Finishing and Polishing Metal Clay Video Tutorials

On this page you’ll find links to videos that’ll help you learn about finishing and polishing metal clay. All links open in a new window. Content checked August 2023.

How to use the Lortone tumble polisher – Cool Tools

Getting a Mirror Finish on Metal Clay – from Cool Tools

Finishing your jewelry creations to near perfection, helps set your work apart from all the rest. A mirror finish, offers a level a sophistication that is unmatched by other colorants and patinas. In this tool demo, learn to get a mirror finish on metal clay, with a simple sanding stick and a set of polishing papers.

Polishing with a Flexshaft

Melissa Muir, Jewelry Artist and Teacher demonstrates how to use Silicone Polishing wheels and Polishing Pins to create a high polish on an intricate silver pendant.

Rio Grande YouTube Channel

Have a browse through the video tutorials from Rio Grande. They cover metal clay, bronze clay, copper clay, jewelry making, how to use tools videos, resin, forging metal, stone setting, patination and lots of other things. Well worth a browse.

Using and Maintaining a Lortone Tumble Polisher – Janet Alexander