a tapered coil – beginners technique by Gordon Uyehara

Soldering ear wires on metal clay – from Cool Tools

Storing Silver Metal Clay – Cindy Pankopf

Get tips on keeping opened metal clay soft and ready to use next time.

Syringe Metal Clay – Cindy Pankopf

Learn invaluable tips and techniques for using silver clay in syringe form from master instructor Cindy Pankopf. Everything from how to hold they syringe for maximum control to showing examples of design possibilities.

Texturing Metal Clay from The PMC Studio

What is Metal Clay? – Art Clay World

Great video from the National Business Series all about metal clay.

What is Metal Clay? – Cindy Pankopf

Master Instructor Cindy Pankopf explains how metal clay ends up becoming 99.9% pure silver jewelry.

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