Precious Metal Clay, PMC Suppliers - International

On this page you can find international PMC suppliers, that means suppliers outside the UK and the USA. All these suppliers will ship internationally unless otherwise stated. Some of the official distributors are not permitted to ship outside their own country.. Page content checked June 2018.

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Canada – Metal Clay Alchemist

Suppliers of Art Clay, PMC, bronze clay, copper clay, metal clay tools, templates, gems, kilns, books etc. They also offer classes.

China – PMC Connection Hong Kong

Official distributor of PMC for China. Also provide stones, tools, kilns and findings. They run beginner and advanced workshops and certification classes.

France – The PMC Studio France

PMC Studio supplies a range of tools, clay and equipment as well as a selection of designer kits.

Germany and Europe – Metal Clay Studios

Metal Clay Artist Ingrid Wild – Supplier of PMC, BRONZclay, COPPRclay, Hadar’s Clay, metal clay related tools and supplies, specialist in textures, kiln firing service for all clays, monthly studio sessions  – located in Munich, Germany, shipping to everywhere in Europe. German language site which can also be viewed in English.

Greece – Metal Clay

Supplier of PMC, Bronzclay, Copprclay and tools.

Hong Kong – PMC Connection Hong Kong in Chinese

Official distributor of PMC for Hong Kong.

Netherlands and Belgium – Noortje Meijerink

PMC supplier. Also supplies Bronzclay and Copprclay, kilns and tools in these countries.

Russia – Argentarium

PMC supplier with tools, information and metal clay classes.

Scandinavia – PMC i Sverige

PMC supplier for Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. They also supply Bronzclay™ and Copprclay™, tools etc.

Spain – Arcilla de Metal

Art Clay, PMC and base metal clay supplier, tools and supplies.

Switzerland – Metal Clay

PMC and Art Clay supplier, also supplies bronze and copper clay, tools and stones.

Taiwan – Yavus International Corp

Official distributor of PMC for Taiwan. Also supply tools.

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