Photographers Specialising in Jewelry and Metal Clay

On this page you’ll find UK based photographers and USA based photographers who are skilled at photographing jewellery.

Commissioning Professional Photography

This PDF article by Dave Ward outlines the value of professional photography for people selling their work. “Picture the scene – a wonderfully crafted item of jewellery, ceramics, or wood is brought into the world with a huge amount of love and dedication. There it is poised on the verge of greatness, only needing a suitable photograph to be able to communicate itself beautifully to those not lucky enough to be in its actual presence. If it’s unlucky what it gets is a quick flash with the family’s super-snappy camera and there it is, a dull, lifeless representation of its true self – a sad end indeed to such promise. Fortunately help is at hand for these poor mistreated objects; help in the form of specialised professional photography.

USA Photographers

Arc Photographic Images – USA

New York based photographer specialising in photographing artists work including jewelry. Prices are on the website.

Doug Baldwin – USA

Doug Baldwin specialises in art, craft and jewelry photography. He also supplies light boxes and runs classes in Prescott, Arizona and around the USA.

George Post – USA

Based in Richmond, CA, George Post specialises in craft photography.

Hap Sakwa – USA

Hap Sakwa is well known for his meticulous jewelry photography and has worked in the visual arts and jewelry communities for more than three decades providing a creative perspective unique among photographers.

Jason Dowdle – USA

Jason specialises in art and craft photography. Based in Snow Camp, NC, his rates are on his website.

Robert Diamante – USA

Robert is considered to be among the top US photographers for contemporary artisan jewelry. He has worked with artisans and designers for over 14 years to develop portfolios and marketing materials.

Steve Rossman – USA

Jewelry photographer based in Escondido, CA, specializing in metal clay. He teaches jewelry photography in the San Diego Continuing Education program. 


UK Photographers

Edward Edwards – UK

West London based specialist jewellery photographer with an impressive portfolio.

Fotonic Jewellery Photographers – UK

Based in the West Midlands, this photographer has a jewellery photo price calculator on their website to give you an idea of how much their service costs.

Jewellery Imaging – UK

Central London based specialist jewellery photography studio.

Paul Mounsey – UK

Paul provides photography for artists and designers. Check out his website for examples of his jewellery photography. Based in Cornwall.

Photography by Ward – UK

Commercial photography studio based in Cumbria who specialise in jewellery photography. They offer a postal service and have clear pricing on the website.

Simon B Armitt – UK

Simon Armitt is a qualified jewellery designer, providing him a unique perspective of the subject. He creates seductive publicity images for a client base of established designer / makers. He also offers a professional, friendly and fast service.

Tony May – UK

Leeds based photographer specialising in jewellery amongst other things. Have a look at his portfolio on his website.